Monday 20-03-2017 – "TDK" Café Goes Beyond Earthly Constraints!

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    It’s Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, and the kits are focused on rocket ship travel and “Is there other life out there?” and so on. Anyone ever been abducted by aliens? If so, care to share?



    Fun topic KJ

    Alien abducting

    Good news, HRH is back eating her raw food, either the steroid shot is now having an effect or she really hated the mush I was making for her. 😐 😕





    MS, hmmmm … the truth about cats LOL. And I’m glad to see that even aliens like kits. The alien hatchling creeps me out! 😮

    Alien abduction would explain a lot of things about my purrsonality hehehe. And about Dorry’s! I often listen to a radio program during the night, “Coast to Coast” which features “experts” and peeps recounting alien sightings and abductions and everything else that comes under the aegis of the supernatural and conspiracy theories.

    Not that I believe in any of this. Don’t think that I even “want to believe.” 😉



    Moonshadow, I love that tiny feline. What kind of cat is she?

    It is also the solstice, and those of us north of the Equator are celebrating spring, while the austral parts are … getting the wine grapes harvested, from Chile to NZ! Cheers!



    Hee hee fun theme…
    Hmm, earthly constraints for coffee…won’t work…
    coffee cat paw passes to ya
    Psst..passing cuppa fave brew to anyone still in need!
    Waves – wishing all a Happy Monday and First Spring Day in Northern Hemisphere 😀
    Fill ‘er up Tux – thanks!
    coffee flowers
    OK…time to get back to part 1 day 1’s fun…later/hopeful!



    The original guardian of the galaxy – is that Orion from Men in Black?
    Purrsonally, I think there must be life on other planets, with the billions of stars in billions of galaxies. Just my opinion, of course.
    I’m so glad to hear HRH is feeling better and eating her usual diet, for whatever the reason may be!
    I had a few errands to run so I went to Rita’s Italian Ice and got my free Italian Ice. It’s a nice little tradition of theirs to celebrate the first day of Spring. Black cherry, yum!
    My contribution of UFO news from my neck of the woods.



    That pic of the alien inside of that cat is priceless! It explains a lot, hee hee!!

    Well, don’t have Avery today as her mommy is sick with the crud–big time crud that is that warranted a trip to urgent care and heavy doses of antibiotics, steroids, cough meds, and inhalers. Bronchitis, sinusitis, and maybe pneumonia. Oh, I hope I don’t catch that crap or Avery!! She is feeling better today, thank goodness!

    The pics today are great, and MS, so glad that HRH is eating again. Who in the world knows why cats turn their noses up at what we fix them–looking up at us like “are you trying to KILL me or something?”!!



    KZ, hope that Avery’s Mom gets better fast and that this “bug” does not migrate to you!

    Lagatta, I’m thinking that the wee sleepy kit is a reg tabby – note the “M” on its forehead. Or purrhaps a very pretty mix.

    This day!!!!!!!!

    Aliens might have had something to do with it.
    OK, to start off had imp question to ask a professional. They are on vaca. Their replacement is on vaca. Plan B was to get hold of prof who could also answer me. Fortunately I reached her even though she was handling one of her 2 jobs (for price of 1) and not in her office. Dealt with it all as another call had to be made. But stressful.

    Less imp but still stressful. I did my due diligence and called my ISP as I have 4 services and feel entitled to major discounts. Which I always get as the market is highly competitive. This was last week. Since then I’ve rec’d 2 calls about some tech appt which I did not arrange. But when I re-called I was given some story about my Fibe TV needing an update but this can be done from remote outdoor box. Today my TV did not work. Modem/I’Net indicated that TV was “disconnected” ie not good.Fortunately got hold of a proficient service lady who talked me through a reconfiguration which supposedly can only be done a certified tech. I know very much a first-world prob, but took like an hr and N had come by and I was jonesing for a coffee. So just checked, and with changes that I made all seems well.

    And although calendar says “spring” on Wed, weather network indicated that temp will “feel like” -16C. 🙁 Today I have my windows open.

    And being KJ, for no logical reason whatsoever I’m starting to get anxious re Passover prep. I am probably the most organized purrson around, and short of having a separate Passover kitchen (which some peeps do have) I organized separate cupboards for year-round storage so it is so not a huge big deal. There are lots of last-min things to do, but we are 3 wks away and so totally pointless to even think on it.

    I think that aliens stole my common sense!!! 😮

    Think that I might do a short spurt of work as I’m way ahead of deadline and can put in more time 2morrow.

    Thanks for hearing me out guys. And hope that all had a better day.



    Thanks KJ, I hope that the dreaded crud doesn’t migrate to ME either! Cuz when I’m down, everybody suffers since I can’t get through to my dau and SIL that they need a back up babysitter.

    Sorry you are having to deal with TV/tech problems. They are the most frustrating! I haven’t had to deal with that for a long time, but I used to have to try and converse with techs a lot about computer and software problems. Luckily I think, that most of that stuff is by the wayside these days.

    It is pouring rain here and has off and on all day. Temps not really too bad, but it’s perfect for jammie time and maybe a hot drink of some kind! Don’t fret about venting, we are here for each other all the time!! 😀



    I hear you KZ. And thank you.

    You sound like my professional, who seems to need a backup for her backup. *Sigh* But hey, she’s so totally awesome that she’s not going to get any grief from me.

    And I just got a phone call (automated) asking me how the tech home visit went. Awwwww! They are going to get a call back from me, with just the right amount of grief. Hehehe. But first things first, must feed Dorry – I know my priorities! 😉

    So I just had a nice chat with my ISP loyalty gp rep (BTW the best dept to contact when one wants free upgrades/discounts) and it seems that orig rep forgot to tell me that upgrade generally requires tech visit. Seems that I managed to speak to a techie (a woman, of course!) who was able to talk me through making same changes as in-home tech would supposedly do. Without wasting 4 hrs of my time. Loyalty rep was most apologetic for my inconvenience so I dialed it back some (pun intended.) If things go awry I’ll call tech peeps again.

    Managed to do some work, but as yet have not done my rightful knitting quota LOL. Need such distractors. And N brought me loads of zip sturdy plastic bags for yarn storage (they were orig for sheet sets and purrfect!) She will be bringing me even more as I have a lot of yarn divvied up for ea proj.

    Plus as rarely occurs I did not scorch my cheese omelet, which will be reheated with its sides in micro. And then I guess nommed. After I take a supposedly soothing bath. Hehehe!

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