Monday 18-07-2016 – Live Life to the Fullest on Caviar Day!

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    No crossover pic today.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Greetings everyone, love the pictures as always.



    Good morning, Deb! Thanks for the pics, MS and KJ. Love the cross pawed elegant kitty…awww! The dining table with no dining is funny. We put our placemats away when we are not using them because the kitties think they are little cat beds. They do love the table.



    Hi everyone! My cats love the table too, hey, it’s seems to be where we always are!
    I love the ‘fish but no fish’ pic, and I think I’ll take one of the yummy looking slices on that plate too! I really don’t know if I like caviar, have only had the little tiny ones that you get on sushi, but more than likely, I would LOVE it!
    It’s raining here this morning–thank you for the blessing of precious life giving rain!!! I hope it does this all day! 😛



    Aren’t they all Classy Cats? The wee night night kitty is adorable. Yea rain for KZ!!

    I tried caviar once…I will gladly give my caviar to my and your kits any day.

    At least she’s closed her mouth so I hope HRH is getting better.

    The heat is on. Rob is painting out front so Miss Gaea wouldn’t come around and let me know she was ready to come in. Miss Moppet and LilBit kept going back and forth to the garage and bedroom until I saw her on top of the catio. She had started to pant so she’s in for the day.

    I’m going swimming. Cya l8r

    Have a happy~



    Hi everyone – I don’t think I’ve ever had caviar, unless it was on sushi at some point. It’s another hot hot day here in Jersey. Just spotted a mouse the JJ crew left, so better take care of that pronto! Might get a pop up t-storm later. Glad you are getting some much needed rain, KZ.
    We are going to try to get away for a few days next week so if I’m ‘off the air’ you know why. Going to try to be brave and trust that the cats will be okay with neighbor taking care of them.
    Hey Deb, nice to see you!
    I’ve got things to do but don’t seem to have much ambition. However, once one thing gets accomplished, it usually results in that feel good feeling, and propels one to do more!



    Afternoon all! Happy Monday! ….ohh, I love caviar!!! our famous steakhouse (Berns) here in Tampa has my favorite appetizer of various caviars with an assortment of the yummiest spreads i.e.cream cheese, avocado, etc. and these delicious little toast points ….. we HAVE to get that everytime we go, can’t start a meal without it! …. I also love to get an order of ‘roe’ any time I go to a sushi place, usually the large orange salmon for me 🙂

    Hope all under the weather kits are feeling better …. Abby seems to have gotten over her ‘yak’ mode, and is back to normal …. another hot day with showers headed in for the late afternoon ….. my yard is lush this time of year! ….



    Hmm, interesting topic! Believe some cats are able to live life to fullest just by our help as
    doting meowmies or meowpops!

    Late today, busy here! Boss is on vacation plus we are having problems w/our fax/copier today – fun on budget/not!

    wishes for good week
    Well, MOanday is almost over – paw up waves/wishes for pawsome week ahead!
    Be back on the flip…hey Tux, mwah, smooch for you…later all!



    A t-storm blew through here a little while ago. Cooled off while it was here but now it’s warm & sticky again. Thankful for the quick dose of heavy rain though.
    Two more mice outside today, eww! Better ‘gifts’ than birds or bunnies though.



    And then that same storm made it over to my n’hood, JJ! Srs storm, thunder, lightening, near night sky. I was still in gym changing room and peeps came in soaked right through with or without umbrella! Rainwater splashing up like a foot! Apocalyptic! Did a bit of knitting and about 15 mins later rain stopped and broiling sun re-appeared. Like storm never happened. Well, I made it home. Humidity/heat has not abated but I’m inside and don’t much care.
    I believe that at one point I tasted caviar on a cracker. If memory serves I liked it, although it was a tad salty.I do like the finer things in life LOL.
    In the meantime I’ve been spending pm sourcing out continuing ed courses. Seems impossible to get an actual schedule and while the offerings look rather interesting I’d for sure need to know time/day. At one uni it’s just $31/course as non-credit, meaning one can enjoy the class and not do any of the work. This would work quite nicely for me. And another just e-mailed me that schedule goes up beg. Aug.
    Plus my gym got yet another srs e-mail from me. The stupid $3,000+ spin bikes still squeak like mice or long nails on blackboards and I’m getting just that fed up with the non answers. Ran into fitness director and gave her heads-up to expect e-mail sent to co-ordinator (Dorry could do a better job), associate dir, herself and exec dir of the entire place. A “KJ” e-mail – polite yet forthcoming. Peeps who complain to each other yet don’t make any efforts to get things fixed srsly get to me. What are they afraid of? I will not bore you with “set in stone” issues that I have gotten changed just by being insistent. We’ll see where this one goes as no replies as yet. Would that this were my biggest prob, it isn’t but by goal is to enjoy the fun things in my life, and spinning is basically first and foremost. OK, deep breaths.
    Srsly cleaned out t-oven that in effect came close to catching fire on Fri so got rid of some excess energy.
    And wearing eye m/u again. Eyes still a tad troublesome and if this goes on will get appt w/doc next wk. The smoke in place as Fri did not help and A/C dries things out so I’m using liq. tears.
    Now I’m off to knit/watch my Masterpiece Classics and attempt to chill. Tks for allowing me to vent, not that I asked purrmission.:wink:
    And tomorrow I get to go to dentist for check-up/cleaning. How fun is that?



    Good afternoon all, it is a bitter day today, the sun has finally made an appearance here and now some warmth is seeping into my bones. It was 10C inside when I came downstairs.I had to open the door to warm the house as it’s warmer outside. HRH Shadz is on the balcony soaking up as much heat as she can.
    I have tried caviar several times but I am not a fan of it, too fishy and salty even for me.
    I love the Elegance kitty pic, very Audrey Hepburn looking to me.
    PG, yes Shadz seems to be improving, barely a sniffle or a sneezle now and she did head off to Comet’s party overnight.
    Good morning JJ, oops a mouse left by the JJ crew.
    AV, so glad that Abby is over her yaks.
    Thunder storms being shared KJ and JJ 😯
    Just saw on weather forecast we are going to get gales tomorrow. 🙁
    Lunch time. Yay hot food to warm me.



    Goodness MS, I hope it’s warmed up a bit by now. Yay for a good hot meal!



    The day has not warmed up at all, no sun now and the wind is getting up. Shadz has headed to bed and I have relented and lit the fire. Things are beginning to feel cozy now.

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