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    Jewel Day brings a bling-tastic opportunity to give or receive jewelry. It need not be expensive or elaborate. Just a simple, inexpensive piece of jewelry will do. But if anyone wants to go all out …

    And if you have precious jewels … be careful! 😉



    Crossover pic –



    The wee princess is squeeeee! I love that necklace, MS, maybe I can find one for myself.


    When I win the lottery I need to buy these jewels from Elizabeth Taylor’s collection:

    I have the chest to showcase this necklace (TMI?)

    I’m going to sleep. Cya l8R and have a happy~




    PG, that is some necklace. I too have the chest to showcase it too. 😮 😆
    Nighty night all
    harvest mouse



    Squeee on the sleeping kitty king and the wee harvest mouse – looks to be a bit of a gymnast too – or purrhaps he’s setting out for some cross-field skiing? 😉

    Never TMI ladies! I lack the chest for Liz’ bling, can only wear delicate pieces ere I look like I’m trying to play grown up. I do have a lot of jewellery of efurry ilk, some put together by myself. Plus I had my engagement/wedding ring transformed into a dainty necklace on a flat gold chain (the diamonds were wee.) I wear it from time to time. Works far better than the short-lived marriage. LOL

    Now this could work for me – and ONLY $20 million – what a bargain! 😉

    MS, just realized that “His Majesty” as pic 3 is moving!!! I hope it’s not just me imagining this! 😮

    Srsly cold out again today – and tomorrow we are slated for yet another gift from Mother Nature in the form of a snowstorm. I can hardly wait! 🙄

    “Prince” Dorry awaits his second breakfast, or rather the kibble part of his only breakfast. L8R.



    G’morn! Here’s my 2.5cents worth for today’s theme:
    snowman brooch
    Paw up waves to anyone still around/lurking! Yup, gem of a day if you’re
    a snowman around here! We finally are getting Feb weather this month 😉
    4-6″ today with more lake effect Tues…up to 12″ in my n’hood/maybe.
    So, walked to this place today…not terrible…but the drive in for co-worker took approx. hour longer 🙁
    Hey…it’s time for coffee to start todays fun!
    coffee snowman
    Enjoy your Moanday…later!



    Good morning – cats and gems certainly go hand in hand! I have a few blingy cat pins that are fun to wear.
    Today is the calm before the storm, a blizzard is on the way.



    Same weather expected in my n’hood JJ – I commiserate with you as trying to navigate in snow up to my a$$ not fun. Plus there’s a talk I’d like to attend tomorrow pm on “Home as Canvas” by int. decorator. Will have to see.



    Yes, this is quite a monster on the way so I’m sure it will reach you too, KJ. Nor’easters like to travel up the coast as it gathers snow from the Midwest U.S. and moisture from the Atlantic. About 2 feet expected up here in the mountains, so not going anywhere tomorrow and probably Wednesday. Getting set to run some errands today and I’m wearing the green, in case I don’t get out for the rest of the week (which would suit this homebody well). Wonder how many peeps will feel the need to remind me that today is not St. Paddy’s Day! Actually not wearing my shamrock earrings, but green gems (emeralds, of course – not!) in the 1st and 3rd hole, with (diamond – not!) snowflakes occupying middle hole, and my (diamond – not!) gem studded peace sign necklace.



    Psst…hey, it’ still snowing ’round these parts too…now saying maybe up to 18 incher…gaaah!
    snowman mooning
    Well, our February was an awesome dream as temporary reality 😀

    Change subject – ((Joan)), noticed on other thread about missing special kitteh Louie – know that we are all here for you sharing similar feelings on
    loss which brings to mind our furry/purrys now in the Meadow…Hang in there…blows smooch heavenward for Louie…mwah xo
    kitty be there for you
    OK, time for pm cuppa java…
    happy monday coffee
    🙂 Back on flip…later!



    JK – that butt-exposing snow person! 😳

    JJ, if someone has audacity to ask re jewellery or anything else “Is it real?” answer is “Yes.” Cause it’s real something, even if not diamonds. I have managed to find some terrif faux jewellery that peeps assume is “real” LOL.

    Well, good that I kept in touch with colleague with whom I worked for several yrs before he recently moved on from his “that place.” ‘Cause he’s now working for similar place and sked me to do some work, ostensibly on vol basis. Decided to ask for pay. And got it! He suggested way more than I would have asked, so yeah! And if he needs my help again a benchmark is set. Purrhaps I’ll eventually be able to afford that so pretty 20 million dollar necklace – right! My b-day is in Oct if any of you are interested -dream on KJ!

    Now with efurryone at gym in “Executive” Health Club, yes it is more crowded and some snooty peeps are throwing their ‘tude around and wanting a good b-slapping! It took some of us and eventually supervisor to explain to someone that when our former locker room reno is done, we’ll all be relocated while Health Club gets reno. She was so not happy! Truly I feel for her and her first world prob. As we said l8r when these snooty peeps find themselves in our “hood” well … 😎 😈 😉



    Happy Monday all! …. a busy day, but productive …. close on my brother’s house tomorrow, yay! ….. a slight cold front came through today, bringing a day of sprinkling (nothing heavy), and temps in the 70s for the next few days …. Dau said Stella is headed her way, both her and her husband’s job closed down for tomorrow …. they are hunkering down, Dude is over the moon happy to have his peeps spend the day with him!

    It looks like Joan and JK will get it too, stay safe all who are in its way!!



    Yup, headed my way too, but nothing like what’s going on in JJ and JK’s neck of the woods! Whew! Temps will be really cold, but the snow has already started here. The wind is out of the northeast, so we will get our little mini Nor’easter!

    I’ll take any or all of that jewelry above!! I love ‘bling’, and it doesn’t matter if it’s diamonds or look-like diamonds, I’ll wear it.

    I don’t really feel like fixing supper, but I guess Mr. KZ will feel like eating. Guess I’ll go downstairs and scrounge around to see what I can throw together.



    Good morning all.
    KJ, I hadn’t even noticed that His Majesty pic moved and had to check it out. That’s what happens when I post late at night. 😳
    Bwahahahahaha on the cross field skiing, very apt.
    Despite the chest for carrying off large jewelry it doesn’t look right on me so I stick to slender delicate pieces too. ONLY $20m, a snip at half the price. Too ostentatious for my liking but beautiful none the less. Keep warm and cosy and upright if you have to go out in the miserable weather.
    JK, I think the snowman is very fitting considering the news of the nasty Winter storm that the NE US is getting. Very blingy too. LOL at the snowman doing a whakapohane(Whakapohane is the M?ori practice of baring one’s buttocks with the intent to offend.)
    Hi JJ, I noticed that your area is also under threat from the big storm, keep warm and I am sure you have made sure all the cat shelters are prepared. Yikes 2 feet of snow expected ! ! You do St Patrick’s Day whenever you want, I discovered in a quiz this morning that the day has not always been celebrated on March 17th. Your ears sound very pretty.
    KJ, it dos pay to keep in contact with former work colleagues, Mr MS rang one of his and they have come to a mutually beneficial agreement on the purchase and supply of materials. Beneficial for our clients too.
    Doing a quite yet evil sounding chuckle here about the snooty gym peeps for when they find themselves in your ‘hood’.

    😈 😈
    AV, yay on the slightly cooler temps and sprinkling. Big sigh of relief when brothers house closure is done with. Awwwww Dude wuvs his hoomins so much.
    Sunny day here, the cicada are singing and the sparrows have been cheeping around eating their seed and banana I put out for them. HRH is sitting nearby watching me. She is still a little nervous since the dog episode on Sunday and stays close to the house and me.



    KJ, I see on recent Activity you have posted but it’s not here when I looked for it.
    A bit early for the Ides of March to be having an effect isn’t it.
    😕 😐



    I am posting and posts then disappear – ahhhhh! Might alert KM. Note to self: copy/paste post on blank doc just in case.

    MS, gr8 that Mr. MS is benefitting from reconnecting with colleague. At times I’ve too badly burned bridges, thankfully not in this case.
    Tks for confirming that His Majesty is indeed moving – for a sec I thought that my mind had left its moorings!
    A term (unpronounceable) for baring one’s butt/ Hmmm …
    Evil chuckle for sure. Wondering if we should plan a “hazing.” Think not – we’re not (that) mean. Hehehe.
    Storm or not unless gym is abducted by aliens I plan on going. Actually snow drifts are more or less manageable, temps even rise some, it’s sheet ice that scares the c**p out of me. I just have to wear the well-treaded warm, way high boots and give myself more time. Drivers do less better than pedestrians in these situations.

    I would like to attend afternoon lecture as it’s home decor related, will have to see ’cause if it’s mega-storm might be cancelled.

    KZ, sounds like you’re back to your pre-surgery self – without the constant pain – yeah! So I guess it’s back to your reg chores as in dinner. I’m going to throw together a cheese omelet as over time I’m learning how to not burn it. *Sigh*



    Ah Ha ! There you are.
    I had a similar problem recently, I simply could not post.
    I notice that we haven’t had a new kitty for a couple of days too.
    What is happening KM?
    KZ, when did you sneak in to the Cafe. Ohhhhhhhhh snow for you too.
    I hate it when I don’t feel like cooking but I have to. Felt that way Sunday evening but knew I had to provide a good meal as Mr MS had been working all day. Mid afternoon Meegz invites us for dinner, venison stew with a sponge roll beautifully decorated for dessert. The sponge roll was similar to this – She saw it done on The Great British Bake Off TV programme and gave it a try. Very successful.
    The venison was from a hunting trip Mr MS and son in law did and it has provided for two families for some time.



    MS, I alerted KM offline and hope that he and tech kit Freddy can look into prob. It’s the middle of the night in his n’hood.

    As mentioned for near future I plan to save text offsite in case I have to repost, as I cannot always replicate my sheer brilliance. LOL – at myself! 😉



    I know what it is like to lose your brilliant post and not be able to replicate it. 🙄 🙄 😆
    Lunch time here so I will wander off to see what the fridge has in store for me.



    I’m glad someone else has lost a post. I was wondering if I hit send…Whew!

    It’s great you are able to get paid work from your former colleague. Alas I, too, burn my bridges way too fast.

    Mmmmm-Venison stew. I can’t remember the last time I had venison.

    Dude gets his purr parents for the whole day-how sweet. Please be careful TDKers who are in the storms’ path. I hope you stocked up JJ.

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