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    Aside from this day set aside to honour US Presidents, today also honours American cats including the American shorthair and the floofy Maine Coone. But above all the “who knows what breed” American Shelter/Rescue Cat.



    Abraham Lincoln was the first known president to bring felines into the White House, including his son Tad’s cat named Tabby. Lincoln reportedly liked to feed Tabby with a gold fork at White House dinners.



    Good morning! Ha…sophisticated cat always cracks me up. Maybe because I like sitting with my coffee reading my paper (okay, iPad) and might just have a random thought or two.

    Just looked over Sunday’s cafe…now I’m craving wine. I enjoy the occasional glass of red. Hope everyone has a happy Monday!



    Good morning! Shaddo had First Cat Socks’ address when his dad Bill Clinton was president. I don’t remember if he ever wrote to him.

    Beautiful sunrise over the snowy scape this morning. The birds are so happy!



    Paw up Monday g’morn to all from grey/mild as 40+ in my n’hood!
    Fun share for today – adding my 2.5cents too:
    socks clinton
    Hee hee…
    Socks Clinton
    Socks & Hillary!

    Socks & Bill Clinton
    with Bill Clinton
    POTUS Obama & Family with dog
    🙂 POTUS44 Obama & Family with pooch…the “good ol’ days”!
    Oops…can’t forget:
    Reagans & catsReagans’ cats!

    Ok, time for cuppa fave brew…
    coffee xlarge cup

    Ok…that should hold me…later



    Happy Monday all! ….. holidays are good catch up days for me, banks/mortgage offices closed, so I get peace/quiet to do my work!

    Sunny and almost record highs here, the weather has fooled the plants and they all think it’s fall – leaves/pollen everywhere! ….. what a mess!! and oh the allergies want to go crazy :/

    Hope everyone is having a great day!



    Good morning everyone! It’s quite balmy here today 55 now, with expected temps in the mid 60’s. Will be in the 70’s tomorrow and Wednesday. With rain…and lots of it, ugh. It will be too warm for the woodburner so I am not putting wood in it until the temps drop. Hopefully, the buds don’t get frozen when they come out of the ground and on the trees–because surely these temperatures will drop as suddenly as they rose. 😥

    Love the Presidential cat pics!



    5c here, which is mild compared to the horrid temps earlier this winter. I should take a break and run some errands while it is nice, though at the same time I want to plough ahead with the book…

    I made fishcakes, sort of based on this recipe, but without the nuts.

    Israeli-Style Fish Cakes



    Just got back a while ago from dentist. Freezing is beginning to thaw and it is not all that pleasant, well that’s why they invented Tylenol. But for now thankfully I am done, after 3 visits. Now i get why he wouldn’t do all the fillings at one go as I was quite drained after last week’s visit and quite drained now. 🙁

    Plus the promised rain has started. Actually a deluge is promised! Temps rose quite a bit and will srsly drop by Thurs. Ergo icy sidewalks predicted. 😯

    Anyway tomorrow I go for hair trim which is a fun plan! Plan to get close to finishing, if not finishing pompom hat #5! Pics of last 2 to come, purrhaps.



    It is 56 degrees colder today than yesterday…and snowing.



    Good afternoon all. NZ is bracing for ex TC Gita, about to hit in an hour or so. It will be gales mainly where I live but across the middle of the country things could get quite serious. As long as people are prepared, that’s the best they can do really. It is still very warm here today despite the strong winds.
    Love the Presidential cats/dogs pics.
    KZ, when to mention it being too warm for the wood burner then I start thinking about how our weather will be changing soon. As much as I don’t like the heat I don’t want the cold either. I think I am getting too old for weather changes.
    Lagatta, tasty sounding fish cakes. I like the idea of cumin and cayenne in them for a bit of zing.
    KJ, glad the dentist visit went well and all done now. I have the dentist tomorrow for an old amalgam filling or two to be removed and replaced.
    Uh oh, icy sidewalks. Keep upright KJ.
    Keep warm PG. Guess Miss Gaea won’t be going outside today.



    Yes, obviously adjust the heat level to your tastes. People who don’t like heat at all could omit the cayenne and use just aromatic spices. I didn’t put in any nuts – I will next time, but not pine nuts as they are very expensive here. I little packet at Jean-Talon Market cost more than all the other ingredients in what was quite a budget recipe.

    Little fishcakes like that are nice with a side of greens, either salad or steamed or sautéed greens.

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