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    Hot Diggity Dog! Fire up the grill or barbie and enjoy a fave Summer or year-round treat – either meat or veggie!





    Didn’t make it in to the Cafe today/yesterday. I was busy preparing dinner and doing things around the house. We have more nasty Winter weather coming later in the week which isn’t welcome as KK is coming up to stay with Mum and give me a rest from being ‘on call’. Yay. I see hot pools being visited this week. 🙂 HRH Shadz seems to be improving, she is no longer snorting and can eat and breathe at the same time now.
    JJ, you have an excellent market for letting you know about the recall, just in time.
    KJ, tsk tsk, step away from the clippers but only after adjusting the setting so it’s not on the lowest cut. Yes you can rock short short hair but not the ‘where’s the hair’ look. At least it will grow back and it doesn’t have far to grow to look how it should. 😉
    Here’s an idea



    Now there’s an idea MS – a leopard print scalp! Hmmm … Thank goodness that I didn’t touch the top where my hair is relatively long, considering the rest. The back looks a bit like a “planned” fade, the sideburn area, well scalp is more visible than planned, plus last cut stylist went way short as did I, but told me that in a week it would be where it should be. Nothing for it now, but looks kewel IMHO.

    Up way late as got into solving knitting prob, which I did. So now it’s bed for me!



    haha! ….. that is definitely a different look!

    Mornnig all, did make it to the Café this weekend ….. busy doing stuff around the house, and then obsessively reading a new book (which I totally finished) …..

    Son found out he got the international fellowship, so it looks like he’ll be traveling back/forth to Egypt …. Mr. AV booked a flight to fly out to LV next month and help him bring his ‘stuff’ back here to store, along with his girls, which we will cat-sit while he’s all over the world ….. literally!

    Don’t know if you guys have seen the news, but yet another sinkhole has swallowed 2 houses down here ….. *sighs* ….. it’s bad enough I’m in the lighting capital of the world, but also the sinkhole capital! …..



    “I like my dogs well done…” and “I’d do it again, see” are too funny and true.

    Yea for HRH. It’s good you’re getting a break, MS. With all that you’re doing, slowing down may help you kick the crud.

    Son is going on another adventure! How cool is that? I’m sure the girls won’t agree but, at least, they have grand meow and grand purr.

    You just had to trim the sides, huh?

    It’s Alia and Z’s birthday party so that’s where I’m going tonight. Miss Gaea is being clingy.

    Have a happy~



    Timez for Lunch:
    hog dog with corn on cob
    Café kits are grillin’ them anyway you like plus picnic fixins are ready too!

    Yup, it’s that time…sunny pleasant day in my n’hood! One of bosses is on vaca this week…actually kind of pleasant 😉

    Waves with wishes to enjoy rest of your day!
    Mwah, smooch for Tux…missed ya this weekend kit! 😀
    Garfield grilling a hot dog
    Grilling Fun with Garfield 🙂

    I just bought a new to me brand of vegan sausage…I don’t really care for the hot dogs but more flavorful sausage style/s are great!
    Italian style vegan sausage

    OK – back to part 2 day 1s fun!



    I’m late into the cafe today, since we (Avery’s mom and I) took Avery to get xrays…we though she may have broken her leg, foot, by doing somersaults on the new swingset she has. Ended up not being broken (we think) but she still can’t walk on her right leg/foot.

    Those cats with hot dogs are cute…I’ve really not had a problem with my cats stealing hot dogs. But my outside dogs on the other hand, when we have bon fires are another story altogether! 😮

    PG, the cat trying to steal the burnt dog in the pic and thinking it won’t be missed would be wrong at my house…I like the crispy ones like that!

    Off to put my feet up or something. My day is screwed up now and I am having a hard time settling down. A good stiff drink might be good, but that would make me fall asleep. 😆



    Heeheehee, free range hot dog, sounds like something Shaddo would do. He did steal a burger once, right off the platter during a picnic!
    I like the hot dogs or legs pic.
    Hot springs sound devine, nice of KK to visit mum and give you a break, MS. Encouraging news about HRH.
    Son will be in the road again, eh, AV? He’s more travelled than I’ll ever be! I did see the news about your sinkholes, scary stuff for sure. Isn’t it fun to obsessively read a book?
    Enjoy the b-day party, PG. Maybe there will be a little something for you too!
    That loaded hot dog looks good, JK! I haven’t tried a vegan dog in a while. May pick some up. Enjoy the partially boss-less week!
    I agree with you, KZ, burnt hot dogs can be missed; there’s often someone who goes for them! Too bad you don’t live in my hood, now that I’m back in the foot business. Glad Avery’s isn’t broken.
    The boss is on vacay this week, so I’m going up to the office each day to check messages and whatever else. After a 5 mile walk/hike I went up for a few hours. Came home and went to the pool till it started thundering. Thought Dewey would want to come in, but he must be hunkered down somewhere.



    KZ, good that Avery’s leg isn’t broken, but guess that she’ll have to take it easy – and how do you curtail the activities of such a wee little grrrl? Hope that she isn’t in too much pain.

    JJ, Dorry wants to remind you and Comet that the “fun” starts at 7-yrs-old! Not sure what he means! 😮

    Same here re day AV. As in:

    I’ll try to keep to bare details:
    – A/C guys came at 6:30 instead of 3pm, good that my purrrsonality saw me calling them! Took like 15 mins.
    – Nadine decided to thoroughly remove screens/clean my 3 windows. Noted LR window metal thingy srsly broken, so told not to open window. Then noted the bdrm windows are also breaking, same thing, but can still open. In any case w/A/C I keep them closed (srsly hot/humid for this week.) Contacted de facto landlord and he’ll have repair done.
    – After spending too much time arranging 4 sm pics above bed, level told me that I was off, Nadine told me that they were also not oriented propurrly as in modern bird-wing images (wallpaper samples) on one pic had wings upside down, and all of them were going the wrong way! So a DIY re-do was in order.
    – Almost tossed my stand-alone burner as it would not go on. THEN I recalled that fuses blew yest when I used micro and hair dryer at same time. Flick of fuse box switch solved prob. 🙄

    – Nadine is totally honest and told me that while I need not wear hair covering or paper bag LOL, my DIY cut was srsly bad plan. I called my stylist and ‘fessed up, nearly in tears. He said no worries he can fix the damage. Appt next Tues. Clippers are staying, but I will get advice from pro and firstly not use shortest razor comb. Started off OK, then I got carried away.

    If these were my biggest probs I’d do a srs happy dance! Still if I drank, which I don’t, I would. Going to bed at 5 am last nite did not help. When will I (if ever) learn?

    Oh and PG, do you know of a scenic place in CO called Pike’s Peak? It was on the lg screens in spin class. Awesomely difficult bike ride and pro took tour bus to get down LOL.



    I like the burnt ones too. The last time I had a veggie dog it was

    I’m glad Avery didn’t break her leg but as KJ said, how do you slow her down? They should fashion a crutch for her. I can imagine how much fun she’d have with it. 😀

    You’re moving up JJ. Less than a month and the boss goes on vaca.

    I saw that image, KJ. You scared the heck out of me! 😮

    Pikes Peak is one of our fourteeners. It’s due north of the Garden of The Gods.

    Sorry about your ‘do. Your stylist will fix you right up.



    Didn’t mean to scare you PG – but “that pic said a thousand words” and I added about a thousand more!

    Yeah, stylist will make hair look as though there was intent as opposed to obsessiveness behind it. Recalling when I worked at Women’s Ctr some time back. Boss’s admin asst would DIY her way short hair. One day she wore bandana. Turns out she mistakenly used shortest setting and was completely bald for a time. And “B” at Knitting Circle shaved off her short hair. Def a bad look! One or 2 peeps actually complimented her, the rest of us said nothing. Realize that very few people converse with her at all. Purrhaps they “got it” before I did.

    Tomorrow pm features dentist appt for 6 mos cleaning/check-up. At least I don’t go the DIY route LOL. He’s such a nice man, been practicing for many yrs. Office actually has no ‘puter/fax. Ass’t types out efurrything! Paper files, srs file cabinets too. It all works, and the dental equipment is srsly up-to-date, we joke about this. Plus delightful ass’t knits and loves kits. She is owned by Mr. Hubert (Tonkinese) and Miss Cara (Cornish Rex, with awesome silky wavy fur.)



    I’m so happy with my haircut, which I suspect KJ would think very long. So bouncy and easy to comb. Coiffeur named Claudio, from Argentina. I also have a good friend named Claudio who lives there…

    The best vegetarian franks and sausages I’ve had were in the Netherlands and Germany – including excellent vegetarian liverwurst!

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