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    Comic books tell an ongoing story, provide humour, or offer intrigue and suspense. In most comic books, good eventually prevails over evil. So, comic books make us feel “chill”.



    KJ, those cartoons are ‘spot on’!! 😆 Hair and litter are something that I try and clean up everyday…I hate walking barefoot on it and the hair with 5 cats isn’t too bad…just when they lay on me! I have a sweeper that is portable, light and is great for removing hair from furniture…I can’t live without it and am thinking of getting another one for upstairs.

    Well, another warm, beautiful day here. I’m trying not to complain, it really is gorgeous, it just shouldn’t be THIS warm.

    Well, I need to get downstairs and start cutting up potatoes.. I need to make potato soup as I have an overabundance of half and half since I made squash soup last week and bought too much milk. Mr. KZ loves soups, so this one won’t last!



    Unprecedented srsly hot/humid day here too KZ. But I like it. Well, as long as I know that I return to my place of A/C bliss!

    Heading out for spin class and on the way stopping at bank to get a temporary bank card, having left mine at ATM machine yesterday. 🙁

    Interesting tip that I found on I’Net. I’d bought me a a new suede or purrhaps suede-look bag. It was right out of the shipment and for some reason smelled like cigarette smoke. Planned to do exchange, despite the fact that being brand new it was in purrfect condition. Tip was to pack the bags (actually it’s a tote and shoulder bag, so 2 bags!) in tightly sealed storage bag with a sock filled with baking soda and leave it for 24 hrs. In less time than that the odour is almost completely gone. Will give it the time as I can always exchange it.




    Hi efurryone,

    That’s an odd smell, KJ. Hopefully, you’ll get the smell out and not have to return it. I love the feline Olympics. LilBit Guy is trying to earn the gold in litter box sand throwing.

    It’s been a soggy, cool weekend and projected to stay this way through the week. I’m going to winterize the lawn and then assume my place because mine is the only lap. There are so few blankies 🙄 available but at least, the furnace started up.

    Tater soup sounds delish, KZ.


    This is what my gang want-alas it will not happen today either!



    Hey PG, that was the best tater soup I’ve made in a long time. Rich, creamy and Avery loved it too! I have a bowl sitting by the wormhole for anyone who wants it (of course it’s bottomless!) so please help yourselves!



    Hi all – I have a few comic books, a few old, a few newer. I wonder if Comet has his own stash…

    Oh I hate when litter gets tracked around the house! (It’s the boys, the girl is neat and tidy.) If I want to walk on sand, I’ll go down the shore. It’s actually worse in the winter though, when I’m constantly keeping up after the wood burner.

    Potato soup sounds really good! Despite the heat, I think I’ll have some, thank you, KZ!

    Hey KJ, I’m also interested in finding out if that “odor eater” method works. It makes sense that it should.

    Wow, it’s hot! Fortunately it wasn’t too bad when I was out walking this morning. Made some lemonade, hits the spot!



    Hee hee…yup, cats sometimes are the butt of humor in the funnies…but
    Remember: #CatsStillRule!
    Cats Maxine LOL
    cats noms maxine
    Nomz: Wake Up!
    Cats Life
    Similarities LOL

    Busy here…still Solo plus it’s still very HOT today as upper 80s…
    hopeful will break by midweek…I’m ready for more Fall-like Temps…later



    When I was younger I recall voraciously reading “Archie” comics. Even today some of us discuss whether we prefurred “Betty” or “Veronica” . Well needless to say, for me it was “Veronica Lodge”. Hehehe.

    PG, just send your gang here – it’s super sunny and mega hot! And they can chase the pretty butterflies, or as I like to call them “flutterbyes”. Well from the confines of a window, but still. 🙂

    Dorry says “Just send Miss Moppett!” *Sigh*

    Yeah I hope that the handbag plan works – might later put it in my cedar-scented chest. I will provide a full report!

    It’s not a day for going walking outside too much. In spin class even with A/C I was on the way to being drenched – and I don’t sweat all that much.

    Plan to do some more rsch on rent increase, I have over 3 wks but I want to get informed before I discuss with landlord.



    You are so right! That’s some yummy tater soup. Thanks KZ

    Why do you think Comet would have his own stash? unless you’re talking about the naughty ones.

    I know the rent increase thing. Do I pay it? Do I move? Where would I move to? Neighborhood? etc.

    Cats are the best kind of people, JK.



    Afternoon all! Busy Monday here …. oh, I love potato soup! I love just about any soup! I made chicken meatball soup over the weekend and it was good … similar to wedding soup ….

    I used to read comics sometimes, but was more of a novel reader I’d say …. still love to read, but go in spurts as to what I like ….

    Well, I’m wrapping my day up, don’t have a clue as to what I’ll make for dinner, so I’d better go freezer diving …… L8R all!



    I made small chicken meatballs with red shallots and aromatic spices (not hot) but am just eating them with some Boston lettuce leaves. I have zero appetite but am forcing myself to eat something light and nutritious. Just a bit.

    I’ve had three cool showers today and will have another before turning in this eveninng. At least they use very little hot water. It is about 40C with the humidex…

    Livia is in the same state…



    OK, so baking soda odour removal thang basically useless. 🙁 Brought handbag back to store and clerk confirmed that odour was very not good. Picked up another one (well it’s 2 bags actually, grey/dk beige faux suede tote, separate grey shoulder bag.) Yeah, at home noticed shoulder bag clasp was a bit awry but pliers fixed it and touched up work w/silver paint, there’s only so far that I will go.

    But wait – at another branch of store I’d seen an awesome hot pink reversing to creamy beige tote w/ sep hot pink shoulder bag, just like the ones I bought the other week (black tote reversing to red w/sep black shoulder bag). 50% off but now sold out (I called.) So at this store I merely asked whether each store sets sale prices, or what as they had one left. Clerk checked and I got it at 50% off! The only one left! Anyone else would have paid full price! Tote had a miniscule scratch in faux leather but I’m good at mixing acrylic paint and a mix of like 9 shades got it basically purrfect. Score! Do I need a stunning hot pink (sorta lipstick pink) bag? I guess so! 😉 Lagatta store is ZONE Maison, giving them the thumbs up for customer service!

    I will be doing “KJ’s handbag giveaway” with N as always getting right of first refusal and whatever’s left going in charity bin. So I feel a tad virtuous LOL.

    Still more – on way to store saw awesome street find – solid wood 2-drawer small unit – purrfect for replacing current shelf for overflow of tights collection. No way that I could lift it. So in the mega-heat went home, picked up shopping cart, went back and as per a helpful guy got the thing onto cart for me. 😉 At home I managed to lift the thing off. Want to line the drawers and tomorrow I can arrange thing to place it purrfectly. It even has thos floor protectors already installed!

    Yeah PG the rent thang. At one point someone suggested that I call our tenant’s rights hotline. We can get advice from our Rental Board, but the hotline is not gov’t run and therefore not so bureaucratic. The lady that I spoke with outright said that IHO I’m being majorly &*&^;(^*_!! That I should not point in time negotiate with landlord but should speak with guy who started this tenant’s advocacy way back and is basically the go to purrson. Plan is to meet with him at rental prob clinic Sun am. Will go after spin class . For sure can’t do me any harm. Worse case scenario I would pay increase and be not totally happy. I love my place and moving would be a bad plan, I just can’t take that sort of stress LOL. Plan would also be to send reg lett saying I am staying but refuse increase. Then the Rental Board judge decides and it could be raised higher! Usually lett gets landlord to agree to settle as court case is onerous, but I never know and could have to travel out of city to courthouse which I would not want to do. I get ahead of myself. But as per the KJ way is not to just accept things, so we’ll see. I have until Oct. 19 to do anything.

    Besides, Dorry likes this place! 😉



    Afternoon all, I am back. We had a lovely weekend with Airy visiting for Mr MS’s birthday. She was lucky to make it back home before a big storm hit, she said the flight home was like a roller coaster ride.



    We have a warm but overcast day here with heavy rain(sigh) forecast for this afternoon but I think it may miss us(fingers crossed).
    KZ, you’re into making soup and I think I have finished making soup for the year. The seasons turn. We have started Daylight Saving time here now.
    KJ, I have come across that smokey smell in garments occasionally and will try that baking soda solution next time. Baking soda is a wonderful deodorant in the fridge. I hope it works for your handbag.
    PG, I may have asked this before but what does winterising the lawn entail?
    Loving the cartoons, cats and their odd habits are quite an inspiration.
    LOL at Hamlet cat and the restroom cats. I suppose being out of sand is as bad as being out of paper. 😮
    Ok KZ, you have me intrigued now with your tater soup, was their a recipe swap while I was away?
    JK, love Maxine’s cat cartoons.
    KJ, hope you can sort the rent thing out to your advantage.
    Comics were considered a no-no when I was a child as far as Mum went. Though my older brothers were allowed to have comics.
    😯 🙁 just one of the many double standards that abounded back then between girls and boys. I did get a Dr Kildare Annual when I was about nine that had comic style stories in it. I used to sneak my brothers comics that were all war comics. 🙄 🙂



    JJ, nice that you had fun visit with JRoc!

    MS, same for Airy’s visit to celebrate her Dad’s b-day. Did you manage to keep it a secret? Was he totally surprised?

    Decided – for sure I should consider being a cat! Reason 6 clinched it! 😉



    Wow, what great cartoons all! MS, I LOVE the feline anatomy!!! 😆



    KJ, yes I managed to keep it a secret from Mr MS and my Mum. Their faces were a picture when they saw Airy. Mum’s mouth just fell open and you could almost hear the wheels going round in her brain as she tried to figure out how Airy was standing there.
    Mr MS had his head under his vehicle trying to change a very stubborn cv joint and when he looked up and saw Airy his eyes welled up with tears. He was so happy to see her.
    LOL at #6 reason to be a cat. KK is having fun with her older cat bringing in live mice for the new kits to play with. Chaos ensues and some ornaments have been smashed to smithereens. 😥



    Very nice images of Airy’s secret arrival MS! 😉

    In my overly long post I provided the “full report” – baking soda did not work at all – srs waste of time. Ergo handbag went back to store and was gladly replaced by one that passed sniff test LOL – from myself and clerk!

    OK I ‘fess up. Back then I had a major crush on Dr. Kildare! Many grrrls did. 😉

    PG and other TDKers who enjoy a good TV series – new one started tonite – “Alias Grace” based on Margaret Atwood’s historical fiction. She also wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale”. So I hope that based on previews it will be good. It’s on our local CBC and DOC channels, not sure where one would find it outside Canada, but prob available on streaming or one of those things that my ‘puter won’t do.



    I had a nine year olds crush on him too.



    I was about 29 – just kiddin’ I was give or take around the same age as you.

    Bigger crush was on Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn). And The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan).

    Why are there no suave, available men around? Guess I’m hopelessly seeking the guy equivalent of a cat. Hopeless, hopeless. *Sigh*

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