Monday 09-10-2017 – Twice the Fun on Columbus Day (US) & Thanksgiving (Canada)

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    Whether you celebrate Columbus Day or Thanksgiving or neither, a day off and any excuse for a party works in TDKland!

    “Wonder if my ancestors were on the first voyage providing mouse control?”



    Do peeps in the US get Columbus Day off? Here I think that some places are open on Thanksgiving, others not. Hardly noticed here, but purrhaps some peeps have turkey dinner. Nothing like American Thanksgiving, which I am told is a huge celebration.

    Anyway, there are historians who maintain that the Norse discovered this continent way before Columbus.



    Morning KJ/All! Many in the US are off on Columbus Day, it is a government holiday so government offices and banks are definitely closed but most stores are open. I am a contractor for the government so I am in the office but none of the government employees are in so a quiet time to get stuff done. MS – From the TDK New Zealanders I knew you all rocked but this morning Facebook showed me a store about a New Zealand Police CAT! Wellington Police Cat



    Good morning – podiatrist’s office is open today, and quite busy, but it’s my day off so I get to stay home. Schools are usually closed for students; the day is often used for staff in-service. But that’s my old life…

    It’s a grey and rainy day here in Jersey. It’s also unseasonably warm and sticky, but better than unseasonably cold – there’s plenty of time for that!

    Oh and hey kid, stay at the kid table. Contrary to popular belief, the kid table is way more fun!



    Similar weather in my n’hood JJ! Out comes the humongous umbrella!

    TM, Tia the police kit is one gorgeous floofy kit! I should get Dorry some sort of job – just not quite sure what he’s qualified for! πŸ˜‰



    Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated a bit more in Ontario, for example, but it is a low-key affair and an excuse for a good dinner with family and friends. It would be very unusual for someone to travel from Vancouver to Halifax for it, for example.

    Since it was seen as a “Protestant Holiday” it never caught on much in QuΓ©bec and is basically a day off, and for closing gardens tasks not finished earlier. I may have a friend over, who returned from almost a month in Cuba (fortunately no hurricane damage where she was), but we might just go out for coffee or a slice of Roman pizza and a glass of wine, if “Carboni” is open today.

    Almost all stores are open today, and my recycling truck will be coming by. It is raining a bit; we’re getting the tail end of the latest tropical storm, but the east coast will get more.



    Hello all! Yes, the stores here are all open today–mostly a government holiday, local governments too, and the schools here are open–BUT they get Friday off for teacher inservice. Which makes most people gripe that are off today and have kids…what do they do when the kids are off on Friday and they have to work? Seems like schedules should be coordinated a little more.

    It’s cloudy today, and warm, but yesterday it poured all day long. No field work for a while for Mr. KZ unless he wants to bury the combine in mud. Today, I need to play catch up with farm books, and at least sit down and write some checks….the people who send us the bills will be so grateful! πŸ˜†



    Paw up – Monday’s PM Waves!
    Beautiful day – sunshine 70s – feels more like Early Sept weather thanks to #GlobaWarming…
    Enjoy your special day … wherever you roam!
    columbus day canadian thanksgiving

    Cheers with special drinkie poo of the day!


    1492 cocktail

    1 1?2 oz Rye
    3?4 oz Campari
    3?4 oz Sweet vermouth, Carpano Punt e Mes
    1 ds Bitters, Bittermens Xocolatl Mole
    1 ds Bitters, Angostura orange
    1 pn Salt, Maldon
    1 twst Lemon peel

    Stir with ice. Strain into heavy rocks glass over large ice cube. Twist, rim and garnish with lemon peel. Sprinkle salt over cube.

    NotesYou can sub bourbon for rye, or orange peel for lemon.

    HistoryPart 1794, part Little Giuseppe.

    Alternative Celebration in US:
    Native American Day



    Happy Monday all! …. didn’t even realize it was a holiday until the mailman didn’t show up! LOL ……

    What is the traditional fare for the Canadian Thanksgiving? Are there any special dishes or things that are unique to your celebration? Inquiring minds want to know ….

    I’ve had a big pot of white beans with smoked turkey wings simmering in the crockpot all day, and my house smells SO good! ….. I’ll make a skillet of cornbread and spinach salad to go with …. I also got some beautiful fresh pears at the grocery, but they need to ripen a few days on the counter … I’ll make our favorite pear/beet salad with some fresh blue or gargonzola cheese and a savory dressing ….. roasted Mediterranean spiced chicken thighs will be paired with that dish to complete the meal ….. lately I’ve been trying mix things up instead of the same ole, same old things that I always make …. variety is after all the spice of life! LOL

    I finished my book ‘The Other Einstein’ … it was very good and an interesting take on Al’s first wife (also a genius) …. fiction, but loosely based on history …

    Hope everyone is having a nice Monday, time for me to deliver ‘stinky tuna’ to my four furry charges …. L8R all!



    AV, I have absolutely no idea if there are any trad noms for Canadian Thanksgiving. I’ve only ever seen it as day off when I was in corporate world – very diff than the way US celebrates. Thankfully gym is open (they are closed for all Jewish hols) and spin class was way packed, but of course I got my fave bike right up front! πŸ™‚

    A while back I watched a mini-series entitled “Genius” about Einstein – excellent, you might find it interesting, if you can find it.

    Lagatta, hope your plans did not include outdoor biking! This IMHO is not a little rain. Has not stopped pouring all day. I decided to forego umbrella in favour of srs rainboots and LLBean srs full-length hooded raincoat, which kept me bone dry. This is it, but mine is teal blue and someone called me Little Teal Riding Hood. πŸ˜‰ Boots have pattern to match, natch!

    So tried to get knitting quandry solved by asking owner of n’hood store for help. Her advice was that pattern def incorrect and that I’d be better off getting direct help from pattern designer/company. I would be very unhappy if I had to give up after already getting so far along.Emails sent, they must be closed today for Columbus Day. I suppose Plan B would be to ask at Knitting Circle where one of the staff also designs patterns, but I’m trying (not too successfully) not to think too far ahead. *Sigh*

    Also still in rsch mode as I get ready to get my new techy bits. Sorta fun. Srsly hoping that my guy can to in-house visit. Didn’t realize how many questions I’d have, but support is quite good and guess I’ll call tomorrow, they seem to be closed for CAD Thanksgiving.

    Rsch keeps my mind from (all too easily) shorting out, so this is to my advantage. πŸ˜‰
    PG, when I looked for Norse kit pic I discovered that “Vikings” will be back sometime in Nov. Sad to say, Travis is gone, we’ll have to make do with Bjorn. But Lagertha is there and she rocks!



    KJ, I too watched the mini series ‘Genius’ and that’s what got me interested in reading this book …. it was a very similar story … each read, I enjoyed it!



    Well kits,
    When I receive next cc statement I’d best sit down or have a drink close to hand (but I don’t drink!)
    Ordered me printer (arrived); wireless mini mouse and external HD (both items neat shade of red!)

    This is before I’ve actually bought the new laptop and paid for transferring stuff from this one to new one, connecting efurrything and keeping me relatively calm! After 11 yrs it is time and a much-needed expense as my outdated browser is making me very not happy.

    Although admittedly it’s sorta fun shopping and getting things organized. OK always fun shopping for me! πŸ™‚

    This is funny IMHO, I was rsching HD’s and one model said starting up was as easy as making a coffee – well way more complicated than the way I make coffee, which is instant variety. πŸ˜‰



    I do drink (wine, nothing else, and only with food) but saying that on the Internet gets you tagged as a lush, which is very far from the case.

    It is autumnal North American feast, so not so different from what is eaten in the various northern regions of the US, though of course in QuΓ©bec duck etc will often be subbed for turkey.

    Coffee is espresso. Only. And not a lot.

    Main drink is tap water.

    No, I didn’t ride my bicycle today – why on earth would I ride it indoors? I don’t live in a palace, nor do I want to – the rain had tapered off by the tnme I ventured out, but even with my bicycle lights and flourescent bands, it was dark and gloomy.

    Our Indigenous Peoples’ Day is the Boreal Summer Solstice, though there were also celebrtions in September for the 10th anniversary of the ratification of the UN Declaration of the rights of indigenous peoples.



    Good afternoon all. We have sun – sort of. We also have more rain clouds and the day is unusually warm, we are developing webbed feet we’ve had so much rain lately.
    TM, I meant to post that story about the police cat but forgot to so thanks for taking up the slack. Isn’t it great they have an official police cat. Lovely story about Tia and the pic of Snickers on the police car.
    KZ, mud mud horrible mud is part of farming. Mr MS was driving through a muddy gateway yesterday with a tandem trailer yesterday and got stuck. Much swearing later he managed to extricate himself. Thank goodness he has a 4WD vehicle with off road tyres or he might have been there for quite some time. I need to play catchup with the business books and sort out the tax and GST. It’s never ending. We’re the ones waiting for people to pay us.

    AV, your white beans and smoked turkey wings sound fabulous, I love cannellini beans. That meal sound so drooling good.
    KJ, I like the raincoat. I sure hope you can solve the knitting pattern problem without having to give up on the garment.
    Don’t worry about the number of questions you have for your techy guy, he will know that you will have heaps to learn. Ask away and make notes for later reference because believe me you will not remember it all. LOL about the coffee, a ‘techspert’ must have written that comment.
    Lagatta anything seen as negative becomes a big deal on the I’net now. I was reading an article this morning and shaking my head in disbelief and the vitriol expressed.
    Goodness me, she asked such a simple question. There must be give and take in a marriage. I make Mr MS’s lunch each morning because he does very physical work in all weathers and needs appropriate sustenance.



    Had double posts there for a bit, struck trouble with getting post to post.
    Anyhoo it’s there now.



    MS, took me a sec to notice orangie w/ Columbus (hint, hint this would sorta make a purrfect crossover pic for tomorrow’s soon to be opened CafΓ©. πŸ˜‰

    A prob making one’s hubby lunch? Person who has a prob with this so needs to get a life! I so understand your making Mr. MS’ lunch. My only issue is households where Mom workslong hours in stressful job, hubby is home during the day, kids are in uni and home way before Mom and late at night Mom is making lunch and doing most chores. And giving kids lift to subway station (walk or bus would get them there) in cold weather. I know of this household. But if Mom accepts this, it’s on her.

    I have de facto figured out a way to fix knitting pattern, but it will take some time, a clear head and my handy calculator. I so want this dress to happen! Knitting is actually very math-related (so not my strong suit!) But I hope to get prof input from designer before I go with this Plan B.

    Lagatta, you’ve somehow misunderstood my post. I was not suggesting that you use your bike indoors. Although some outdoor bikers mount their bikes to train indoors during winter. Whatever, IMHO that’s why gyms have spin classes. And with our new “Assault Bike”, where one uses arms and legs at the same time, well not possible on outdoor bike and totally genius! Anyway, no worries, it’s just that when something that I’m assumed to have said is not at all what I meant, I like to clear it up.

    OK, last thing I ordered (for today) is replacement for my hot plate, which sparks from time to time. In a sense it’s free as I used gift card that I get for cashing in cc pts at major dept store. Plus there’s a few $$$ left over! πŸ™‚

    Well with my b-day approaching and all these parcels slated to arrive it will feel like gifts – until cc statement arrives in due course. Oh well! πŸ˜‰



    Aha KJ, did you know that Christopher Columbus was a red head. πŸ™‚
    Nodding, yes he was. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I agree on the point about Mum’s who work too and are still expected to make his lunch and do the chores. πŸ‘Ώ
    Glad you have figured out a way to sort out the knitting pattern.
    Ugh, rain ! Washing on the line. Gotta fly and rescu it.



    Yes, I do wish I had room for a little stationary bicycle… But I’m trying to reduce clutter.

    What an odd s***storm about making lunch for one’s spouse. I always did the cooking because I like cooking and am good at it. Companion or roommate can do other things. In another household I knew (sadly, the man is dead now) he did all the cooking and the female partner did other things.

    I’m glad I made a pot of canellini beans with a fine brunoise some time ago and froze most of it in portions.
    I cooked the beans with seaweed (kombu and dulse) which I find makes them far more digestible.

    Was quite ill (not because of beans; because of an infection and then antibiotics!) and could only stand water and poultry stock, but feeling fine now, at last…

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