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    Science and technology have brought us the Internet, ergo the TDK Café, so it’s all good. Today, the scientifically inclined kits will endeavour to explain – and prove – the meaning of efurrything.



    Good morning – I’d love to know the story behind the bouncing eggs pic!
    Sure wish HRH would eat. Maybe something will tempt her to nibble on.
    Glad you are all ready for burning season, MS. I guess it will get cold by you and hot here before we know it.
    It’s sunny and chilly here in Jersey this morning. I’m watching the sun shine through a purple glass bottle and a pink glass vase that I put in my window yesterday, treasures from the shelter yard sale!



    I love glass bottles in my windows JJ, I have some with plant starts in them and little glass beads…love the ‘hippy’ look too! 😀

    HRH, please eat for mummy and get strong again. Healing vibes for her and comforting ones for you MS.

    Off to the dentist to get my teefs cleaned this morning! YAY!

    PG, you crack me up about not liking most peeps–LOL, me too! I’d rather read the blog than go meet them–it’s so PEOPLEY out there!



    MS, I hope that HRH gets back on her nomz.

    JJ, KZ, I love glass bottles and often use them to display my faux yet realistic silky flowers. Love pottery vases too! So easy to change up the decor with these simple items.

    And nothing quite like the feeling of newly polished teef!

    PG, indeed, so many peeps are just way stupid! *Sigh*

    Way stressed and only Monday! Back aches some and will speak to physio as per 1x wk, prob due to showing off on bike while not holding handlebars. And other stuff stressing me out.

    Point in time guy that “de facto” landlord said would call to arrange floor repair has not called. Area is covered in masking tape for safety. And after that innaproppriate accusatory email that he sent, well should a potential buyer appear, I can always give them the “KJ tour” ie pointing out efurry bad point about the place, wiring wrong, window unable to open … I shall see how things go.

    Off to gym where for a time I de-stress, connect and am content. l8r.

    And so glad that we are back onsite! Whatever magic you’ve worked – tks KM!



    That’s the theory any who!

    Hi efurryone,

    PEOPLEY-a new word for my vocabulary!

    Alas it’s Monday and, like KJ, somethings just hang around. Car is still in shop and we’re not sure when the parts will come in. If the Denver metro area had good public transportation, I wouldn’t have to deal with this crap.

    Has anyone had a floater? Starting Thursday, I started seeing a circle in my left eye. It doesn’t hurt but it’s driving me batty trying to “catch” it.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.

    Many warm fuzzies to MS. We’re here for you and HRH.




    PG, glad I could provide you with a new vocabulary word–and you know just what I mean too, I’ll bet! And YES, I have had an eye floater….many in fact and once in particular had me alarmed, but it went away. You can Google it, but sometimes that creates more problems than it solves. If you have a good eye doctor you trust, you could call them and see if it warrants an appointment.

    KJ, sorry on your stress, wish there was a way out of it. There was a funny meme on FB the other day about stress and it made me think of you. I’M SO STRESSED OUT OVER BEING STRESSED OUT THAT I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER WHY I’M STRESSED OUT….AND IT’S STRESSING ME OUT!



    I’ve seen that stress pic KZ – in fact I posted it last wk for Stress Awareness Month – sad but true. I have a lot of stress in my life, just at times it seems to be more in the forefront. *Sigh* But I manage.

    PG, I would go and see an eye doctor or go to the ER. I would not wait. Not to panic you, but eye things are not something to wait on.

    Of course fix-it guy is only available this wk at the only time when I am not! As long as the area is covered up and it is – with layers of masking tape I can wait til next wk. The fact that they can’t show the place until it us fixed is so not my prob. Still can’t imagine anyone being interested in paying the asking price.

    Have to actually do some cooking. As in now that I defrosted some faux crab, well it must get cooked or tossed and I don’t like throwing out food. So I’m going to make several ziti/T. sauce/cheddar/faux shrimp casseroles to freeze in single servings. If I’m still in the mood might do up some salmon patties. Could always throw all utensils in the D/W.



    There’s a good word for “peopley” in French – achalandé – a chaland is an old French word for customer, client. Ce magasin est trop achalandé – this store is too crowded! (with people, not with merchandise or boxes).

    I’m takinng a break to get some fresh air on my bicycle…



    Ooops KJ, sorry about repeating that saying–you’d think I never read the posts people make…more about my memory than anything! 😆 And on the floor not being fixed and people wanting to see the place–I’d tell the guy you’ll show it as is–(throw a rug over it with duct tape over the hooved up tiles)–and when peeps come to the kitchen you can whip that rug back and say VOILA!



    Afternoon all! Monday dawned bright and busy for me, but I think I’ve got things handled!
    Hope HRH gets better, we do worry so when our babies don’t eat …. the hot pools sound lovely – calgon take me away!

    KJ, hope your floor gets sorted out!

    PG, I second going to the eye Dr.

    ‘peopley’ is new to me too! thx Lagatta for the take on it

    JJ, I also love bottles in my windos and have a few … also love stained glass panels – I search them in antique shops, typically find squares or rectangles that were taken out of old door windows.

    Well, it’s supposed to rain more tomorrow, I hope it does! Caddy spent the day on her top perch (fav rainy day spot), and Abby spend the day in her bed by the door – after yakking up her entire breakfast at 7am right by my bed *sighs*

    Have a great evening all!



    I love stained glass too! I have a panel hanging in a little window in the front of the house.
    Had to wash the bedding again, Mac horked up a hairball, ewww!



    KZ, please – no apologies needed at all – certainly not re having forgotten a pic from a week back. A fun pic should be posted time and again. 😉

    To add to my “fun” fix-it guy will come next Thurs. And someone is coming to see the place tomorrow. Decided to be decent and told agent about the floor. A rug won’t work as damaged area is in living room and I’d likely trip over it. Agent said this is not a prob. Person wants a quick look as she is interested in buying a place for her mother. And understands that I can stay here until end of year. I will not go into the many flaws in this place, the buyer should look into things for themselves, as I do. N will be by and might still be here so we can have a good laugh after.

    Micro is supposedly being delivered purrsonally Wed. So this is another thing to cross off list.

    But it is getting warmer and I am not turning on A/C as yet, not wanting to pay higher electricity usage bill. Every window is open and for sure the noise is extreme 24/7, I face major traffic in every room. I have been told by others that they would not be able to stand it. I find street noise citified and comforting. And I like my music real loud too! But perhaps this potential buyer’s mother is hard of hearing or whatever. Not my prob.

    I think I might get call ans. system on phone as my stand-alone machine seems to be quitting. Called Loyalty Group pf phone co. and as I have 4 services I can get what I think is a good deal. I always ask. Will give it a think and prob go with it.

    Time to scare up my noms – Dorry was of course taken care of. But when mega-stress hits for me noms take a back seat, very not good, but I guess that we all have bad ways of dealing with things LOL.



    My happy place when I left school was a laboratory. I found somewhere that suited me perfectly. Nothing quite like gas taps, centrifuges,test tubes,bottles of chemicals and a fine attention to accuracy. I was in a medical laboratory testing blood samples for things that ail us. Proud to say that both girls have science degrees in quite different fields.
    Shadow’s fav mousie Scrag is a green version of this one.
    Even scientists have a sense of humour

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