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    Webster began to write his dictionary at the age of 43. It took him 27 years to finish it! Today’s challenge is to learn some new words – many kit-related! (tr: non-existent in any standard dictionary.) 😉



    Some years back a grrl I knew had a lovely white kitty whom she named from the Hebrew “Toolly”!

    I can read Hebrew and I guess write a few words, forgot much from my Grammar school education. But peeps tell me that a month or so in Israel and it would all come back.

    Plus aside from PG having informed us how the Talmud holds kits in high esteem, the Torah holds that believing that a black cat “crossing your path” leads to bad luck would be a violation of the Torah commandment not to ascribe power to omens. For me this is kewel!

    Not that I ever believed that sleek noir kits were bad luck – quite the contrary! 🙂



    Chatul is a pretty word – I take it that the underlined ch is the throaty sound found in Semitic languages?

    The story of the OED has been the subject of more than one book, and of course that is just the English language: there are similar large dictionaries in many other languages.

    I still have several printed dictionaries, but don’t use them nearly as much as I used to.



    Crossover pic



    Good morning – yes kitty, you’ve been spelling cheeseburger rong!

    It rained overnight and today it’s cloudy, breezy and kind of chilly. The forecast is for much cooler weather tomorrow.

    Had fun at brother in law’s pizza party yesterday. He has it every year following a local car show. The driveway, yard and street turn into a mini-car show, it’s pretty kewel!

    Got me some Gala apples. Thinking of making apple butter in the slow cooker. That would make the house smell awesome!



    Exactly Lagatta, just like the “ch” in challah. You once mentioned Cheskies bakery which is a bit out of my way, but someone told me about a new huge all kosher grocery on Av. du Parc “Le Marché Fooderie”, from FB pics it is amazingly huge, like reg supermarket but efurrything kosher! So it might be worth a Metro ride to check it out, plus it’s a neat area anyway. 🙂

    Similar weather here JJ, plus we may get frost tonight! Tomorrow supposedly 15-18C but who knows?

    Sounds like fun partay courtesy of bro! Gala apples are good for cooking , yes? I use macs for my “famous” apple sauce – I just dice 2 unpeeled apples and throw them in glass bowl with a bit of whatever juice that I have on hand, cinnamon, clove and maple syrup. Then ito micro on power level 8 (ie not full power) for 7-8 mins. Delish!

    “rong” hehehe! I like “adorable” and “cutie-pie” kitty. And “every book you read is a remix” gave me paws for thought. 😉



    Good morning, any news from Buttons ?
    JJ, LOL on the cheezburger comment, subtle.
    Ohhhhhhhhh Galas yum. Apple butter should be an aroma you can purchase, or maybe you can in the US. The pizza party sounds great, pizza and cars, great mix.
    KJ that food market sounds fantastic. Oh frost ! Brrr. It’s still nippy here at night, but not that nippy.
    I had a big day in the garden yesterday removing half the soil from a long narrow brick lined garden and then replacing it with mature compost we have made. I still had about a metre left I couldn’t manage as the soil was compacted and full of roots so Mr MS did it after dinner with me holding a lantern. Heavens knows what the neighbours thought we were doing. Burying something maybe ! !
    😮 While wwe were doing that something suddenly began grunting at us, now being in NZ and with no nasty predators we weren’t alarmed at all and guessed we had disturbed sleeping hedgehog. This morning I realised we may have inadvertently created a ‘hefalump’ trap so Mr MS checked it out and we were relieved to find it empty. Phew, nothing worse than a grumpy hedgehog giving you stink-eye first thing in the morning.
    Oh we appear to have the vernal equinox winds now, three days in and they are already getting annoying. 😕



    I thought it was very strange that I hadn’t seen that market, but if I walk, cycle or take the bus up Parc I always turn east at Bernard. It is farther north and about due west from chez Livia. I’m not terribly surprised as Orthodox people had opened food retail businesses in that “dead” zone and Home Bakery is a fixture in the area. When I was a little girl (decades ago), there was no mandatory allergy labelling and I had a very serious dairy allergy. Some Jewish friends/colleagues of my parents informed them that kosher food had to be labelled as meat, dairy or parve/pareve,

    The Fooderie Market
    6680 Parc Ave, Montreal,

    Note that there seems to be another Fooderie at the old Wilderton shopping centre which would be closer to chez toi. I don’t know whether they are the same business.



    Lagatta, no branch at Wilderton, this place just opened and sorta makes good sense as there is huge community in area plus lots of peeps who live ie close to my area but have cars and no prob travelling, some peeps buy loads of stuff at Cheskies. Plus some vegetarian/dairy-free peeps seek out kosher food so there might be a small market there. Yeah, food has to be indicated/properly certified, as in any company can put a “K” on something and claim it’s kosher – not.

    So I’m doing a bunch of things as gangsta song goes “at the same d**n time.”

    As in ordered a pr of on-sale navy faux suede booties on phone as my ‘puter won’t let me access some sort of enhanced CC verfication. The boots will be shipped to local (relatively) store and I have until furever to try-on/p/u. But waited an hour or so to get through to agent! Well I don’t have navy Fall/Winter boots (that’s my excuse.)

    Tomorrow I go and buy new ‘puter. Spoke with tech-expert and found out what cables I also need. In pm old/new ‘puters go to his office for transfer of old-new. And old stuff stays as is, he advised me to keep it for a month or so “just in case.” Wed early pm he comes over and connects prtr/sets up ISP. In purrfect world should be good to go. I will be ‘puter-less for a day or so. Oh dear! And might open Wed Café before I leave tomorrow pm so that my duties have been duly purrformed LOL.

    Think I might have mentioned gr8 pce of advice someone gave me. Although most things come with warranty, at some pt it ends. Most cc’s will add a yr/double warranty. Info generally comes with cc info or one can rsch or call them. Told this works for most things, ie toasters, micros, ‘puters! Yeah, there’s paperwork and you have to keep all related statements/receipts etc. but this someone ended up getting item for free when it was off warranty. Worth looking into.

    OK enough about me. N and I were amazed to see Dorry on top of almost at ceiling cupboard! For first time! We could actually see his mind configuring how to get down although for sure if he’d cried or gotten at all stressed I would have rescued him. Took him few moments and then he gingerly leapt onto lower bookcase and then onto floor. Kits are smart! 🙂 Wonder if it’s due to my following through on resolution to play interactive leaping game with him efurryday for a few mins. Hmmm … prob kit instinct.



    Last year Livia (new to me then) climbed all the way up to the roof of our triplexes. I was freaked out but she managed to get back down (she must have gone up a tall tree, but the branches are very small way up there). She hasn’t done that again since that incident.

    Muslim people also consume kosher food, as well as halal food obviously.

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