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    Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox. Now while “Wikipedia” provides more details than one could pawsibly want – strangely it omits the fact that kits are accordion aficionados!



    Bravo and well played Science Cat!

    Some people play the accordion very well but not many of them.

    This wasn’t the best trip but Mezzer Riley is now home with his furever meowmy. The drive was good until the Eisenhower Tunnel. I don’t know what it is but you get on the east of the Tunnel and Poof! every crazy driver appears which added 1 hour to the drive. Poor Riley-he’s so sweet and quietest mezzer. My gang was happy to get (guilt trip) toona. Miss Gaea had to go outside but it was raining. She was not pleased *sigh* LB was ready to play hide and seek in the boxes. Their sitter, Peggy, always plays with MM (the other two watch).

    It’s sleepy time.

    Have a happy~

    I saw this in Reader’s Digest



    โ€œA gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.โ€

    Tom Waits

    Had a lovely couple of days with Airy visiting and family dinner. She has flown back home and life is back to usual.
    We discovered a strange young teen cat at Mum’s place this morning, maybe about 9 months old and a gorgeous wide black stripe tabby wearing a wee bell. We’ve never seen him before and he was so friendly too. Hopefully he has gone home now. Then Airy and I heard something bumping in the basement and on investigating Miss Tinker the neighbours cat runs up to us squeaking. She had only been in there for a few hours and hopefully she has learned her lesson.
    PG, you are such a blessing to cats needing transport to their new furever home and I had to LOL at your tribe and their ‘guilt trip’ tuna.



    PG, you are awesome!
    Dorry thanks their sitter Peggy for giving MM extra-special attention – to him this ie a given! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜†
    MS, glad that you had a nice visit with Airy. Seems that you attract lovely kitties.
    You’ve prob heard the old joke: Q: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” A: “Practice!”
    Seems that I have become the “downstairs maid” or skivvy. Up way early even though going to gym for DIY. Had to feed Dorry. Just like the skivvy had to get up at crack of dawn to light all the fires in Edwardian manor homes. Then bring the early morning tea. At least I can go back to bed for a bit.



    Good morning – so happy for Riley, and thank you, PG. A quiet meezer, isnโ€™t that an oxymoron?!

    Remember when Wiley Coyote got hit by a boulder and emerged an accordion?

    I wonder if HRH sent that wee tabby to say hi and check up on you, MS. Oh Miss Tinker, happy to be out of that basement!

    Itโ€™s a pretty day here in Jersey, sunny and breezy. Star has been hopping around the lawn chasing whatever blows by.



    Hee hee…squeeze box music and cats…my kinda theme!
    Turning MOanday into fun Day!

    <i src=”” alt=”null” />
    cat playing accordion ๐Ÿ™‚

    Awww ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Hee hee!

    Ok – time for cuppa fave brew!
    accordion mug
    Monday Cheers…almost lunchtime too!




    Yes PG, thank you for what you do for transporting cats!! Laughing at the toona guilt trip… ๐Ÿ˜†

    Willow has learned to get on the bed at 6:00 a.m. and meow–loudly and a lot! Why he is doing this suddenly, who knows? But it works so he’s going with it. Poor guy’s world revolves around his food bowl. *sigh*

    JJ, it’s a beautiful, breezy day here too, just like yesterday. It’s a treat to have the same wonderful weather, instead of sending you the bad cast off days of rain after we are done with them!

    I don’t mind an accordion, as long as it’s not the Lawrence Welk type of sound!



    I loved the kitten playing Amรฉlie, but really, smoking is so last century!

    PG, Bastet bestows her blessings on you!!!



    PG, I’m gradually coming to after that carb kittehs vid! MY COA airbag was not close to hand! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    JK, cute pics, but I’m having mixed thoughts about shelter kitteh entertainment. They are a captive audience! Hehehe!

    Told someone that at times I carry home a long French bread under my arm a la Parisienne. She said that all I’m missing is a black beret. And a cigarette. Even if I’m a non-smoker. Someone told me that even now efurryone in Paris smokes. Many yrs ago I smoked Gitanes for a bit, way strong, but made me feel kewel *Sigh* Now, if I decide to go “French” route it would have to be absinthe, like those C19 poets. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Good morning, it’s bitterly cold this morning but no frost as the wind got up during the night. We have a fast moving cold front racing up from Antarctica and dropping snow in the southern parts of the country and the high country in the North. Roads closed and detours in place. Here it is cold and there is approaching rain so Mr MS has been rained off for the day. We have the fire lit but it is struggling to warm the room yet.
    KJ, yup heard that joke, it’s true too. Consider yourself to be Dorry’s PA, sounds far nicer than skivvy or downstairs maid especially as you are on one level there.
    JJ, LOL. I loved watching Wiley Coyote and the noise accordian Wiley made as he stumbled away had me chuckling. I suspect HRH may have sent that young tabby boy, we all know she had a thing about young males and this boy is adorable but sadly very obviously someones cat. We’ll keep an eye out to make sure he isn’t lost. We look out over an area with ducks and geese and for the first time this morning we saw a cat trying to sneak up on them. It didn’t stand a chance as they are very alert, mainly because the gander is always making sure the ducks aren’t getting near hit wife and daughter so the cat was spotted quickly. It was great morning entertainment to watch.
    JK, wow those are two very talented cats. not sure if the shelter cats appreciated the mans attempts though. The sleeping cat meowing has me puzzled as to what it may be saying.
    Awwwwwww happy tears over the carb kitties story. Little Bagel is such a cutie and I know I wouldn’t be able to part with him. We were talking about maybe fostering kittens but I really would want to keep them all.
    KZ, Willow has his future feeds when he wants them sorted now. LOL
    KJ, nooooo not the ‘green fairy’ she is just as bad as those nasty Gitanes. You could create your own cool look I am sure.
    Ahhhhhh, the fire is now winning over the cold. Bliss. It is getting dark outside so the rain must be almost upon us. Weather report says some heavy rain and possibly hail and thunder. Winter ! !
    I was going to the gym but think I will just do what I can here on the crosstrainer and vacuuming the stairs will be a good workout too.
    Ohh ! Rain arriving with a gentle pitter patter now.



    My LilBit started that about 3-4 months ago. Maybe they’re laughing about it through the worm hole. I don’t know why but, as you say, it works.

    I’ve noticed that you have more wet, cold winter days than Denver, MS. Over the years, our number of days have dropped significantly so we’re at a drought level every summer. It’s coming on Independence Day so every fool and their cousins are set off fireworks. BTW, it is illegal. *sigh*

    Tears were streaming as I watched the video. What a wonderful ending but I, too, would want to keep all my “fosters.”

    Despite the traffic, etc., it’s good to help one more kitty to their furever home.

    I thems servant to be sure.



    MS, the absinthe was just a dream. *Sigh* There is one kosher brand that I fancy and it’s only available in US. I did ask someone who visits NYC often and she outright refused to “aid and abet”. Tea, candy, etc. would not be a prob for her as those items are beneficial. “Sigh”. Will have to make do with the intense poetry.

    True enough, there is no downstairs. Now a bldg that I’d been interested in has split level 1 bdrm rentals. Prob is that this high-end bldg has the world’s worst reviews re maintenance and wort of all BUGS!!!

    By weekend landlord forgoes his deadline for any form of repossession. Being controlling I’m tempted to ask him how things stand. Extremely bad plan so will not give in. September is when 3-month deadline for rental advisory and our Rental Board assures me that I cannot be tossed out. This will be the time for firming up my plans. And a good time for looking for a place, as per my agent’s advice. Although If I am certain on moving I can arrange for a new place earlier.

    Lagatta, I wrote a diatribe/ode to pink shoes in Caturday Cafรฉ. Did you get the pink Docs?




    I love Mr. B, the scraggly tomcat. He is handsome!

    I have flexible moral compunction (oxymoron?) so tell me when and I’ll send you the absinthe, KJ. ๐Ÿ˜†

    From what you’re saying, you want to stay in the apartment or you just don’t want to move? What happens when you get a new landlord?



    Triple oxymoron? I don’t know PG – but so appreciate the offer. But not a moral thing per se for NYC traveller, just that strong liquor would be against medical advice and what with my guts not complying, purrhaps best just to fantasize.

    More like moving is a stress. Plus I have a lot of stress on many fronts, generally. But so is staying what with all the issues and no likelihood of quick fixes. And a move somewhere more luxe could be a good thing. N would for sure help as she is eager for me to move out. In any case I would for sure use movers and if I really want I could pay them to pack up efurrything, although I am good at packing.

    I might not have been all that clear, but by June 30 current – if current landlord sells the place (and only 1 potential buyer has seen it so I have my doubts) – he would have to send me written notification including new landlord’s name/contact info. After this deadline current landlord has missed opp to sell as 6-month notification applies and my lease runs until Dec 31. So by Sept 30 current or if it happens new landlord would have to send me renewal notice as for this procedure 3-month notification applies. If they fail to do so rent stays as is for another yr. This is what I got from our Rental Board and if need be I can call and re-clarify.



    No time to shop yesterday; I’ll try today.

    Actually, smoking has declined considerably in Paris, and there are non-smoking laws.

    How about probiotics? BioK+ helps a lot when I have such issues. It is made right here in Laval, at the science business campus (I’ve taught ESL there).

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