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    Sauntering is defined as walking along slowly, happily and aimlessly. Now, doesn’t this sound like the purrfect way to get around?



    I love to saunter and look at it as sarcastic walking. My knee didn’t give me too much trouble. Every now and again, if I stepped a certain way it would hurt.

    Cya and have a happy~




    Hahahaaa….my blood type is coffee too PG! What a coincidence!!

    Good that your knee is feeling a bit better. I still walk slowly, or sarcastically, just to aggravate the people who think they are in such a hurry they can’t stand to be behind anyone. They drive their cars like that too btw. I can’t imagine living my life so pissed off that you can’t drive a decent distance behind someone. So I’ll be sauntering away on my feet or in my car all I want… 😛 Just like my cats who saunter in front of me all the time–then sit down to wash a paw!



    Cats can also move VERY quickly when they have to, or simply want to.

    I love to saunter, amble, stroll, flâner, if you fancy yourself Walter Benjamin or Charles Beaudelaire. Kittyzee, that type of person acts the same way on a bike; impatient with slower cyclists. And walking, I was almost run down by an aggressive pedestrian!

    From article on the day:

    The first modern use of the word “saunter” was in the 17th century, writes Hannah Osborne for International Business Times, and 19th-century writer Charles Baudelaire was the first to popularize this description of an urban saunterer or flâneur:

    The crowd is his element, as the air is that of birds and water of fishes. His passion and his profession are to become one flesh with the crowd. For the perfect flâneur, for the passionate spectator, it is an immense joy to set up house in the heart of the multitude, amid the ebb and flow of movement, in the midst of the fugitive and the infinite.

    <span style=”font-size: small;”>

    The urban stroller’s countryside cousin is the rambler…

    Hint, if you are visiting a city overrun with (other) tourists, get up at the crack of dawn when the tourists are sleeping and only some workers are out and about. I had Venice almost to myself that way – except for the cats, and I wanted to see them.</span>



    It’s a beautiful Monday in my n’hood! Sunny & 70s!
    Birds were chirping – roses in bloom as I took a li’l walk – sauntered for a few as lunchtime break!
    Adding my 2.5 cents worth for today’s theme:

    Sauntering Day
    Moseying Permitted 🙂

    Now, time for Coffee as I Saunter back to my desk to start part 2 day 1’s fun!
    Saunter with cuppa brew



    “Mornin’ Sam, morning Ralph.”
    Glad to hear your knee is feeling a bit better, PG. Saunter carefully.
    KZ, every day! Every day a cat saunters in front of me and stops to wash a paw. Then they look up and say, “What. …What!!”
    I like to saunter, amble and stroll too. Mostly I like to swagger. My walk/hike pace is quicker though, except when I slow to a swagger to smell the roses at admire some wildlife. This morning there was a family of ducks at the edge of the lake – mamma & 8 ducklings. A bunny was hanging out on the dry ground nearby. Then I heard a frog jump into the water! It was a stop and admire moment!



    Afternoon all! …. I have to admit I rarely saunter …. I’m just a quick moving person naturally …. not impatiently quick, and I would never hurry someone, but I just tend to move quickly and walk fast …..
    Glad the knee is better PG …..
    Well, I watched Trisha Yearwood make ‘Garth’s taco pizza’ yesterday, so now I have to make that for Mr. AV 😉

    Yesterday on the beach was beautiful/hot, we ate lunch at a typical tikibar beach restaurant, and truly had one of the best grouper sandwiches I’ve had …. simple Father’s day celebration for just Mr. AV and I … of course, both children called – they are thoughtful! …..



    I rarely if ever saunter, I naturally speed walk and peeps had just better get out of my way! I always try to say “Excuse me/Excusez-moi” as I race by other pedestrians. 😉

    I seem to have the (early) summer crud. I feel like crap, strangely ‘cept when I was on spin bike, well it’s a major distractor. No one ever needs this but I so do not need this now. 🙁

    Good that N was here today. Up to our usual shenanigans and somewhat took my mind off tomorrow’s appt.

    Def planning early night and if I don’t follow through I will have myself to blame. Alarm is set for 5:20 am to head off to DIY spin class. I think place opens at 4:30 am!!! Need right amount of time to get my look together (as per usual but implies wearing relatively srs heels) for 8 am appt. Just want it done with and want it to go well.

    So that’s the long answer as to why Tues Café will be opened relatively early.



    Mass saunter

    Good morning all. It’s a sunny nippy day here and I need to make the most of it with the washing as we have quite a lot of heavy rain headed our way by tomorrow.
    Saunter, what a lovely word, seldom heard now though.
    PG, I am glad your knee gave you less trouble. I tripped over a power cord last night and stamped both legs down heavily and now have discomfort and pain in my left knee. Arnica gel helps with the pain and I guess I will just have to take things more gently today. Sauntering is my only option. I can live with that. Ahh, sarcastic walking sounds familiar to me but I hadn’t thought of it that way. I have been known to sarcastic walk and drive. I sarcastic drive when I notice someone speeding up behind me, involves sticking to the speed limit precisely.
    Lagatta, ambling or strolling is definitely my pace now but ambling has been a favourite of mine. Ambling gives you time to appreciate and enjoy the scenery, let the mind go into neutral and relax. Best done when not requiring to cross a road though.
    JK, pretty rose, did it have a scent?
    JJ, I am laughing at your cats saying ans looking ‘what…..what!!’. That is spot on. Oh duck family, a bunny and a frog. How serene.
    AV, your day sounds great.
    I used to walk fast but not impatiently too, I can remember having to almost run to keep up with my Grandmother as a child and I guess I just emulated her walk style.
    KJ, no not the Summer crud, that crud takes some getting rid of. May your day tomorrow go smoothly.
    HRH is still using her new found favourite chair in the dining room and now sleeps tucked up against Mr MS. I am not at all upset as I get a better nights sleep. She has been a bit snotty lately and if it continues it may require a v-e-t visit as it is definitely affecting her appetite because she can’t smell her food.
    She spent most of yesterday on the balcony watching other cats pass through the property. A fluffy black & white cat climbed the fence and launched onto our housebus to get at a bird which flew off chirping swearwords at it and then the cat saw me and launched itself off the far side. I swear I heard it saying ‘shite’ as it realised the drop that side was a lot further. Then a short time later a newcomer white cat with large splots of red and black(not really what I would call a calico)was drinking from the bird bath while HRH sat above staring at it. The teenage tabby regular made a brief appearance across the corner of the yard. The rest of the time HRH either slept in the meagre Winter sun or watched the birds.



    Why on earth are you in such a hurry? Please don’t harass slower walkers.



    MS, I am fascinated by the picture of that white cat putting it’s back paws in the prints of the front ones…and what a beautiful cat! I love your descriptions of HRH watching all the goings on in her realm…looking down on her subjects including the birds.. 😆

    Lagatta thanks for the other words — amble, stroll. I love to aimlessly amble and let my mind go where it will. I think it’s a way to connect to nature…interesting though I think I may be a ‘rambler’ as I enjoy it more in the countryside away from humans. JJ, you made me laugh at your swagger…hee heee!

    AV, your dinner sounds great. It wouldn’t even matter how hot it is, as long as you are on the beach!

    KJ, I hope your appointment goes well and you get some well needed rest tonight.

    We had some late afternoon thunderstorms roll through this evening, we even had a double rainbow. It has cooled off quite a bit and I have some windows open freshening the air inside.



    KZ, we’re expecting rain tomorrow. But they’ve been wrong before.

    MS, I’m clearly going to have to make a study of Dorry as he saunters by, based on gif of white kitty and info.

    There’s a ballet step called “pas de chat” – which I have never seen a kit attempt – considering kit would have to be able to stand on back legs.

    Hope your knee heals quickly. Arnica is sovereign (how’s that for an anachronism LOL) for aches and bruising. As is ice.

    Tks KZ and MS for good thoughts for tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll sleep but going to bed now anyway. Nite all!



    Cats have the most graceful gait, and can do anything from speed by in a whir to saunter, smelling the flowers – and everything else, getting a sense of their envrionment. Housecats are both predators and prey, as they are small.

    Well, words are what I do… KZ too. I’m translating a book from the Italian.

    KZ, perhaps I was a bit harsh (but not thinking of you in particular). Speed walking, power walking are excellent exercise. I was just thinking of your neighbourhood, where there are a lot of elderly people, and I’m sure that you are courteous towards them. I’ve had much larger men practically push me off the sidewalk or into a doorway. There is an undercurrent of aggression nowadays that affects all modes of transport and deambulation.

    Mmmm I’m eating grilled eggplant/aubergines, lightly brushed with olive oil.

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