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    Celebrate this Special Day by planting or transplanting pants of every ilk. Indoors, or weather purrmitting, outdoors. With or without the help of your kits!



    The weather has been really nice. My tulips and daffies are coming up but I’m not planting anything else. I can’t have plants indoors. Miss Moppet either chews off the leaves or digs up the dirt.

    I’m going to look at a couple more places; wish me luck.

    Have a happy~



    PG, hope that your search has purrfect result!

    And sorry all re the myriad Cafés! Had trouble posting. Must be due to the time change – or not! 😉



    Phew ! We have steady rain but the forecast gales have not arrived but stayed out at sea. What a relief although now apparently there is yet another tropical cyclone forming up in the islands. Sigh.
    Good luck PG on your search, may you find a place that ticks all the boxes.
    KJ, there was only one post to delete that I could find.
    Oh, HRH Shadz is sprawled out on her Daddies lap sound asleep as is he. At least she keeps her mouth closed while sleeping. 😆 She has decided that it is better weather inside than out and there are treats and meat on offer all night.



    Hmm, fun theme but no flowers here yet, upper 30s today/grey…Monday again…good morning with purrrz!

    Found correct café – think it was the kittehs hanging out by the door that helped!
    cats by door
    Café kits are baking bread today…fresh bread soon!
    In the mean time they’re posing as Kitteh Loaves!
    kitty loaf
    Hee hee…Kiki wanna be hiding out by the fresh bread!
    (BTW she was around this AM – waiting patiently by door) wouldn’t come in – ran to the back yard when tried to pick her up…sigh, maybe by next Fall she’ll be an indoor cat!
    ktteh loaf
    Ok…time for fave cuppa brew…back to part 1 day #1s fun…later/hope..



    Good morning – I’d love to plant a flower today but there’s too much snow. Can’t have indoor plants either because Comet eats them.

    Hope you see some purdy places, PG. MS, great news that the gale winds didn’t hit by you. Hopefully the next storm will miss as well.

    Hoping Kiki starts to see the comforts of inside soon, JK.

    Today started out with a gorgeous sunrise and lots of blue sky, but now it’s cloudy. Nor’easter #3 is headed this way later tonight and tomorrow. It looks like it won’t be as bad where I am, unless it makes a last minute left turn. Many people are still without power (not us though), so any storm is just added insult.



    JJ and MS can’t get a break from Mother Nature. What did you do to make her so angry?

    Paws crossed that Kiki sees the benefits of indoor living soon.



    Oyy…don’t need another storm Joan!
    We’ve been lucky last couple weeks…this AM just little dusting…
    Friend said they still have lots on ground Up North…reason why I don’t head up there until at least May!!

    We are testing out a new sample chair today…Ergo Dynamic…
    ergo dynamic chair
    similar to this but deal $$…universal Yay from 4 of us!



    I like that task chair – it isn’t overstuffed; good lower back support as well.

    I also love this wee stuffed cat from IKEA: A handycat stuffy. I’d give it a female name though (named for a friend who is much handier than I am).

    Lilleput is a more classic stuffed cat: both are not expensive, as you can see.

    Livia bothers only one of my plants, one that has long thin leaves that look like grass, so it has been put out of her reach. She just sits among the other ones. While planting outdoors is a long way off here, with the change in the light I’ve rooted some babies from my jade tree and my ancient sansevieria. Both are over 20; I had the sanseviera before Renzo and the jade plant when he was a kitten.



    Thanks for your in-put Lagatta.
    Yup, it’s a go with 6 of us getting new chairs – about time for most of old ones are not supportive and wearing out.
    One of bosses is getting big ars leather one IMHO why kill an animal for your Ars…but kept opinion to my self! 🙁

    Well here’s addy to earlier loaf cat:
    Plant Loaf cat
    Planted Loaf Orangie 😀

    Ok, back to part 2’s fun…back on flip!



    I do have houseplants…but nothing toxic. The only one that’s bothered regularly is a fern with tiny leaves…I forget the name…and can’t wait to get it outside. I need to hang it in a pot this summer and that will keep them from eating the fronds.

    It’s still too cold here to dig in the dirt, but my tall grasses finally got their annual hair cut. I have iris leaves out of the ground about 6 inches, and some other hardy plants showing some signs of green. The potted pond plant that I can see is still lying dormant in the water. The water needs to warm up before it shows any sign of green life. The fish will be so glad and it’s nice to see their smiling faces again! So far all are accounted for. Too cold for froggies to wake up yet.



    Happy Monday all! JK, I have that exact chair and I love it! Mine has an additional head rest that extends up, so that I can actually lean my head back and have it supported while I type. Very comfortable!

    It never gets cold enough long enough for my pond to freeze, but I can imagine your spring is cool seeing the fishies and froggies wake up …. I hope all ya’ll that are having such bad weather see it come to an end soon! …. we’re supposed to get a slightly cooler front come in toward the end of this week, but I don’t think it will be major!

    Well, back to work for me, must finish my Monday, just popped in to say ‘hi’



    Jeankit, about the only leather thing I’ll buy is shoes; it isn’t always possible to get synthetic shoes that “work” for arthritic feet. I don’t have many shoes, buy expensive ones (on sale if possible) and keep them for a long time, having them re-heeled and re-soled. Nowadays, it is much more possible than before to buy fabric shoes for the warmer seasons that are comfy and either have or accept supportive insoles. I’m wearing an old pair of those working at home now. My shoulder bags are “healthy back bag”, Bagallinis, Ameribags or something similar – made of fabric, but with a plain, professional look.

    I guess it is a prestige thing, like animal skins and furs for the chief of the tribe… aka conspicuous consumption.

    Our co-op is made up of two sixplexes and one fiveplex, typical Montréal buildings with spiral staircases, about 100 years old (early 20th century). There was not much in the way of yards or gardens behind (or in front of) working-class houses here, or even some more upscale ones such as in nearby Outremont or Lower Westmount farther west. What yards there were existed for sheds as many storeys high as the flats, which were used for storing coal or oil tanks. These were a terrible fire hazard, and there was a big push to demolish them and convert to hydroelectricity. Owners even got a significant subsidy for this. This left small, shallow yards that were sometimes as pretty as English gardens if the occupants tended them. So our garden is the width of the four buildings but not very long. It is also relatively shady.

    We are happy to have it though and Livia loves it, especially the tall tree.



    Woo Hoo…Av has positive feed back on similar chair. Yes, saw head rest on google…no, boss won’t pop for that version!

    Thanks Lagatta for share.
    Yes, agree – Vegan footwear is available but not everywhere. Yes, there are more options now – however some stores will not carry due to leather’s popularity. My shoe place carries smidge of vegan options…finally. Ameribags, Bagallinis are also part of their inventory…progress/slow but sure! I do NOT voice my opinion due to part-time employment…sigh, don’t rock the boat for it’s still a job! I am always pleased when meet fellow veggie friendly customer and animal lover…have seen many pics of furry children from clients 😀
    Ok, almost end of day…later as Tuesday!



    MS, please send a little of your rain eastwards! Nothing to speak of here since mid Jan and things are starting to look parched.

    Great pics in today’s cafe, but my biggest laugh was for that tiny speckled grey tum with the X marking the tickle spot.



    Yeah JK, most bosses seem to feel that their a**es are “special” and thus need an appropriate big-a** chair. The one in pic looks quite ergonomic, but a bit harsh on back. In any case I need cushioning on all my chairs, my office one has a special gel filled one. My purrson lacks padding so I have to add it to furniture! 😉

    Most of my bags are not genuine leather, but excellent knock-offs of the genuine expensive brands.

    No green thumb here, but I do have a nice selection of quite realistic silky floral/plant arrangements. All the colour without having to look after them. 🙂



    Jeankit, the situation has much improved and I didn’t even buy leather sandals last spring/summer, and found non-animal-product shoes and sandals that were very comfy. However a lot of the “vegan” footwear (that looks like leather) doesn’t stretch – and sort of “shrink” again to adapt for arthritics. Yes, the situation is better and there are now professional-looking bags that aren’t leather. I think consciousness about animal welfare – and plant welfare for that matter – has greatly increased and is not only a “hippie” concern.

    But while I eat little meat, and no red meat (by far the worst in terms of carbon imprint) I do eat some fish and sometimes poultry, because I can’t always digest legumes well. A few decades ago I went fully veggie and put on weight. Although I always eat vegetables I think I was eating too much pasta.

    This week a shop I frequent has a discount on tempeh, a fermented soya food from Indonesia and Malaysia that I got to know and love when in Amsterdam. I have no trouble digesting that.

    The producer of this tempeh is VERY close to my house. They are just south of a railway underpass which has become very friendly and safe for pedestrians and cyclists, which is such a boon!



    Nice chair, JK. I’m glad your boss decided to get you new chairs. Is it so you can work more efficiently? I often “share” my opinion and, much to my surprise, no one cared. Hrumph!

    Those are cute stuffies, Lagatta. I’m partial to Care Bears and Teletubbies, though.

    Since my knee surgery, I’ve had to replace my shoes. This is where I get my shoes. They have a common sense return policy and great customer service.

    Purrhaps, I should get silk plants.

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