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    On August 14, 1945, the Japanese government surrendered. The following day the news was announced worldwide, sparking spontaneous celebrations over the final ending of World War II. Today we honour those who served and still serve their countries.



    Good morning – I bet cats helped lots of soldiers through WWII, as they do today.

    Didn’t feel like walking much this morning – did about a mile.

    Need to figure out what to do about the bees. What I didn’t mention the other day is that I had an allergic reaction to a bee sting several years ago. When I stirred them up the other day, I got stung, but didn’t have a reaction. I really shouldn’t take any more chances though!



    Adding my 2.5 cents share:

    In Honor & Remembrance:
    Today in History moves to café just for today:

    V-J Day 1945: The World Rejoices

    VJ Day 8-14-45
    Facts and Summary: Facts and Summary of V-J Day, also written VJ Day, stands for Victory Over Japan or Victory in Japan. V-J Day has sometimes been applied to August 14—the day Japan announced it would surrender unconditionally—but usually refers to August 15—the first day of a two-day celebration in 1945—or to September 2, the day the official instruments of surrender were signed in Tokyo Harbor. In Australia, August 16, 1945, was celebrated as Victory in the Pacific, or VP Day; today, VP Day is observed on August 15, the day Australians learned the Japanese had surrendered. In Korea, August 15 is known as Liberation Day or Independence Day or simply the Fifteenth of August because it marked the end of Japanese control of that country, which had begun in 1910.
    #PeacePassItOn #NeverAgain

    Purry – Furry Peace 😀
    Purry Furry Peace
    peace on earth begins with all
    Peaceful Planet…begins with us…gets off soap box…later/hopeful…

    …almost time for lunch!



    Where is efurryone? OK I hope!

    JJ yes def figure out some way to avoid those bees! Much as I love honey, those buzzing creatures – not!:-o

    Tks JK for very moving and uplifting pics and article.

    Day sorta busy – weather purrfect! Came home from spin class with awesome instructor (well they all are in different ways!)

    Again proof that walking can be preferable to driving. In n’hood (lagatta once again corner Queen Mary/Decarie) there was a gas leak. Like a multitude of fire trucks, ambulance and police. Traffic totally blocked off and bumper to bumper situation, asp on the side streets. And I just breezed by in my usual way with a silent chuckle at those who give me “a look” when I tell them that I don’t drive! 😐

    Then Nadine came over and fixed bdrm blind so now it goes up/down with ease. It’s her b-day on Wed and as we’re close I felt comfortable asking her what she really wants. It’s a Starfrit Spiralizer (she’s big into everything from scratch cooking) so I ordered it online and it’s supposed to arrive on the day! Better than me having to come up with purrfect gift that she might not see as purrfect.

    In sorta negotiation for upcoming big project. The first bit I do as vol ’cause that’s the precedent I set. I generally ask for more than I expect to get as I find it easier to negotiate downwards. But org is decent, if work turns out to be bigger job they pay me more. i don’t love this part of paid work, but it’s part of my de facto freelancing and I very much like getting paid. 🙂

    So here’s a nice article/vid about Canada’s very own beaver!

    “Injured baby beaver makes friend at Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation
    A baby beaver found injured in Calgary in 2016 is on the road to recovery, and has even made a new friend.”

    Anyway need to keep some sort of calm /control this wk as next wk will be stressful as it’s a situation that is regular one of my calendar and nothing for it except to go through it. *Sigh*

    So come next Mon when I admit to basically being on verge of “losing it” well that’s why!



    Hi KJ, is a spirilizer one of those thingies that cut fruits, veggies, etc?

    Got some wasp/hornet spray today. It can be sprayed up to 27 feet away, but I’m still nervous. Thinking about paying someone to spray the nest and haul the straw away. I call them a$$hole bees because they’re not the happy, harmless bumblebee. Yellow jackets are the a$$holes in the bee family and give bees a bad rap. Not sure if wasps sting, but they’re a$$holes too!



    I seem to recall my Mother telling us about her dancing in the street when VJ was announced. Back then there were a lot of American soldiers here in NZ and they joined in with the locals to celebrate.

    VJ Day celebrations Wellington NZ 1945

    Good afternoon, it’s windy, cold and occasionally damp today.
    HRH has found herself the least breezy corner of the balcony to sit in.
    JJ, ouch ! I am glad you didn’t have a reaction to the sting this time. Check out your local Big box hardware store for something you can put into the nest to eliminate the yellow jackets. Do any treatment of the nest at night while well covered. Or get an expert in to sort the problem out. OK, wondering if they are bees or wasps or hornets.
    KJ, I had a spiralizer like the Starfrit but when it arrived it wasn’t the brand I had ordered and was so badly made the handle broke the first time I used it. Got my money back and bought a Chef’n spiraliser instead and have been happy with it. Just make sure the one you get N is the genuine article and she will love it.
    KJ, beautiful vid about the beavers. Awwwwwwwww
    JJ, a spiraliser cuts zucchini, carrots etc into long ribbons or sphagetti/noodles. I have had lots of fun with mine.
    Give the spray a go but if they are hidden amongst the straw or in the ground you might need a pro.



    MS, wonderful ladies celebrating end of war pic!

    Tks for explaining spiralizer better than kitchen-phobic KJ would have. I ordered from Walmart. Description/pic shows it as a “Starfrit” and thing has awesome reviews so I’d think it was the actual model. She anticipates making zucchini “pasta “.

    JJ, if you’re at all concerned, IMHO don’t risk it – get a pro. Yeah the yellow jackets are like the a$$hole skinny version of the fat bumbling bumble bees. (Skinny creatures seem to have an edge and can be nasty at times, at least based on my “charming” purrsonality.) 😉
    Hornets are for sure a$$holes, at our country shack I recall father smoking out a hornet’s nest – scary, esp when they escaped in a huge black cloud with a buzzing roar!



    Speaking on today’s theme, my father served in the Army and badly wanted to get sent overseas, but his clerical skills were needed here so he spent the war in New Brunswick.

    My ex’s father went overseas serving in the Engineering Corps. His mother also served overseas in the Nursing Corps. She spoke Yiddish which has some similarities to German and at one point was called in to interpret for a German POW. He said something quite derogatory re her being Jewish and the British office in charge smacked the POW but good! Well done IMO! On a much lighter note at a party attended by American soldiers the women wondered why none of them were asked to dance. Turns out that the nurses were referred to as Sister “So-and-so”, like the UK system and the American guys thought that the women were nuns and did not want to offend! Hope they cleared that one up. 🙂



    sorry i haven’t been in today. I’m furious and sickened by what happened in Charlotte that I don’t want to say anything.



    My parents both spent most of WW2 in the Far East – for them it didn’t finish until December 1946, when the troop ship collected some of the remaining forces from Burma and Singapore to bring them home.

    That was where they first met, on board the ship . . . and nine weeks later they were married! So the end of the war was the start of a whole new life for them.

    I suppose I would never have existed if the war hadn’t brought them together. I’m glad they survived it, and both travelled homewards on that same boat.



    PG, I totally understand your reaction re horror in Charlottesville. Every so often I am surprisingly surprised at the ugliness that some people exhibit.



    I am with you at being sickened by all the actions in Charlottesville.
    Hate and violence have no place in a civilised nation.
    CWS, wow that is a great story of how your parents met.



    My father had a medical exemption and both my parents were war workers in Ottawa, where they met. People in Eastern Canada weren’t as keenly aware of the war in Asia-Pacific as in New Zealand, Australia or even the US (because of how the latter entered the War), but there were certainly Canadian troops held in horrible conditions as prisoners of war, along with British and other Commonwealth troops. Of course there was far more immediate awareness in British Columbia on the west coast.

    Famous Yiddish saying about Yiddish being a “dialect” of German: “A dialect is a language without an army”. Having studied German, I can understand a lot of what Chassidic Jewish people in a neighbourhood just south of mine (Mile-End and Outremont) are saying in shops and on the street.

    Charlottesville had me both in tears and enraged about stupid bigotry and hatred. Nough said; not a political forum here… But I will mention Black Cat Appreciation day, coming up on the 17th, against another idiotic and murderous hatred and fear.



    They would never have met if the war hadn’t happened, MS. Dad was a Yorkshireman, while Mum was from Sussex – in those days that was a very long distance between them!

    To expand the story a little . . . Mum, on her first day afloat, was reading the onboard rules and regulations with a friend, when this unknown man came up and said to her “I bet you’d be sick if you went up the blunt end!” (The back end of the ship – apparently a bit bumpier.) Mum could never resist a challenge.

    Then, after daily letters and a couple of visits to meet each other’s families, Mum had a letter on Valentine’s Day, asking if she would like to get married – in a week’s time, 22nd Feb. She panicked at the thought of getting everything ready in so short a time, and went out to send a telegram suggesting they put it off until the 29th. But in the PO she changed her mind – and instead sent “Yes, please!”

    It was quite some time before she realised that there was no 29th of Feb in 1947 . . .

    P.S. Dad had already mentioned the idea to his MIL-to-be, and she was already making the cake!


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