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    There are a myriad of stressors that one can encounter. Hopefully not too often. Whatever we can or can’t do about them, hopefully our kit(s) can provide a modicum of relief!



    Where would I be without stress? and coffee?

    I don’t have the crud. The TMJ in my left jaw is annoying but now it’s painful. Friday evening, my jaw would pop every time I opened my mouth. The whole left side of my face hurt all night and into Saturday. Someone told me about a massage that helps relax my jaw so I’m googling it.

    Have a happy~

    What’s more precious than extra jellybeans? Nothing!



    It has been one of those days today. I woke with the sneezles and snots and now both HRH and I are dangerous to be around when a sneeze arrives. I also have a cough that is sinking into my chest making my voice husky deep and sexy, well in my opinion anyway. HRH had a v-e-t visit this morning and had a steroid shot that will help with her sneezles and snots and her appetite too hopefully as well as a long lasting antibiotic shot as her tongue looked a bit sore. Basically though she is at the palliative care stage of her life. He also said that she may as well have red meat, it”s either starve because she can’t have it or eat it and die happy. My thoughts too.
    She ate a saucer of yoghurt with crumbled cat treat on the top so that was a start.



    MS, hope that you fee better soon. Re HRH, as opposed to saying anything trite, which would be anything, well as you put it my thoughts too. You’ll do you best to keep her content, I know this.

    PG, good that you don’t have the crud. For my tight jaw, a night guard has been suggested more than once, but seeing as then i would not sleep at all with a gadget in my mouth and for other reasons, nixed that plan.

    Sidewalks froze over. Schools closed. Cars seem to be managing so I’ll put on my cleated boots and walk on the road.



    I managed to get my recycling outside the door and down the outdoor staircase, so I don’t intend to go anywhere today. I have both work and supplies at home. Would dearly like a third shot of espresso, but will be sensible and have some herbal tea instead.

    Livia, jarred by her freezing rain experience, is sleeping, of course.



    Well, I’m not stressed over it, but I had to light a fire in the woodburner this morning since it’s only in the 30’s and very windy. Anyone guess where all my cats are? 😆

    It must be the season for cats to not want to eat. Thumbalina is giving me fits, but she has always been strange at times and has a very sensitive stomach. She didn’t eat this morning when everyone else did, so I offered her something else which she turned her nose up at. Then at noon, she didn’t eat lunch either. She has been yakking clear stuff but I’m not sure if she has been eating cat grass again (I didn’t see any grass in the yak) or if she has something else going on. Too early to freak out, but I’ll have to keep an eye on her for sure because a cat going too long without eating is not good.

    MS, I agree with you on HRH, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t worried about her, but these decisions are darned hard to make and then to live with. Hope you start to feel better, and maybe a ‘VET’ visit is in order for you too!

    PG, your jaw problem sounds aggravating and worse yet if it’s painful! Do you see a doc for this or the dentist?



    I can’t seem to be anything BUT aware of my stress!!!!!

    One thing I got sorted out, I think/hope.

    It’s not at all bad outside, ‘cept for srs rain. Planned to have guy go with me to p/u replacement micro. Well, good on me that I called appliance store. Micro not there, sold or something. And the replacement deadline is supposedly up on Thurs.

    Guy I was dealing with at mfr no longer with the company. But I got someone who sounds efficient and is doing her darndest to get it sorted out.

    Then appt (2) on Wed. I need a coffee. I need one now. A strong one!



    Roman cats have been fighting stress for millennia:

    This mentions the famous gattara (catlady) Anna Magnani. plural gattare.

    The man we see at first is a gattaro (catgentleman?) plural gattari.

    There are fewer now, but don’t worry, they haven’t been killed. There is a lot of capture, sterilise and release, and adoption of stray Roman kittens.



    So…we made it thru part 1 day 1’s fun as Moanday…no stress for snow storm is finally over…just few flurries happening now!
    shoveling godzilla
    Hee hee…felt like shoveling monster with snow/sleet/ice we had Sunday into this AM…even walked to this place for n’hood street poor condition!
    I guess we could have used some extra shoveling help…
    Beatles w shovels
    OK, time for pm cuppa fave brew as wind down with the day’s fun at this place…
    coffee snow
    …back on the flip as tootsday…



    The usual stress here too, but hanging out with cats seems to take the edge off!
    Glad you don’t have the crud, PG, but ouchie on the TMJ.
    Oh no, MS, you’re snotty! Hope you feel better soon.
    Hope Thumbalina and HRH get their food issues sorted out.
    I see the snow has moved out of your ‘hood, JK. That T-rex meme cracks me up every time!
    Wild weather here in Jersey this morning – heavy flooding rain, thunder and high wind. Now it’s sunny and breezy.
    * * *
    I’m in trouble. Remembered late last night that yesterday was the date I set for Miss Leela’s b-day. Baby Leela is 10 years old!



    Happy Happy Purrday #10 to our darling diva Miss Leela!
    Miss Leela's purrday
    Luv – Jeankit with Luck, Scoot, Kiki and outdoor crew xoxo



    Yes, happy birthday, lovely lady!

    I’m horribly stressed and anxious, but my wee Livia is such a balm!



    Happy purrday to one kewel diva kit – Miss Leela!

    Kisses from KJ and paws up from Dorry!



    Would be nice to meet a gattaro! OK, quite a few decades younger than the gentleman in video. OK, guess I mean a suave and handsome Italian gent who loves kits! OK, one that can keep me in the style to which I’ve grown accustomed! 😉

    Lots of stray kits in Jerusalem’s old city too. My stylist’s wife (colourist) and son spent a lot of time feeding them on her last trip to Israel. Ad some time ago I came upon a site where one could “Adopt a cat from the Holy Land”. Get it sent to one’s own country. Interesting – but purrsonally I’d adopt from local shelters.



    Yes, I think there are cat colonies in many Med countries. Including Greece. I’m younger than that gattaro, but not so many decades. I’ve seen pictures of them in Jerusalem, in Greece, in Crete etc.

    I’m so happy that Livia and I adopted each other before this past winter. I doubt that the tiny thing would have survived the Siberian – or Albertan – cold.

    I love Anna Magnani…



    Good morning all, HRH dined on her favourite steak and kidney lastnight and this morning and followed up with yoghurt and crumbled cat treats on top. Yay. We have a warm day – 23C- and she has headed off outside to curl up somewhere. As for me I sound like a bullfrog and have a terrible chesty cough and the obligatory two S’s nose. Snotty & sneezey. My brain is foggy too today.
    Goodness me it sounds like Winter has made a return for many of you, could be why we are having a warmer day here.
    PG, I had to look up TMJ, ouch ! sounds painful. I hope the massage help relieve the condition for you.
    KZ, healing energy for Thumbalina and that you find something to tempt her into eating very soon. It can be quite frustrating achieving that and the fridge ends up with all sorts of different cat foods open in it.
    As for a VET visit for me I will be fine for now as it’s just a nasty cold doing the rounds of the country. I am resting and eating properly and keeping myself well hydrated. Sadly I have had to postpone a dentist and physio appointment and I had been waiting over a month for the dentist and will have to wait that long again.
    KJ, I hope the store gets your microwave replacement sorted or they will have to deal with an annoyed KJ,
    Lagatta, lovely vid of the cats in Rome and the Gattara and Gattaro who look after them.
    JK, he he on the snow shoveling Beatles pic and the dino shoveler.



    Wonderful pics as always. Particularly love that demented black cat (but then, I love black cats) and ‘I’z smiling’.

    MS, that’s GREAT that HRH can enjoy her food and a little bit of sunshine.

    KZ, I’d be concerned about Thumbalina if she’s vomiting clear fluid and not eating and she doesn’t pick up again very soon. Bringing up hairballs, dinner, field crickets, grass etc. is normal cat, and I don’t worry unless it’s very frequently dinner. Clear fluid – I’ve had a few cats do that and it’s turned out to be more serious.

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