Monday – 15/01/2018 – TDK Café Honours Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. was the chief spokesman for nonviolent activism in the civil rights movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law.





    Good morning! Happy MLK day.

    PG, I thought of you last night. I’ve shared before that we’re big college football fans, but don’t really watch NFL football. Well, the Jaguars being in the playoffs is a huge deal around here, so we have tuned in to the second half of the last two games. We were glad, of course, that they won yesterday. But it wasn’t long after the game that I realized, “Oh no, we just beat PG’s team.” Sorry, PG!

    I have a fun rescue story to share with you guys. My tough house client has three cats and she and her hubby are big cat people. A couple days before Christmas she kept hearing a faint meow-ish sound outside but couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. She asked her neighbor (also huge cat people…8 cats!) and they were hearing it too. Well on the 24th they finally realized it was a cat (kitten, actually) 80 feet up a tree! Tough client had to leave town so neighbor was left with the dilemma of how to get it down… Fire department? No, they don’t actually do that here. Humane society? No luck. Finally, she found a tree service company that sent the equipment and three men out on Christmas Eve day and rescued the kitten…free of charge!! Yay, awesome tree guys!

    Now tough client is fostering little Noel! I got to meet her on Wednesday…aww! She’s the cutest little brown tabby with a tiny little face and golden eyes…sweet as can be with client and her hubby but a little shy with me. Client’s hubby wants to keep her, but client isn’t sure about the responsibility of four cats. (Can’t blame her…it’s a lot). You might remember I helped client think of a way to find homes for the last kittens they fostered. Maybe I can be helpful again, but I’m sensing their heart isn’t really into finding her a new home right now. :).



    Thanks ECB. It’s been awhile since the Jags made the playoffs so it was well deserved, well played win.

    I’m glad the tree company came and rescued wee Noel. That was very nice of them. She’s little so they’ll keep her until she’s old enough to get a new home. I suspect the husband has already found her a home, though. 😉

    It’s sprinkling here. Last night the rain turned to ice on the roads so there are quite a few accidents.




    I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about MLK. He is an inspiration to me. What turbulent times we have lived in seeing his death along with those of President Kennedy and his brother Bobby. I remember all of it and the upheaval of that era.

    We are taking off so I can go with Avery’s mama to pick her up at preschool. Her first day and she was beaming and so excited. May it always be so for her.

    The weather here sucks, it’s snowing again–another 4 inches, then the winds are supposed to pick up to 25 mph. Whooppee! Gotta go ahead and do things in this nasty crap, it will all be melted soon and spring will be here. If I tell myself this, it doesn’t seem so bad.

    ECB, love your rescue story, seems like little Tabby has already found her forever home–you can tell them I have 5 cats inside. You gotta do, what you gotta do. 😉



    Morning all!

    Glad that in yest organization efforts I got my COA airbag out!

    ECB, wonderful story about those amazing tree guys!

    And PG, the cuddlebug story – that wee ball of floof in tht big guy’s arms – squeee!!!! Gr8 that such tiny kits have a way of making themselves heard – and rescued!

    The pics today are making me all weepy too – in a good if/only way!

    Headed out on what is supposedly cold day – getting tired of hearing this ’cause I’m headed on out anyway and dressing for it.



    G’monrning on Monday and MLK Day!
    Snowing here – 3 to 6″ lite fluffy stuff depending upon where situated – more lake areas – could be here 😉

    MLK jr Remembrance
    Special Remembrance of #MLKJR

    adding li’l furry purry fun to get thru MOanday’s ‘tude:
    knock knock cat fun

    OK, back to part 1 day 1s fun…later/hope



    Hi all – happy for you and the Jags, ECB, and sorry about the loss, PG. The games were good this weekend.

    It’s cold here in Jersey, and snow from the Midwest is expected tomorrow. I went down the mountain supposedly to mail a few things and buy a half-off calendar and wound up stopping to fill the gas tank, then a stop at the liquor store, a stop at the little food store, and the drug store, where I bought calendars among other things. It’s nice to have all of that along the strip at the bottom of the mountain, but all those errands at once really add up!



    I didn’t know that there were real mountains in NJ! Just think that you are lucky to find all you need on a short drive.

    I can get all those things at nearby Jean-Talon Market, as well as lots of fruits and veg, and cat food. No gas/petrol right at the market (I don’t drive, nor do I have to in this very urban area) but there is a Petro-Canada station very close by at the corner of St-Laurent and Jean-Talon, no more than a couple of minutes from the market), and there is very affordable underground parking there. I can get half-off calendars at Mondou, my Livia-food destination, and also at a magazine shop nearby.

    Friends in Italy made a poster “Cats against Apartheid” (I gatti contro l’apartheid) with their black cat and their white cat entwined.



    I have 2 very good shopping areas ie grocery/pharm/fruit store within easy walking distance. As I don’t drive I have always had to ensure that shopping/transport is nearby wherever I’ve moved. Also good to have wheely cart for when things get too heavy. Also have Le Mondou (sorta like Petsmart) like 5 mins away and can manage to p/u 2 bags of litter with said cart. Vet is also within easy walking distance for picking up Dorry’s nomz, though for his annual I take cab.



    I have walked to the vet’s with Livia in a carrier, but she is very small. Renzo, though never fat, was too heavy simply because he was a larger cat than tiny Livia. It is pointless for me to take a taxi because there is a bus directly from outside my house to the vet’s.

    Dr King was assassinated 50 years ago this year.

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