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    Yes it’s National Cheeseburger Day, when all are encouraged to fire up the grill and top off America’s fave sandwich, with a piece of cheese. As for “Cheezburger”, we have the one and only ICHC British Shorthair, AKA Happycat!

    Purrsenting the One and Only – Happycat! 🙂 🙂 🙂





    Brrrrr Winter seems to have returned these last couple of days with snow in the south of the country and crazy cold wet thundery hail windy days and nights here. We’ve had to have fires again and HRH is once again snuggling up on the bed with us, even the fire isn’t keeping her downstairs.
    Catch you all on the flip side.



    Good morning! KJ, yesterday a tabby brought some challah through the wormhole. Thank you, it was delicious!

    Stay warm, MS! Temps are cooler here, but still summer-like.

    Every year on Cheeseburger Day I think of when Shaddo stole a cheeseburger during a picnic when no one was looking.



    Good morning!

    Just looked over yesterday’s cafe…loved reading the stories of our grey tabbies!

    Busy day today…son’s allergy shot right now, my yearly checkup later this morning. Then mid afternoon, I have to go for a “call back” to get another look for a mammogram I had about a week ago. That freaked me out a bit, but I’ve read it’s not uncommon.



    Good morning everyone!

    ECB, calming vibes being sent to you, and yes it is common, I have had a call back but I have very dense breast tissue not easily looked through in a mammogram. My OB doc that I’ve had for years told me I’ve seemed to ‘outgrow’ that period in my life 😆 and I’m glad of it!

    Dau and Avery and I are going for a birthday lunch, just the 3 of us to celebrate her birthday again. I always like to do this with my girls…after all it was ‘just us’ when they were born, plus it helps stretch out the good birthday vibes a little longer!



    Hi efurryone,

    Cheezburgers! We needn’t say more….

    Yea, snarfies. That’s it snarfies!

    My beloved Steelers won yesterday so all is right in my universe. I’m off to do yard work.

    Have a happy~



    Hee hee…as old as Cheezeburger Mems are…they are still t’e best!
    cheezeburger vs tuna sammich
    Always liked this one too!

    soon have cheezeburger

    Well, back to desk…than soon…timez for Lunch…but no Cheezeburgers around here… 😉
    eated cookie kit
    Boss brought li’l choco chip cookies…sweet yum soon!…later!



    Afternoon all! ….. we went to the beach yesterday, Son, his GF and work associate were in town, traveling to NY before he leaves for Egypt …. Aww, I’ll have to go back and read yesterday’s post about the tabby stories, sounds cute!
    MS, it’s still like summer here, hot as blazes!



    I’ve gotten call backs too, ECB, usually for an ultrasound. Sending good vibes!

    A girls birthday lunch sounds fabulous, KZ! I just made a cake for my mom’s b-day tomorrow.

    Yay Steelers! I saw that and thought of you, PG. We’ll see what the Giants can do tonight. Jets lost. Again.

    A toona sandwich would be great if you can’t haz a cheezeburger!



    I had call backs, ECB. It would be great if they weren’t so damn covert about it, though.

    I are watching the Giants tonight.

    Me too – If I can’t has a cheezburger, a toona sandwich would be great!

    AV- when you get a minute or two, will you explain to me where your Son works? I thought he was in NYC then Nevada and now jet setting…
    It’s not my business but I’m nosy.

    The shrubs are trimmed back. Now, I’m a tired girl so cya l8r.



    Anyone notice how many grey tabbies are in today’s pics too?

    The only cheeseburgers that happen here are some veggie/quinoa ones that Lagatta suggested I might try, enhanced with the requisite slices of cheese. Sadly, Dorry does not get any hoomin noms. 🙁

    ECB, hope that all is well with follow-up appt.

    PG, the Steelers play what – football? That’s how unknowledgeable I am, but glad that your team won! Get a good rest from garden work and enjoy watching Giants. Also football, right? 🙂

    JJ, early Happy B-Day to your Mom! 🙂

    Wow 3 b-day celebrations, KZ. Purrfect!

    AV, Son is certainly a world traveller! I have same questions re his job as PG.

    It might be just as warm here as in FL – unbelievable for time of year. Seeing a lot of the reg orange butterflies – wonder if this has something to do with extreme heat being back.

    So crud still here, Did consult with med prof and well only real advice is Tylenol if I feel like I need it and exhorting me to drink way more to flush the crud out of my purrson. (Dorry and I loathe drinking – water). At least prof doesn’t waste her time advising me to “take it easy” as we all know how I would pay heed to that suggestion – as in not.

    At times I fret about some peeps/stupidities at the gym but today we got e-mail from the President of Board of Directors that almost had me crying, OK I was sorta crying. Reminding us that the place is also a community centre. Like yesterday they did a “Cycle for Special Needs” fundraiser. I don’t bike outdoors but I sponsored fave instructor. And the place has all these fantastic programs for differently-abled peeps.

    N was supposed to come today but rescheduled for tomorrow. So a busy day. But at least I got to alert her that some DIY would be happening and I’ll have the time to touch up kitchen wall when I mix up paint to get purrfect shade.

    It annoys me when I have an earworm and either ’cause I don’t have the right lyrics and/or name of tune has no connection whatsoever to words, I can’t find it. And no access to “Spotify” or the like. So today I typed in what I thought were the words. Which strangely led me to a cute vid featuring a grey tabby! Which lead me right to the tune! Yes!



    PG, forgot to mention last Thurs how glad/thankful I am that Miss Moppet did not succeed in her attempt to escape and see the world! Rick Steeves DVD’s for that purry Miss. And scritches/treats for LilBit for raising the alarm. Phew! 😮 but ultimately 🙂



    KJ, I googled “kosher cheeseburger” just for fun and shared the results with some Jewish friends. The lengths some people will go to! I was writing to one of my dearest friends – parents intellectual Jewish Viennese who left just in time – for Brazil: my friend later had to flee the postwar Brazilian dictatorship in the 1960s. He speaks 12 languages; I’m a piker.

    I’ve been reducing meat in general and no longer eat red (mammalian) meat at home. One of the main things is to eat a LOT of vegetables.



    Gray tabbies abound in TDKland!

    My Steelers are an American football team as are JJ’s Giants and Jets. I missed something because I didn’t know they moved MNF to ESPN.

    Miss Moppet spent two days pouting because I fixed her escape route.

    The only non-beef burgers I like are ones made from black beans. They’re pretty good. I thank you for eating my share of the vegetables, Lagatta. I feel better already.

    The problem with water is it’s boring. I finally got up to 6-8 glasses a day though. Apparently, I’m feeling and doing much better. 😉



    Lol, I’m sure it’s confusing! his work is his passion, my Son works for a foundation that supports global peace, democracy, and American support of the nation of Israel. He is also a fellow at a prestigiuos NYC organization that has published his 3 books. He’s wanted to make a difference in the world since he was born. We are beyond proud and blown away by what he’s accomplished in only 29 years!

    I’m watching my fav SYTYCD show, being an ex dancer, I’m mind boggled by their strength and talent!

    Mr.AV and I had to do a whirlwind at MILs apt. Today …. unfortunately she is digressing, and getting overwhelmed with daily tasks like washing dishes, clothes, tidying up …. its unsettling for her, but she’s in the nicest assisted living place in town, so she gets first class care. But I hate to see such a graceful lady decline so .



    Good afternoon all. I am loving all the cheeseburger pics today. 🙂
    ECB, I’ve had a call back on my first ever mammogramme, talk about nervous, it was for dense tissue and they did a n ultrasound to complete a proper check. Positive Vibes for you.
    KZ, you have a great day celebrating daughter’s birthday.
    AV, son AND GF ! ! ! How lovely.
    JJ, happy birthday to your Mum tomorrow.
    KJ, sorry about the crud still lingering with you. Do you like ginger teas? They are pleasant to drink and have efficacious properties.
    Yay on finding what that earworm was and the cute tabby vid.
    PG, Miss Moppet pouting? Sounds so cute. Are you getting a side serving of stinkeye with that pout.
    I am another one who doesn’t enjoy drinking water, it seems to ‘stick’ in my throat and cause heartburn and I can’t drink juices. Catch 22.
    We have a sunny day today but with rain and thunderstorms a possibility in the next few hours or so. My car is out of action at the moment so I am stuck at home doing bits and pieces like dismantling my vacuum cleaner heads to clear them of dust and also trying to dry moisture out of the cars parklight. Hair dryer is handy for that.
    Also doing surreptitious jobs in preparation for daughter Airy’s secret visit this weekend for Mr MS’s birthday. If he asks why I have done some things I will just say Spring cleaning. 😉 😉 😆
    HRH is somewhere outside basking in the sun while it lasts.



    Water – good for washing things including of course oneself and soothing bath soaks and swimming in (although my swimming is sad to say the least, not scared but don’t know how to breathe properly to swim for decent amount of time, should take lessons at some point.)

    I drink like 750 ml in spin class and like a glass of club soda, but it’s way not enough and it seems to be a losing battle.

    Lagatta, for sure those veggie burgers are IMHO very good. I don’t eat meat/chicken. Not for eco/politico reasons, it’s my preference for other reasons.

    AV tks for info! IMHO your Son is a mega-rock star for working for an org that works in any way to support my soul country Israel. Having danced as well purrhaps I should watch dance shows. Spin instructor played a dance wkt on the cycle room’s big screens the other day and I mentioned that the peeps were srsly off beat!



    For me, reducing meat consumption is very much an eco thing. But obviously if one keeps kosher it is far easier, in terms of logistics.

    I don’t even think about drinking water as it is something one needs after even moderate exercise and I try to drink at least a couple of litres a day. Hey, one can’t drink just wine or espresso! One would be very drunk or very jittery. And I never touch sweet drinks.

    I agree with some fresh ginger grated or finely sliced in a teapot. In Italy, one is usually served water, even with an espresso or some wine. Important to drink it in a hot, dry country.

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