Monday 20-11-2017 – A Day that’s Totally Absurd!

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    Some days are truly illogical and senseless, exactly the definition of Absurdity Day. Don’t sit back waiting for something absurd to happen. Rather, seek out things to do that are somewhat, if not wholly, illogical. But whatever you do, don’t even try to make sense of it.



    It was difficult to find suitable pics and cats and absurdity and normality go together. To us it may seem absurd but it’s normal for cats.



    Good morning – 12 cats, because 13 would be absurd. However, if a cat showed up, 10 out of 10 cat people would probably take it in, ignoring the absurdity.

    MS, that cat face is completely absurd!

    First dusting of snow fell last night. Can we have spring now?



    Paw up waves…happy Monday with kitteh fun!
    Adding my 2.5cents share:
    lynx in sink
    Hee hee
    Ready – set…
    cat bathtime
    Bath Time…Not…LOL
    Now time for cuppa fave brew…
    coffee mon cat
    Great…thanks kit!




    Life is absurd. I love the pics but that kitten face caught me by surprise. It’s 48f/8c but the wind makes it feel colder.

    Golfing in the snow is a real activity in Colorado. You have to bring your colored balls though.

    Cya and Have a happy~



    Woo Hoo ~ Belated Good News 🙂
    Thanks to all for your kind/special comments on Main Page!
    Kiki was the Star -kit of the Day!
    KIKI as The Daily Kitten
    Kiki was the Daily Kitten on 11-16-17 😀
    This is diva Kiki. She is an outdoor Community Cat that visits me daily for Nomz. It’s been about 1 year since she discovered her daily treats and is becoming more tame as the days go by. She has her voice…and will greet me usually every AM for li’l pats and breakfast! Most of the time she is waiting for me in the evening for hello and supper!
    Just a reminder: If you have outdoor feral/stray kitties in your area do what you can to support their well-being! Thanks! Jkt

    Well, it’s sunny and in mid 40s today…nice for mid-November! Short week around here – it’s only Monday PM with rest of today and 2 more days at this place – Yay! Ok, back to part 2 day 1’s fun…later!



    It’s absurdly cold in my n’hood – -16C with wind chill factored in. And absurdly enough by tomorrow pm it’s supposed to go up to +9! I have to get with the cold weather program as I do enjoy the opportunity to wear my knit sweaters, and my down coats and many prs of boots.

    But when I arrived home I jacked up the heat to 24 degrees! Cold and I do not get along all that well.

    I was srsly taken aback by that kit face!



    Miss Kiki is a gorgeous girl and even posed sorta.

    Wow-that was a sudden change in weather KJ. It’s been windy all day but up to 52f/11c.

    I feel like I’m getting the crud. Blaahhh! I guess I’ll lay down some more.

    I got my car back.



    Yes, it seemed so cold. Guess it was the wind, as the temperature wasn’t terribly low. And my outdoor staircase had a kind of thin glare ice I couldn’t remove with my metal shovel. It was scary taking the recycling out this morning… I turned the heat up as well, to 21, but have turned it down again as I can’t stand being in debt to Hydro. I’m wearing an outdoor fleece jacket from a sporting goods store over a fitness-type top and pullover.

    My best winter boots DIED late last winter when there were none left in the shops except the smallest and largest sizes. I have to buy another pair, but I’m referring to practical, waterproof things for icy temps, not my pretty leather boots from a European country that gets less bloody sleet… And I’ve been very busy recently not only with work but with repairs and other matters we have to deal with at my housing co-op. No time to shop, except nearby for groceries and catfood.

    Sole benefit of cold is an extra dose of (self-interested) affection from Livia.



    Self interested? What are you say Lagatta!?



    Well PG, great minds … or something like that. I feel cruddy as well, hope that neither of us succumbs! Took 2 Tylenol as my “go-to” for things, after-class, too-much-knitting soreness, etc.

    And now bed as my other go-to. Hope that they weren’t lying about it being warmer tomorrow.

    Here’s an absurd threesome!

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