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    This day is set aside to logically review, and delete old files and programs. ‘Puter probs? The Staff and Agency kits are most willing to “help!”



    Good morning all! Well, I’m not going to even try and clean out my computer, just sayin’! I wouldn’t know where to start and the sound of it scares me.

    Beautiful sunny day here, chilly but it’s just fine. Quite a nice week coming up with temps in the 40’s and 50’s, is this just the strangest winter yet? I’ll take it as every day gets me closer to spring without significant snowfall.

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!!



    OMG such funny pics! Who would have thought cats and computers would go so well together? I try to keep my ‘puter organized, but it’s got plenty of files I can probably delete as no longer applicable.
    I venture a guess that KM’s Freddy is in the cafΓ© today, lending his ace computer skills.
    It’s a super windy day here in Jersey. Sun and clouds and light snow too. The outdoor kitties are out and about a bit more today. It’s so cool to watch black cats playing in the snow. However, one has to watch out for falling ice from the trees today.



    I deleted lots of old e-mails, including the “promotions”. It is in a cloud, so it isn’t a storage problem, just a matter of making important ones easier to find. I don’t know how to organise the e-mails (on gmail) into files; will have to ask someone, as there are some major work projects.

    I couldn’t do all of that in one day – I think one day might be used to make a plan and do some work, but it is a major undertaking and requires far more work than that.

    Cats have always liked to be on people’s work – I’m sure that Egyptian cats got in the way of scribes writing hieroglyphics and perhaps some of the marks on Sumerian clay tablets were made by their pussycats… Some of you must be aware of the many paintings of Saint Jerome (translating the Bible into Latin, with a Divine Help Desk, while his faithful lion basks in a ray of sunshine) but I find it hard to believe that his very LARGE tomcat just sits there while he is working… Feed me, Jerry! Play with me! Look at the deer I’ve dragged in for supper!



    hi guys πŸ™‚

    lol talk about computers! I had my first day at work today…my god the amount computer imputing but it’s pretty straight forward .. I got to pet some cats in the cattery and cuddle a massive Great Dane an another injured bird of prey was brought in again.. it’s gonna take a long time but I’ll get there I’ll figure it all out .



    Paw up – kudos to you Buttons – yes, you can & will do it πŸ˜€

    It’s a beautiful day today +39 sunny with blue sky – haven’t had one of these
    in ages – nice b’day treat as pretty li’l walk!
    trees blue sky



    Should I ever go the route of upgrading my OS, I might just call upon Freddy to sort out my software – which will no longer be compatible. That’s the deal breaker, point in time. πŸ˜‰

    Buttons, you do realize that there is a learning curve in a new job. And that they don’t expect you to be purrfect from the outset. But so neat that you get to interact with two and four-legged beings! I panicked when I started each of my my various jobs. Gave it a bit of time and wondered what I’d worried about.

    Lagatta, this would be the Vulgate version, by Saint Jerome? I’m not up on my saints LOL, but neat to know that he is associated with a feline.



    Happy Monday all! ….yay on the new job Buttons! You’ll be the best they they’ve hired, I just know it!

    I took keep most of my data/large files in the cloud, so storage isn’t a problem for me either ….

    I do have a lot of files that I also back up on a thumb drive – just don’t want them accessible by anyone but me or Mr. AV ….

    Had a nice productive day today, the calming treats seem to be helping Luna, and Abby and Caddy are in their normal routines/napping rituals …. have a happy all!



    Hi efurryone,

    Love the Basement cat regrets! This is a screwy winter indeed, KZ. We had warm weather last week with 2 days in the the 70s/21c. Now there are buds on the trees and some of Tulips are coming up. What’s next? A freeze that long and cold enough to kill all those Springy stuff.

    I usually clean my files 2 times a month before I save them to the cloud. With all my music and photos, I almost ran out of space of 5GB cloud space. I learned how to clean my cloud and now I’m OK.

    Yea on the job Buttons. You’re doing fine so give yourself a break. 😎

    I’m glad your kits are relaxed AV. When is Son coming for Lu? This gives you a good reason to fly out west! πŸ˜‰

    I got back from swimming and will work on my Coursera class in International Law. I’m liking these courses.

    Miss Gaea doesn’t seem 100%. I’m not sure what’s up so off to the vet. She has soft poop with a bit of blood. This has happened in the past but rarely. She’s been sneezing a lot and seems to have a sensitive left shoulder. She and LilBit play rough so that could have something to do with it. It could be nothing but I want to know for sure. *sigh* My poor big baby girl.



    oh poor miss Gaea .. hope she feels better soon πŸ™‚

    thanks for the support guys.. I suppose I’m not being realistic thinking I have to know what in doing straight away.. I felt so stupid today at one stage bough as they asked me to make up a spread sheet which I did but it was a new excel programme I’d never used and I couldn’t figure out how to line the coloums .. I felt a bit stupid but they didn’t mind they said they hardly used excel anyway .. I just have to give myself a break the calmer I am the more info will soak in πŸ™‚ hope everyone ha a good Monday and are planning nice things for Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚



    Crossover pic –

    Good morning all, we have overcast but muggy weather without a breath of wind. Might rain but then again it might not. I am becoming used to brown grass and gardens with little oasis of green where I have watered important food plants. HRH is eating better, yay.
    Buttons great to read that you got the job. They certainly chose the best person. Birds of prey ! Wow ! You’ll settle in and feel comfortable very soon I am sure.
    PG, gentle hugs for Miss Gaea.



    PG, good that you are taking Miss Gaea to vet straightaway. Prayers that nothing is amiss. Please let us know.

    Think that my “mynd” is already “bloin.” πŸ˜‰

    Well synchronicity or what? Indeed I could have used Freddy’s help just a short while back. Rec’d doc and it was blank! Sent colleague panic msg. Then I somehow figured out how to transpose text into the software format that I use. Phew!

    Fun crossover pic MS! It might be urban myth but allegedly there have been purrsonal “things” that peeps have attempted to photocopy hehehe. I’ll leave this to your imagination. πŸ˜‰

    Guess this means that I’ll have to add work to other plans for tomorrow p.m. as in N’s coming over for Hazeling/chillin’ including giving her a knitting lesson so she can make a scarf. Actually the latter feels more like a priority, but I feel confident that it will all happen.



    Power has been off and on a few times today, glad to see the winds diminish.
    Great to hear the calming treats are helping Lu. Hope Miss Gaea feels better soon.
    “Go get mom’s credit card.” Heh



    Yes, the Vulgate. I’m not particularly up on Saints except for Francis and Clare, as I studied in Umbria), but St-Jerome’s Day is International Translators’ Day, and we love the fact that he has a very IMPOSING feline friend.

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