Monday 17-04-2017 – It's Pet Owners Independence Day

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    Now there’s an oxymoron for you. Pet Owners = Independence? One would think not. For our furries depend on us for care, love and nurturing and we depend on them for care, love and nurturing. So let’s just celebrate the unique unconditional bond that we have with our four-pawed BFF’s.



    So, like, this was the easiest topic to find pics for…you know 😆 I always say that I’m a proud cat slave. I love the cat with crossed paws.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had Easter lunch with my neighbor and my nephew brought me some homemade donuts. Yum! My knees are better. I have to remember that just because my knees feel ok doesn’t mean I can climb Mt. Everest (hypothetical). It’s amazing how stubbing a toe just ruins your day and hurts like heck too! I’m with JJ, I don’t have yarn or strings because LilBit will eat it. If I’m opening a package and a piece of plastic falls to the floor, he’s eats it up. What ????

    It’s bed time so I’ll cya l8r.

    And who hasn’t had this happen?

    Have a happy~

    matutulog na ako – Filipino
    I go to sleep now



    Oh the pics today are just the best! Honestly, every one of these happens to me everyday 😆 This morning while eating breakfast, all 4 of mine were on my table (yes, on the table) just so they could be ‘with’ me… 😛 Mr. KZ walked through the kitchen and said ‘Oh for God’s sake!’ Tee hee….I think he’s just jealous.

    Off today since dau isn’t working but we are going for a girls’ day and have lunch out!! Later!

    PG, soooo glad your knees are feeling better! I know my hip feels wonderful, then I remember I’m not quite 3 months out from surgery and say ‘Okay, maybe I shouldn’t do that!’



    Lol! Your breakfast table sounds like a scene from my house, KZ. Love the pics today…all so true.

    Joan, your Easter at your mom’s sounded lovely. And PG…homemade donuts…yum! I made a simple lunch, ham, scalloped potatoes and asparagus…followed by yard work (leaf cleanup) but it was a beautiful day to be outside.

    Hope your toe is better, KJ. I jammed my thumb last week and have been annoyed by how such a little injury can be so troublesome…so I sympathize.



    PM Purrrz on a Monday:
    monday cat wisdom
    Cats don’t care … as long as there are nomz! 😉

    and..I don’t care either:
    coffee monday
    as long as there is java 😀
    Have a pawsome rest of your day kits!



    For freelancers, there are days with (paid) work, and days without – though there is still billing, classifying and tidying up both real and virtual office. A neighbour works at the Botanical Gardens and it is the same for her, she completely forgot it was Easter and had to buy worse-quality food for her three cats than she usually does. Oh, they’ll like it; for them it is like junk food.

    Perhaps cats whose humans work the same hours, same days of the week can tell the difference between working and non (paid) working days, but they still insist on being fed early in the morning.




    Hi all – out all day at mom’s. Technically she can be alone, but we’re afraid she will fall when no one is around. The aide was there for a few hours, during which time I took care of the taxes, ouch!
    Hope you had a nice day, KZ, lunch out is always fun!
    I agree, ECB, seemingly mild injuries can really be pesky based on their location. Hope your toe is feeling better, KJ.
    My being out all day seems to have resulted in Mama Cat missing out on breakfast. Hubby would give her the reserved dish if she was around, but he didn’t see her. She must be getting some food from wherever she hangs out. Nice payoff for Star and Berta, who won the lottery by being around when I put the extra meal out this evening.

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