Monday 11-06-2018 – The Season's Right for National Corn on the Cob Day

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    Dating back to 9,000 BCE, sweet corn originated in Mexico. Millions of people love sweet corn on the cob. Including, it would seem, kitties!

    Don’t know about corn, but …



    Hi MS,
    Wretched that you’ve come down with the flu and through no fault of your own! Feel better soon!



    A little news – Me on the 2nd May 2018 in the Baby Day Cafe- “Ahhhh babies, how I would love grandchildren but I’m still waiting.
    Que sera, sera.”
    Me on Mothers Day Cafe 13th May 2018 – “We were treated to breakfast cooked by Meegz and SIL and ate it while watching β€˜My Cat from Hell’. They brought me a beautiful wooden jewelery box that is a puzzle back from Hawaii for my Mother’s Day present.”
    Now I can add that inside the puzzle wooden jewelery box were a pair of handmade dog tags that read ” Token redeemable December 2018, valid for one Grandchild.
    😯 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ 😎



    Concats on the upcoming grandchild MS! That is very exciting news.



    Moonshadow, lovely! The only “grandchildren” I ever had was when my late Nadja had three kittens. Lovely minions of darkness, like her (yes, I seem to always have black cats). We weren’t as quick to have cats sterilised 30 years ago.

    I’m sad that a neighbour’s beautiful black tomcat has died. The vet said clumping cat litter contains mortar… but his human is also a cigarette smoker. Who knows. I’m sad; I sat him and the two female cats (none are related) while his human was travelling.

    Nowhere near sweet corn season around here… In Mayan mythology, the first humans were made of maize … in a sense they were as that was and remains the staff of life in Central America and southern Mexico.



    Wonderful MS!

    As we say in Hebrew: b’sha’ah tovah.
    Literally “at a good hour.” All in good time. Good luck. Response to a pregnancy announcement – meaning may all go well. :mrgreen:

    Lagatta sorry for passing of tomcat.

    As for the first hoomins being made of maize. Well I know of some hoomins who are not as intelligent as maize! Amaizing! πŸ˜‰



    Hey…Ai lubs corms on the cob too! πŸ˜†

    MS!! CONGRATULATIONS! I know you must be over the moon excited over the thought of a grandchild!! Anticipation makes it even more fun….the planning and excitement as you watch your daughter get ready to become a mother!! I am so happy for all of you.

    KJ, got on the site this morning easily, in fact easier than in the last few days. So glad.

    Lagatta, I’m sorry for the loss of black tomcat…poor guy.



    Moonshadow, and of course December will be end of spring/beginning of summer for you!



    Good morning – the wee kit with his nip crop is adorable!

    Congratulations on your grandma-to-be status, MS! What a clever reveal!

    So sorry for your loss of neighbor’s tomcat, Lagatta.

    We had corn on the cob last night for dinner. Local corn is not in season yet; this was probably from the mid-Atlantic states and it was delicious!



    Wow, already MOanday afternoon in my n’hood!
    Yuppurrs – feels like it too!

    Hmm…corn Season…not ready for picking in my State but fresh corn is available in grocery stores now!
    Kit corn fiedl
    Hmm…checking out purry progress in corn field…couple more months yet!
    Not yet li’l black cat…
    cat scarecrow corn field
    Rustle of corn field…H’ween is a long ways away!

    Ok…time for part 2 day 1s fun…



    WooHoo – Grandma to Be, MS!

    Happy Grandpa to Be, Mr. MS.



    I lubs corn on the cob too! My kits haven’t shown any interest in veggies. They eat their food and an occasional snack.

    LilBit will chase a baby carrot under the stove or fridge. πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry Livia and you lost her friend, Lagatta.



    Good morning all from a wild wet windy day. We have a storm circling my area of thew country. It’s not cold(I went outside briefly to toss the birds their breakfast.
    Many thanks for all your congratulatory wishes, we are all so excited especially the Daddy to be. His joy is a pleasure to see.
    Lagatta that is sad about your neighbours cat dying.
    KZ, glad that things are getting back to normal there now after the flooding. A couple of areas that are getting this same weather system have flash flooding, slips, road closures and power cuts. We have had localised power cuts in my city but if that’s all then we are doing well.
    PG, love those pics about grandchildren and grandparent duties.
    I love corn on the cob but no longer eat it as it’s too starchy.
    I am feeling a little better today but still wrapped in blankets and resting. It’s at times like this I wish we had a cat to cuddle up with me and make me feel better.



    It’s strictly kit noms for Dorry. Purrhaps that’s what I should try – nope!

    MS, I would graciously send Dorry to Southern Hem to cuddle with you. ‘Cept he’s not all that much of a cuddler. My RB kit Nicky was his polar opposite in that regard. Vet explained that kits just have diff purrsonalities as regards showing affection. Come to think of it I’m so not a cuddler type either. Hmmm … you take care.

    Spent time (more like mental time) waiting for letter to edit that has not arrived. And tomorrow my plans include visiting tech expert re getting rid of fraudulent pop-up (the one that I reported to the FBI.) The client is nice but it’s continual slight annoyance for him rushing to meat print deadline. My part is rework/edit and I have offered to do the work from scratch as he finds this difficult. It is my area of expertise, but it would for sure cost him $$$. It’s so not a biggie.

    But for reasons I stayed up all night. And Friday night and last Sunday night. And this is taking things out of me stress-wise.

    Plus my knit sweater – or jumper – is turning into “Groundhog Day” film in that I keep having to go back and restart almost from beginning. No pressure and eventually it will pick up. Could fall asleep right now. Well, not quite yet. Still things to like noms, which tonight is pasta/faux crab salad, hope it works. *Sigh*



    MS, congratulations!



    I put a condoleance card in the letterbox of the humans and cats who have lost their beautiful large black tomcat. He wasn’t at all overweight but easily three times Livia’s size if not more.

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