Monday 13/11/2017 – Grrl Kitties' Delight at Sadie Hawkin's Day!

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    Love is in the air … or not! A Special Day originating from Al Capp’s “Lil Abner 1930’s β€œFunnies”. There’s a race. If a girl catches her man, he has to marry her. Purrily ever after …



    I LOVE the compromise pic! Kind of like our house–we have 5! πŸ˜† Mr. KZ might as well be quiet about cats….a rescuer has to rescue and if the bottle babies end up in the house, well…..!!

    The stove is feeling pretty good this foggy morning. 33* this morning, no wind to speak of, and I don’t feel like doing anything constructive right now. Avery is asleep on the sofa, while the cartoons are on low volume and I’m in TDK land. Precious moments.



    Oh, so if a guy can’t run fast he doesn’t stand a chance, I get it!

    Love the compromise. We didn’t have to compromise; hubby always knew with me came cats. Taz, Smokie, Shaddo, Jiggs, Leela, Comet, Mac, and of course, outdoor cats, past and present.

    It’s a grey, rainy morning here. It snowed earlier, but now it’s all rain. I didn’t even realize it was going to rain, and left a few things outside, oops. I wanted to walk early this morning, and though I like to walk in light rain, it gets a bit slippery on the hills of the roads and trails.

    I posted the apple butter recipe on the weekend thread.



    In case no one else noticed, it’s Monday. I’ve never done the marriage thang cause I walked to slow! πŸ˜†

    I’m going to the pool. Yea my Steelers! Sorry JJ πŸ™

    Cya and have a happy~



    Paw up waves…whatever you do just a reminder:

    wedding not a cat person lol

    Purry/furry fair warning!

    Hmm…need java – fast!
    cat on bun warmers

    Thanks kit πŸ˜‰
    back to work
    Hmm…eligible male kit…yoo hoo Scoot/Leela…any other girl kits… πŸ˜€
    OK, back to part 1 day 1’s fun!



    Happy Monday all! ….. Low 80s this week, so still warm, but not unbearable!

    Mr. AV and I have 32 happy years under our belts, and he too knew with me came cats …. he’s a convert now …. so is Dau’s hubby πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to a mellow week, then enough time off next week to comfortably get ready for the big Turkey dinner I’m hosting! I do so enjoy cooking and decorating for the holidays!

    Have a great day all!



    I’m more into the other day mentioned here, “World Kindness Day”, and while there are some powerful people in many corners of the world and many people who aren’t powerful but simply jerks to whom I don’t feel much kindness, I want to commend the efforts of those who show kindness to vulnerable creatures.

    A pet supply place nearby sells buttons “adoptez un chat errant” (adopt a stray cat). They have resident cats and at least one dog who welcome shoppers – until they find a forever home.



    Good afternoon all. Mr MS knew I was a cat person pretty quickly, in fact he helped us bury the family cat not far into our relationship. When we got married and I moved to the farm he had already found a pair of wild sister kittens for me to tame, and I mean pretty feral farm kits who were living under an implement shed. He definitely showed he was a keeper. Son in Law came with his own cat, one he rescued and ‘stole’ from an abusive flatmate and Airy actively seeks out places with cats when she is house sharing.

    Cake topper daughter Meegz had. πŸ˜‰



    MS, Meegz’ topper tops the cake, or takes the cake! πŸ˜‰

    Wow Lagatta haven’t seen those buttons at my n’hood Mondou. Is this a chain store?

    The “Objecting Kit” hehehe! At Jewish weddings they don’t ask the “if anyone objects …” thing. Well I objected, or rather ex-Mr. KJ did LOL. Was so happy to get out of that relatively short but onerous situation. πŸ™‚ Not ever going down that road again. In kit world we would have been more the “us” that the “other couples.” Hehehe!

    Busy day. Gym, then appt then home, then N came over for some chatting and hazeling. Near appt bldg there’s a mega liquidation home furnishings place where scored some pillow shams, body pillow cover and an awesome throw that enhances other throw on futon/couch. Kit-themed as in faux leopard grey/black/white. And soooo soft!

    A bit like this:

    Finishing knit dress assembly did not happen as yet. Volunteer proj to do but can wait ’til tomorrow/Wed. Plus tomorrow after gym plan to go to knit store for some awesome yarn at awesome price in awesome n’hood.



    No, not at Mondou. I’m just back from JTM Mondou branch. It is called Animal vert, and I think there are only 2 branches, one in Mile-End on Parc near Fairmount, and one in the southeastern Plateau.

    Is the liquidation place on Queen Mary? What I want is soft body pillow covers, for Livia.



    Lagatta here is the store. 2 stores, actually, family owned. You might want to call and ask if they have what you specifically want, I think that both stores open at 10 am. Or just check it out, I’d think that they have what you want. The one on CDN is larger. I’ve found some great stuff, including just about all my drapes!

    Mega Liquidation de Literie
    β€œA resource for discounted bedding, mattresses, towels, curtains, table linens & other home textiles.”
    5507 CΓ΄te-des-Neiges Rd (just below Edouard Montpetit)

    4032, rue Sainte-Catherine O (Across Alexis Nihon Plaza)



    Thanks! The CDN one is closer and more direct from chez moi, via the Blue mΓ©tro line. (I first moved to this neighbourhood when doing grad studies at UdM; at the time I was one minute from mΓ©tro Castelnau…). Livia LOVES the body pillow. Odd, the ads always show humans using those. They seem invented for cats.

    I was at Mondou and a young lady was buying a new litter box for her cat: he is a Sphinx. Gord he must be cold these days… she says he stays under the covers all day (and all night) these days. She’ll have to learn to knit cat pullovers.



    There’s a market for you KJ. You can make cat coat pullovers.



    Tks for thinking of me PG!

    But how much of a market would there be as most kits sport their purrsonal stunning fur coats? I’ve never actually seen a Sphynx Kit in the flesh (so to speak). πŸ˜‰



    Maybe you could sell them on Etsy. πŸ˜€

    Saw my head doctor and then got a pedicure. 6 weeks without a pedicure and now my feets are happy campers.

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