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    Every day – except today – just leave your sheets and bedding in a crumpled pile, pouring over the side onto the floor. But remember that once you’ve made your bed, you must lie in it!



    Having been in the Navy, I always made my bed. It’s taken me 20 years to leave the bed unmade ( 😮 ) and that was for almost a whole day.

    The doggie got the heater and having been accepted by the blankets. 😆

    Cya and have a happy~



    PG, LOL “ALMOST a whole day” ! ! 😆
    Some habits are very difficult to break.

    Perfect theme for today as I have been chatting with KK who this morning retreated to bed with a cold – and two kittens. She just messaged me that she has finally arisen to bring in yesterdays washing and that the kittens are still in bed. I did point out that she was setting a bad example for the kittens.
    This was the gist of her reply.



    PG, I was not in the Navy, but the very notion of an unmade bed does not sit well with me! Love the noir trio testing the hotel bed. Anyone recall those beds where one could insert quarter into gizmo and bed would vibrate? 😉

    MS, the “bed-making level” pic makes me shudder!!! I like when efurrything is in its place. Only on Caturday do I leave bed unmade and even so it’s neat. Poor KK being under the weather but she has the TLC of her kitties.

    Here, summer seems to be giving one of it’s final kicks. Supposed to go up to 30 degrees with humidity factored in. Sandals came back out!

    2 projects to work on, one is quick the other relatively so. Off to gym for DIY spin class as sub teacher does not meet my rigorous standards, mostly in terms of her music being way boring.




    Sorry about KK having a cold, I hope she feels better soon. Nothing is better than kittah TLC, though. Checkmate!

    What in the world made you think of vibrating beds, KJ?



    Well, I would make my bed, but Avery is in it at the moment! The covers all pulled up neatly though, and she hardly makes a bump in the bed… 😆 Usually, there are cats on it too but they are downstairs at the moment and for what reason, I have no idea!



    Hi all – Nothing good ever comes from this look. It’s true too!

    Hope KK feels better soon, MS. Nice that she has Ringo and the new babies to make her smile.

    I have to make the bed every day. Sometimes it’s messy because making the bed with cats on it is a challenge.

    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey! A few TDKrs have checked in – waiting on a few more. I haven’t heard from anyone offline – if I do I’ll keep you in the loop.



    Checking in ….. I make my bed, even in a hurricane … we survived, no major damage luckily, lots of tree branches down, still having wind and rain, but we’re all good! Even have power! Working on clean up today, have a great one, all!



    Yea AV! I’m so glad efurryone is good. Now the hard stuff begins…



    Paw up waves…back from Up North!
    Happy you are ok Av…better days ahead for all in FL & TX !
    Yes, found out my relatives in Lakewood Ranch FL survived
    and are safe! Yay!

    Busy here as first day of fun/again at this place…later!

    Wanted to Add Purry/Furry Good News:

    A small piece of good news: The 54 cats that live at Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West are just fine
    Hemingway cats survive Irma



    Glad to hear you are OK AV! I was thinking about you on Saturday – my hiking group stopped at the Botanical Gardens for lunch and happened upon a Koi show (like a cat show but for fish!) I am going to try and link some pictures some of these fish were close to 3 feet long!



    TM, those are really pretty fish! I looked them up and am happy to see that the ones raised for botanical gardens are not safe to eat. But who would want to? I’d better not try to answer that one. *Sigh*

    Tks for update JK, so glad to hear that Hemmingway’s polydactyl purries are safe, as Key West seemed to be in the thick of the deluge!

    PG, before you let your imagination run rampant, those vibrating motel beds were “the boss” back when I was a kid on our srsly rare family vacas. Nothing the least bit seedy about them (although now I can imagine some scenarios.) Nowadays I bet you’d find them in the sort of place where peeps take a room for an hour under the name of “John Smith” or the like. I think you get my drift. 😉

    Another proactive early pm. I’d bought some eyebrow makeup and it did not work for me. Chain pharma clerk had told me that even if opened and tried it was returnable. Mgr said 100% not and clerk will be told this. No biggie, but he sugg I call mfr. Which I did and am getting a coupon worth more than initial cost. Plus I can find some use for makeup as it’s a chalk powder that mixes well into my lighter eyebrow powder.

    Did the same thing as someone suggested that I contact mfr re a pudding that had gone off after only a few days. Wasn’t going to bother as I’d thrown it out, but no matter. Mfr was glad to hear of my experience and as thanks are sending me replacement coupon.

    I maintain that it never hurts to try.

    Break is now over. Just did an editing job – absolutely love reworking someone else’s English text, esp when I get paid even a small amount. Works well in tandem with my appreciation of power and control LOL. Now back to translation for a bit before Dorry reminds me of the importance of noms (for him that is!)




    PG, what an awesomely nice story with such a purry ending. That foliage is way huge – hard to even see the wee ginger kit!

    Now I’m not writing a thesis on the subject, but anyone notice how many of us, after saying a farewell our kit(s) say “Never again” (myself among them) and shortly or not-so-shortly after bring another purry into our homes and hearts? Can’t keep a kit-lover down! 🙂



    Hi guys. I’ve had trouble with internet on my phone and texting…definitely no internet in the house. No power either. But we’re all safe. No trees down, but branches and leaves cover the roof and yard. We’ve already made a huge pile of cleaned up mess by the street and lots more to go. This time we were ready with little propane tanks for our camp stove so we’re able to warm canned food and percolate coffee… yay!

    Glad to see AV made it through the storm too!

    My newsfeed on Facebook has Floridians all over the state and it’s so crazy to see how many were affected by that huge nasty Irma.



    Glad to hear from you ECB. It’s good you didn’t have damage to your home. How did the kits do? Without coffee, wait what am I saying, I don’t do no coffee! 😆

    I know the feeling KJ. No matter what I say, I gotta be owned by kits. 😯



    Whew AV and ECB, I have seen video and pics of Tampa and Jacksonville and my eyes almost popped out of my head…I was so worried that you were all suffering from the storm surge…AV with all the reno to your house and ECB with your new house and renovated kitchen! GAAAHHH!! So glad it’s over and the clean up can begin. Many peeps from up here ready and have already left to help in any way they can. So glad you are all safe!



    Good afternoon all. It’s so good to hear from AV and ECB. The pic I have seen of Tampa and other parts of Florida certainly were scary, especially that raring howling wind. I guess that is a sound that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Glad you are both all ok and no damage to your houses.
    PG, awwwwwwwwwwww beautiful story about the kit in a tree and it’s companion up the tree. So heartwarming.
    KJ, you are correct in your observation about the ‘never again’ or ‘not just yet’ as far as getting another cat. It doesn’t take much to put a bandaid on a cat lovers broken heart, especially if it’s furry and needs help.
    KK is feeling much better today thanks.
    TM, what colourful fish.
    LOL at the vibrating bed. We’ve never had them in NZ and I’ve only heard of them with dodgy connotations via TV and film. 😮 😳
    We have a mostly fine day, a good chance to get washing done after several wet day. Got all Mr MS’s work clothes on the line and went to see Mum and a visiting Aunt,Uncle and cousin and wouldn’t you know it but it rained. 😡 Luckily it didn’t last long and the wind is whippy enough that it is all dry and inside. HRH was spotted in the garden asleep atop a wool bale full of compost in a sunny sheltered corner.

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