Monday 15-05-2017 – Honouring Police Officer's Memorial Day

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    Police officers know the risks that they face, and accept them. They deserve our utmost respect and appreciation – today … and everyday. Even though the kits don’t have the proper ‘tude!



    I love the fluffy Calico! What an expression.

    Police protect us, our property and limit civil disorder. Most of the police are helpful, respectful and polite. Too often I hear that the police are terrible and brutal. No! There are going to be bad people but please don’t lump them all together. *Off my soapbox*

    Another week, yea! Have a happy~

    feliços somnis (Catalan)



    Great topic today. I hate to think what things wold be like without them. Total respect for them and the amazing and dangerous job they do.

    Kitty has protective vest.

    Why we don’t have Police cats.

    PG, the tunnel police cat on the top looks just like HRH Shadz. A dappled black Tortie. The orange will be there somewhere.



    Ha! The tunnel police cracked me up! An HRH look alike you say, MS? Torties are so cool…such an interesting look. Emily is a dilute tortie, so a pastel version of HRH…but all the attitude of course!

    Eko and Emily are both out this morning. I have time to supervise for a bit….going pretty well.

    Older son is done with school and this is younger son’s last week. Older son is going to take a standardized test this week for his end of year assessment…Tues and Thurs morning. It will be his first standardized, fill in the bubble type test. I’m sure he’ll do fine. Figured it was time to expose him to that since college entrance exams will be here before we know it.



    Good morning – “dog started it” Yep.
    That kitty getting out of the harness reminds me of how Leela pulls her Houdini act. The harness is actually way too big, whereas Comet barely fits into it.
    Good luck to son with the test – not that he needs luck! Fill in the bubble tests are sort of a right of passage; I always thought they were kind of fun.
    It’s a windy day here in Jersey. Jroc is headed here for a visit from the Midwest, probably getting a good tailwind push from the northwest. Shenanigans this week for sure!



    Paw up – already Monday’s furry fun with PM waves:
    orangie trooper cat
    Gotta Luv those orangies!
    cop coffee to go
    😉 Coffee time with a cop!

    BTW feral crew were around this weekend! Orangie Oj let me pat his li’l head…Kiki let me pick her up for less than a minute plus MIA Otta was around too…yay!
    Wishing all a better than expected MOanday…later! Oops, smooch for Tux too!



    I also have great respect for law enforcement and the dangerous jobs they do.

    Oh JJ, a week of shenanigans…please keep us posted on what you get up to!! The weather is supposed to be wonderful this week, and Mr. KZ has started to plant beans since the ground is finally dry enough to get them in without sinking the tractor in the mud. I sure am glad…farmers are not fun to be around when they need to be doing what farmers do in the spring and fall and the weather doesn’t cooperate! 😳

    So excited about this coming Saturday. Youngest dau (Avery’s mom) got me a mani and pedi to be done with her too at this salon/spa!! So fun to do it together–woo hooooo!!!! My feet will finally get the respect they deserve! I have a new pair of sandals to celebrate too! 😉



    I’m sure your son will ace the test. It is odd going to bubble tests from standard tests. It’s good that two out of three kits are getting along.

    We just can’t figure out what the weather is going to do. They’re threatening snow in Colorado on Friday. Yep you read that right… 😮

    Oh, your mani-pedi sounds like so much fun. I never did fun stuff with my mom. *sigh* Mr. KZ will be left to himself and his crops too.

    Poor Miss Gaea-I was walking into the bedroom and she stopped. I had laundry in my hands and didn’t see her and stepped on her paw. pobre bebé



    How fun KZ – purrhaps your mani-pedi will guarantee sandal weather. i have a new pr of sandals too, with 5″ wedge heels!

    Speaking of which, I just did a relatively quick vol translation. Did my nail polish first, I find it’s the best way to ensure that the polish dries propurrly, while I am tippy-typing.

    PG, I’ve inadvertently stepped on Dorry’s paw or tail. The yowl he lets out. And I feel like total c**p and in effect beg his forgiveness.

    I’ve had 3 run-ins with the police due to my predilection for jaywalking. has cost me $$$! The first time I thought that I could pay the officer then and there. Wrong! He explained that offering a police purrson cash on the street looks like bribery and is a very bad plan, one must pay the ticket at the bank. So now I know.

    N is here and I must get busy hanging all my warm weather shirts as just washed. Did the T-shirts yest. Stressful appt tomorrow, being overly occupied might help some.



    Hi everyone! Just peeking in to say hi! it’s been a busy day for sure! JJ, have fun with Jrock! Shenanigans are the best! ….. Well, I still have a ways to go before I can wrap up today, have a great one all!



    Good afternoon(just) all. It’s a cold grey day here with rain on the way.
    ECB, our first cat as a married couple was a dilute Tortie, she was with us for 18 years and her name was Whitefoots(that’s not a spelling mistake but a slip of the tongue that became a name).
    Wow your boys are growing up so quickly EC, I am sure older son will do well too, he has had a great teacher. What is a fill in the bubble test?
    JJ, I thought of Leela when I saw the harness pic. Have heaps of fun with JRoc and all the shenanagins.
    JK, that is great that orange OJ is letting you so close and that Kiki let you pick her up. Major steps forward.
    😀 woohoo on the Mother-daughter mani pedi this coming weekend.
    Meegz is taking me to see an exhibition of Banksy artwork. I am really excited about that.
    PG, Miss Gaea knows it was an accident I am sure and it’s something we all have done at some time.
    KJ, the recidivist jaywalker. I know we aren’t allowed to jaywalk here but I’m not sure anyone has been taken to task by the police. Positive Vibes for your appt tomorrow.
    Waving to AV.
    HRH is in a pissy mood because an idiot neighbour is letting their puppies roam all over the neighbourhood and they keep scaring HRH.
    The day is not improving and seems to be getting darker and grayer.
    I pickled several jars of little onions this morning in an attempt to keep warm but all I got was stinging eyes and drippy nose. 🙁

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