Monday 10-07-2017 – Hurray for Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

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    “If you go out in the woods today …” No disguises needed as no danger lurks in TDK land. And many teddy bears are kept, even as one attains adulthood. Even by kitties!

    Purrticularly COA quality!



    Among other stuffies I proudly possess 3 teddy bears. One was the model for my very first sweaters, another is the famous Paddington. And we haven’t gone on a picnic – well, not as yet! 😉





    How about never? LOL
    Oh, the sleeping kittens’ ear is twitching and the ribbon is glittering.
    I only need Mr. Pooky Bear! 😆
    Kits are so cute with teddy bears. Well, kits are cute anyway but extra cute with stuffed toys. 😀

    It’s Monday and I’ll be swimming today. That’s good because I managed to overdo it this weekend. I’ve kept my knee this evening. On Friday night, Miss Gaea fell off the bed. I forgot to put the stuffed pillow in the gap between the mattress and wall. She heard something outside and went to the window but without the pillow she fell down. Poor baby 😥 She was limping Saturday morning but I decided to wait and see if she got better. She didn’t so off to the ER. They said nothing is broken but her right haunch is tender. They gave her a steroid shot and pain meds. Fortunately, those are liquid. I have to be with her when she goes out because the meds. makes her woozy.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Mam ciebie i ciebie i ciebie (Polish)
    I have you and you and you



    Good morning, all!

    I’m not {too} ashamed to say that I am in possession of quite a number of stuffed animals. I enjoy collecting the Jellycat brand, since their soft fur does wonders for the anxious mind if you don’t have a real furbaby to love on. My less collectible ones have been given over to Lilith to use, and snuggle with… so far, she seems to like them!

    sorry to hear your home is having struggles, PG! I hope ms Gaea feels better soon, and your own knee begins to get well!

    I spent most of yesterday in the fetal position, unfortunately. Incessant muscle pain, headaches, the whole nine yards… I’m hoping I can find a GP and get a referral to a specialist soon and I’ll be on my way to better health. :/



    I’d never heard of Jellycat, but they are cute. When I was little I always had a Steiff tabby (small) but they don’t seem to make them any more. I have two small plush black cats, which were little presents: one with a witch’s hat and the other (very small) with a knitted tuque and muffler, for wintertime. The Steiff tabbies were grey, like Dorry.

    Many of us seem plagued by aches and pains now. They woke me up at 3 something a.m. (but I did go to bed very early, certainly by 9 p.m.) but I’m going back to bed for a bit. Livia went down to the garden but she is back – I can’t sleep if she is out.



    Good morning! I live in the woods but hope not to see an actual bear picnic. That translates to a bear or family of bears getting into someone’s garbage.
    I’ve got a Vermont Teddybear. He’s dark brown and very handsome. I also have a black bear stuffy because, well, this is black bear country!
    I’m sorry for the aches and pains and crud out there. Sending out the TDK healing/comforting blankie to all who need it.
    From yesterday’s thread, I should clarify that I enjoyed the Twilight books, just had to remind myself sometimes that it’s just fantasy, sit back and enjoy!
    KJ, you’re on the right track. Sugar cookies are often decorated with sugar on top. They can be cut into shapes and decorated with colorful sugar too. A fun cookie to make around the holidays.
    It’s a pretty day here in Jersey. I’m getting ready to go out walking. But first I must tend to the cats…



    Getting the referral is the hard part, Kincaid. Paws crossed yours come through soon.

    The only bear I have is Lucky Care Bear. It’s green and white. I’ve never had many stuffed snuggles…maybe that’s the root of my issues. 😉

    I’m glad Livia came back in. You just can’t rest until your baby is home.

    Enjoy your walk JJ.



    It is true that around here we don’t think of woods with bears in New Jersey, more up here, in Québec, Maine, Vermont, Ontario, the north of NY state… I suspect that most people from here who have visited your state have visited the cities and towns near NYC, the Atlantic beaches, driven past the extensive market garden areas…

    There is a big difference between the fantasy woods of Teddy Bear picnics and the behaviour of actual wild fauna.

    I never had teddy bears as I always had cats as cuddly toys; housecats and their wild cousins, especially tigers.



    I’m sorry to say I don’t have any bears at the moment, but I do have a stuffed otter–and Peso has a little lamb that Avery gave to him. It’s a bit bigger than he is and it’s adorable when he wrestles with it and tries to carry it in his mouth!

    I also forgot to comment on the Twilight series==I loved the books and really enjoyed reading them. My youngest daughter and I were reading them at the same time and loved to talk about them. We were excited about seeing the movies, and they were entertaining, but the books were much better for me.

    It was raining here earlier this morning, with more maybe this evening. The temps are starting to edge back up and the humidity is too. By mid week it’s back in the upper 80’s to 90 they say…ugh. Oh well, grin and bear it, my garden loves hot!



    Paw up waves, back in Brewtown from last week’s up north fun!
    Yup, fond mems growing up with Teddy Bear’s Picnic Story!

    Adding my 2.5 cents worth to last week’s sugar cookie theme too!
    gf animal cookies
    GF friendly Vanilla Animal Cookies sort of like a sugar cookie/biscuit! I enjoy these as grown up friendly with kid at heart li’l treats!
    Still adore this li’l Scoot wanna-be with Teddy!
    cat hugging teddy
    OK, back to day 1 part 2’s fun!



    Eventually Peso will get bigger than his lamb…



    Welcome back JK! Glad you had great time.

    We have many brown bears in Colorado. The more land us hoomins take, the farther down the mountains the bears and other wildlife come. You have the idiots who leave food and feeders out and then wonder why the bear(s) were at their homes/camps. *Off my soapbox*



    Hi all! It’s raining in sheets here right now! Caddy is tucked up tight in a cubby on her cat tree, with the storm shutters down. Dry, safe and the thunder/lightning can’t get her. Fishie pond is brimming, which is good cause it needed filling. Just put a chicken n yellow rice in the oven. Hope everyone had a good Monday, and those not feeling well get better !



    A neighbour left me a little basket of fresh peas – of course I had to pod them… the pod are nice and fresh, so I put them in the freezer compartment to go into stock. I’m making a rice with red onions, chicken stock and the peas. z



    Agree PG – the world is rife with idiots! Unfortunately I have encountered too many of them. 😡

    Again hope that you, Lagatta and our MS are on the mend.

    Welcome back JK – love the movin’ kit/t. bear.

    KZ, ex-Mr. KJ and I had a penchant for stuffed penguins. When I disconnected from him I also trashed the penguin collection. LOL. Though I have a tiny panther, a white rabbit, a shark, and a sheep. Aside from Dorry’s various stuffies.

    Kincaid (should we give you the acronym of KC as we tend to do with all Café posters?) hope you get that much-needed referral ASAP. Thank G-d I have not had probs (if you notice I am highly proactive hehehe) but in my city/country peeps can wait like years for referrals!

    One of my bears is miffed as I forgot to give him a mention – he’s wearing a ski sweater, holding ski poles and came sitting on a wooden chair.

    Quelle journée/what a day! Just stating to chill and it’s 8 pm! Purrfect DIY spin class. Then I took decent walk (fell on the way, but OK) to local Walmart as I’Net told me that a knitting needle I’m wanting was in stock. It was not! I did score 2 good pillows @ $1.50 ea. plus 2 neat compact hair dryers which for sure I do not need.

    Called mfr with question and did not get through – will try tomorrow.

    So finally arrived home and decided to order knitting needle on line. They add a “handling fee” of $5 meaning needle/$4.67, handling is more expensive than item? Not good. That’s when the fun started. Like over 2 hrs on phone w/Walmart. Upshot is that I placed order and when I get email re shipping/tracking notice I have a confirmation # and I should call them to get handling charge deleted. Way complex!

    This comes from a decision re that B at Knitting Circle. Previously, while I would not buy yarn at the store (ridiculously expensive and I order at online stores) I would buy accessories/tools. No more, not after my cavalier treatment on Fri.

    So after the afternoon wasted I purrsonally arranged for A/C guy to come to me and n’bour (real nice guy) on same day as in next Mon. meaning more phone time going back and forth from A/C guy to n’bour. But if I do it, it gets done!

    Then sent in all the texts for this big project after srs proofreading.

    Then alerted KM to yet another hacker post. Grrr!

    Gym has not called me back re time mix-up re Sun. am class, another issue that I seem to have taken on. Will also deal with that tomorrow, might involve a polite purrsonal visit. Dorry could handle this better than the staff! 🙄

    I know, it’s a long post. Purrhaps you’ll have fun reading it, as it is amusing on a certain level. If not, well it did me good to let it all out! 😉



    Good afternoon all.
    Yay the CRUD is lessening. Sniffles,sneezles and snortles almost gone and just the cough and sore ribs left. I sound like a steam train going up a steep incline if I exert myself. 🙄 😆
    PG, sorry that you and Miss Gaea are having leg problem, hopefully they will heal quickly.
    Kincaid I hope you too can find relief from your aches and pains and find a GP and get a specialist appointment soon. Are you in the US? I haven’t heard the term GP used there before.
    We are a kindle of aches and pains aren’t we, here’s hoping that they are all minor and quickly sorted.
    PG, I got my first teddy bear long after I had the children and bought them teddies. In fact Airy made me my first teddy bear when she was about 12(can it really have been so long ago?)

    One of the first ever recording of the The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

    It appears the serious ‘snow event’ about to hit the southern areas of NZ will be reaching further north than first thought and the main highway through the centre of the North Island could have up to 1 metre drifts of snow, which means it will be extremely cold where I live two hours further north. Sigh.

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