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    Certain dates on the “Special” calendar are awaited with eager anticipation. National Splurge Day is one of them. Treat yourself excessively … without worry or concern … until tomorrow!





    I had to ‘squee’ a couple of times looking at today’s pics! The ‘hebby cweem’ was one of them!

    Another screaming hot day here, makes me not want to do a darned thing. I think I have some onions ready in the garden and may go pluck a few for a salad later. My herbs are growing like gangbusters, and I may have to harvest some sweet basil and dry it so it doesn’t get too leggy. Pinching it back seems to help it from flowering too soon too.

    They are side dressing our corn today–Mr. KZ has been on pins and needles about this since we have had so much rain and it’s been too wet to get into the fields to get this job done. Hopefully, it’s dry enough and they don’t cut big ruts out there or get a piece of equipment buried in a wet spot.

    Off to make the bed and start some laundry!



    Good morning – is yarn shopping kitty code for nip? I guess not, since cats don’t really care about hiding things like that!
    KZ, what does side dressing the corn mean? My mouth was watering yesterday when you mentioned how big it’s getting. Sorry about the wee orioles.
    Comet is heading through the wormhole where he can get on the I-net and splurge on stuff without taking my wallet for a ride. Let’s see, a case of paper towels, they are fun to claw and chew and bunny-kick. Oh and a bigger harness for going out on the patio, the one he has now is kinda tight. A big water bowl for splashing (Dewey will like that too!). Hmmm, what else? Better get treats for Leela. Good treats. Oooh, the new issue of “Super-kitty” comics is out, better get that too. What? Bob Hope’s best jokes? Gotta get that – a must-have for every joke loving cat!
    It’s hot here too, so I’ll plan my day accordingly. The pool has been filled, so while it’s clearing up (it’s filled with lake water, then treated) a good heat wave will help raise the water temp. The pool should officially open soon, when the kids get out of school for the summer.



    I’m not a farmer except for my balcony herbs and tomatoes and a friend’s allotment, which I tend when he is out of town, but yes, basil has to be cut back very often when it is hot and especially as hot and humid as it is here now. There is a gentle misty rain, harder at times, as if the sky and earth were sweating, and everything is a brilliant green. Pesto is easy to make and freeze. I use walnuts, not pine nuts, as the latter are very expensive and increase the cost of the item exponentially.

    It was originally made from pine nuts as they were native to and common in those regions of southeastern France and northwestern Italy along the Mediterranean coast. Small farmers in the area couldn’t and wouldn’t have sprung for such an expensive imported ingredient.

    Basil can also be frozen in small cubes (such as using ice cube makers) but it will be soft and not attractive in a salad; fine for soups, stews and pasta sauces. It can be dried but loses much of its nutrition and flavour.



    It’s Monday

    The wee kit in the shopping basket-LOL. I’m not much of a shopper except in the mother store – Apple. Yes expensive sports cars are always on my list; Specifically shopping for a Jaguar.

    Are you sure this isn’t what Comet went through the wormhole for?

    It’s soggy and raining. I love it but, naturally, Miss Gaea is annoyed. And…and I had the nerve to put a different blankie on the bed so she had to sleep on the very right corner so as not to touch it. *sigh*

    Have a happy~



    Great idea on the pesto..maybe I’ll make some!

    Side dressing the corn means that they come in with big fertilizer spreaders with very big, tall, skinny tires (the corn is ridiculously tall already) and go down the rows spreading fertilizer in the rows of corn. We don’t apply annhydrous ammonia (which some farmers do) very early and they ‘spike’ it into the ground because it’s like a gas. It pretty much does the same thing as it is a nitrogen fertilizer but we don’t have the equipment for that. Plus it’s dangerous and prone to theft since people will find an annhydrous tank and break into it trying to steal the contents to make methamphetamine.



    Paw up waves – Happy Monday!
    Time to celebrate kitteh style:
    cat pink money splurge
    Purry splurge on anything you’d like! 🙂
    Hmm…maybe not 😉
    Prada grumpy cat
    Hee hee, you dicide!

    Well, just came in from very short walk! It’s Still very Hot/Humid around here – still feels like yesterday’s +90…not sure what actual temp is!
    Hopeful the cool front will arrive later afternoon w/showers!



    Thanks for the reminder about freezing basil, Lagatta. I’m hoping the basil I planted does ok this year.
    Hey PG, have I mentioned I drive a jag? Not supercool like this one but the same color blue with a saddle interior. Look up 2001 s-type. Bought it when gas was expensive about 10 years ago from the doctor I work for now. Gets much better mileage than my truck. And yeah, it’s got that beautiful hood ornament!
    Thanks for explaining that, KZ. Jersey corn is not quite ready, it’s coming up from the southeast right now and is very tasty.
    JK, my walk was short today too. Hopefully the showers will cool us off a bit. Love the pink money!



    Afternoon all! ….. Florida’s corn is sweet and delish right now, and all over the stores! Watermelons too!! yummmmmm

    I have never tried freezing basil, but that’s good to know. I do press it between two damp paper towels and nuke it for about 15-20 seconds. It dries it nicely, but not so dry as the store bought ones. Then it keeps in a baggie for a few weeks.

    Hot and muggy here, I have to walk first thing in the morning, or it’s unbearable!

    Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!



    Pink diva dollars! 🙂
    Dorry will join Comet in a shopping spree. I’d best check my next cc statement carefully!

    KZ, from yest, feel sad about the birdies! Only thing Dorry klls is flies, which I do not feel bad about and in fact give him a paws up for his prowess. Saw that strange red bird again today. In same garden as previously. Must be attracted to the foliage or something. I love hummingbirds! So dainty with those super-fast wings! Don’t seem to see them in n’hood though.

    PG, that mug is for moi! Today esp. Was able to get earlier appt where gut issues will be addressed. Still a month away but only time slot available. 😥 And doc and I are never going to be BFF which makes it all the more stressful, but other factors factor in. Nurse runs interference and “gets me” and for sure my therapist helps. Still, no matter what, one is alone with many things.

    OK, so yest did some online shopping. Way low prices. But clearly I’m not focused as for the skirt forgot to include apt. number. 🙄 Vendor can’t help as it’s been shipped. Postie knows me so might remember #, and I left msg for supervisor to see if he can intercede, and will call tomorrow.

    In any case for a few bucks more ordered a 2nd skirt to be sent to store – free shipping, as is 1st order. Sale ends today and IMHO one can never have 2 many black skirts. Or black shoes. In any case I will get the item. Hope style works! Shoes are from dept. Store where I had $25 gift card so with sale price I did well!

    Clearly no matter how c**p I feel there’s always shopping!

    And on way to gym got caught in torrential downpour. Soaked right through! Stripped nekked on arrival home and threw efurrything into wash. Blow dryer helped initially dry sandals and a day or so just leaving them air dry will do the rest. Same air dry deal for bag. It’s def a sauna outside, inside thankful for A/C. And after a sunny interlude looks like it’s going to pour again.

    Also realized that rent renewal is not until end of Sept. as req’d 3 mos notice. June 30 d-line is for repossession advisory. Less than 2 wks? No one’s come to visit place? IMHO not likely that anyone bought it. In any case should I move – likely – I’d pay a bit more to get in a month or 2 earlier and move on my own schedule.

    And getting caught up w/ knitting resulting yet again in 3 hrs sleep extremely bad plan. At times I can be very not smart. *Sigh*

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