Monday 10-04-2017 – Celebrate – Fore it's "Golfer's Day"!

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    In TDK-land the green is lush and open for a friendly (relatively as is par for the course with kits) round or two.



    Crossover pic –

    Lagatta, I wondered if Livia had taken a selfie and posted it on the I’net, the pic fitted your description of her illegal activities perfectly.
    KZ, you have every right to be extremely proud of your granddaughter, she sounds like a very impressive young woman.
    JJ, Happy Other Birthday to you.
    Snerting loudly at Lagatta pointing out the change to FFA. πŸ˜†
    OMG KZ, the legs and pigs comment reminded me of a saying my dear Father had whenever he saw someone who was very bandy in the leg department. He would say you could run a herd of pigs through their legs and they would be none the wiser.
    PG ! You didn’t did you? Order the Kitten Fur perfume. Oh how fun waiting for it to arrive.
    KJ, no, no, no ! Put down the exacto ! Take the watch to the experts.
    Had a busy busy day with chimney sweeping of our chimney and then Meegz fire place too, helping Mum out and finding something to tempt HRH’s appetite. Seems I succeeded this evening which is great. I also moved her feed station to another part of the kitchen and the new spot has met her approval – so far.
    We still have lovely warm days but any breezes/winds are definitely nippier. We have more heavy rains arriving for Easter which will put a dampener on the annual Jazz Festival. πŸ™
    KK and Mr KK and Airy are travelling up for Easter and we have shenanigans planned. πŸ™„ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€



    Nighty night all
    See you on the flip side.



    Oh the lush green TDK lawn beckons me, think I’ll take a few swings. I’ve told this story, but on vacay several years ago, hubby and I played mini-golf with the ‘help’ of a local stray kitten. The kitten would chase the ball around; it was then we learned why the ball disappears after the last hole!
    Not a perfume wearer, but have been considering ordering some Kitten Fur.
    KJ, if the jeweler doesn’t have a thing-a-ma-jig, see if they have a doo-hikky or a whatchamacallit to replace that watch battery.
    Glad HRH seems satisfied with tempting food and new spot to eat.
    Family shenanigans in Oregon this past weekend. If I was more of a jet-setter I would have been tempted to go, but sister and nieces sent several pics of niece’s baby shower. Yep, another great-nephew on the way.
    It seems the No. Hem and So. Hem are settling into their respective transitional seasons. Though I love summertime, I would be just as happy without the extreme seasons.



    Paw up waves to anyone still around/lurking!
    Moanday lol
    Try to turn MOanday into purry/furry fun day πŸ™‚
    fluffer cuppa brew
    Fluffer has the right ‘tude today πŸ˜€
    Another warm day – to be in 60’s before back down to 40’s tomorrow!
    The usual forecast for this time of year!
    Wishing all a better than expected day!
    Back later/hopeful



    Hi JK – warm here too today and tomorrow, cooler on Wednesday.
    Earlier this morning Berta caught a small snake and had a blast tossing it around. Of course, her brothers had to see what it was all about, and get in on the game too! Although I’m not a fan of snakes, poor snake.



    OMGosh…gaah, snake toss game for kittehs!
    Just remember our cat Kot would try to play w/grass snakes up north – until
    we distracted her attention πŸ˜‰

    Haven’t seen my outdoor crew for about a week again – but the nomz are gone daily! So, at least I know they are not hungry!

    Busy here as catch up before tomorrow’s ‘puter switch out fun…Don’t know if I’ll be able to sneak on the ‘net ’til Weds/Thurs!

    Enjoy the rest of the day…back…?soon?



    Afternoon everyone! ….. neither Son or Dau will be home for the holiday, but I have shenanigans planned with Sis & family ….
    Mr. AV is the ultimate golfer, and even has a simulator in his ‘man cave’, which is our detached studio apt.

    Our weather is mid 80’s, altho the humidity isn’t too bad yet, but it’s very dry …. wild fires are a threat inland around here ….

    Time for me to get back to work, Mondays are always busy! L8R all!



    tuxie golfing
    Hmm…was looking for Tuxie earlier…found out he was purry practicing on
    the golf course today…Way to go kitteh πŸ™‚
    Mwah…you are t’e best TDK CafΓ© Kit Ever! πŸ˜€



    Yep, that’s Tux alright, showing someone how it’s done!



    “Hello, I must be going.”

    Holiday starts in a bit and I’ll be back Wed nite.

    Once I got “into it” and did a phenom spin class the day went better.

    Very warm today but supposed to get colder and right now we’re getting srs rainstorm, “Thunder and lightning, oh my!”

    Just did a KJ thing LOL. When paying phone bill I stupidly reversed numbers causing $9 diff. So there would have been bit of interest. So called loyalty dept, explained prob along with “inconvenience” of phone now working propurrly last wk as per tech visit. So they decided to knock $10 off all my bills for entire yr!!! A bit gutsy, I guess, but very KJ! πŸ™‚

    And JJ, shop had a “whatever” and got back off watch. Would not accept any payment, and I offered to pay just for their time. Very nice peeps. Now I can’t get back to fit on, either I can prob get it fixed or replaced. Or N might have a plan.

    Have a fr8 2 days kits!

    And to all celebrating Passover let me wish you a “Chag kasher v’sameach!” πŸ™‚



    Happy Passover, KJ, and to all of TDK land!
    The radio station I listen to is based out of Fordham University in NYC. The DJ was leaving early to celebrate. Apparently a signal or two got crossed as there were several minutes of dead air! Being professionals, they slid right back on like it was supposed to go that way!



    Good afternoon all, it’s sunny, windy and occasionally wet here. HRH is curled up asleep on my bed.
    Woohoo JJ another great nephew on the way. πŸ™‚
    I spent the morning moving a bed from one room to another at Mum’s and making up more beds, stowing blankets and vacuuming so the house is all ready for family(KK and Mr KK) at Easter.
    Wow Berta, you certainly have the Spring feeling, well done on the snake.
    AV, you will miss seeing the kids this Easter but shenanigan with Sis will be an excellent distraction.
    LOL, golf pro Tuxie and pupil.
    KJ, nice one getting $10 off all your bills for the rest of the year. Great that the shop had a whojamafflitchet so the job could be complete successfully. πŸ˜‰ I hope the back does go back on, they can be a bit touchy at times.
    Happy Passover KJ. See you Wednesday.



    I hope you have a blessed Passover KJ and AV.

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