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    Supposedly a little more forgiveness will help to make the world a much better place. But what about kits?



    Here’s a tune about being “Sorry” by Fine Young Cannibals with the awesome Roland Gift. Saw them perform here, danced in the aisle for just about the entire concert!





    AV, I am making your Orange Chicken recipe for dinner tonight. I hope the zesty flavour makes us feel as if we are NOT in the depths of Winter. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I will be adding a little orange juice or zest as the oranges are falling off our tree at the moment.



    I love the attitude of the white fluffy kit. ” …Nothing annoys them as much!”

    My fault-forgive?

    Bob is at his rest over for the week. Next weekend, he goes on to Chicago to be with his hoomin. I drove 524 miles to make sure a sweet lover boy kit makes it home but I won’t drive that distance to see my family! I guess we know who I like more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nighty night and have a happy~



    AV, superb meal. That is one recipe I will use again. The sauce totally makes it. I served it up with a pile of stir fried veges and water chestnuts over brown basmati rice.
    PG, thank you for your part in getting Bob to his furever home.

    Night all.



    PG…great job helping Bob get through the next leg of his journey! Lol on not driving to see your own family.

    Remorseful kits are too cute today. Not sure I’ve ever seen a remorseful one around here. :).

    With our two trees down in the backyard the view out my kitchen window is very sad. I only saw the trunk of a tree before, but there were always woodpeckers visiting that trunk to get suet. So, I’ve been dreaming up ways to spruce it up. I’m envisioning a bird bath, feeder and plants…sort of a bird sanctuary area. And maybe I’d add a small ornamental type tree where the other was taken down. I’m not moving the feeder set up outside the bay windows…that one is in a perfect spot…just maybe adding another. Still have to think about it a bit though, and get some fence replacement and tree trimming done first.

    I was tempted to show you guys my blank canvas that is the view outside my kitchen window. However, photobucket notified me a while back that you have to have a paid account now to share photos. So, I guess I’ll need to figure out a new way to share pics here. :(.



    ECB, ๐Ÿ˜ฎ on the paid account with photobucket! I have an account that I rarely use and haven’t visited the site lately. That sucks. Now I will have to visit to see about it. You could put some big ornamental grass out there, along with an ornamental tree. Woody shrubs make good hiding places for birds as well as providing berries for food. You could even plant some native flowers that attract the birds and the butterflies and bees, along with a bird bath so your cats can watch them bathe!

    MS, so glad HRH and Dara are feeling better. Will definitely keep sending white light for both of them. Yumm, orange chicken sounds yummy right about now, and I love brown basmati rice.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes for Avery. We recorded little segments of her party, along with the singing of Happy Birthday to her with a fancy spinning candle. She keeps playing it over and over and saying she wants to have another birthday party. ๐Ÿ˜› Hey, sometimes it’s good to be the ‘star’ for the day–it feels good and she loves hearing people sing to her!

    PG, you made me laugh about not driving that far to visit family…tee hee. Good on your for your part in rehoming Bob, that’s just fantastic!

    KJ, thanks for the music this morning. I had visions of you dancing in the aisles too… ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Good morning – “I sorry.”

    PG, well done getting Bob to the next leg of his journey to his forever home.

    That chicken recipe sounds fabulous, must make it sometime.

    ECB, your backyard vision sounds lovely! I miss feeding the birds due to the cats living in my yard.

    Took Comet to the vet this morning. He got a shot for his sneezies and has an appointment in 2 weeks for a booster. The medicine, called Convenia, has worked in the past and lasts about six months.
    Hope he feels better soon.

    It’s a rainy day here in Jersey. Cleaned and packed away the kitten crate and supplies. I have almost a full bag of kitten crunchies that won’t stay fresh because Aslan chewed a hole in the bag. I’ll keep some for Comet, who loves baby food, and donate the rest to the shelter.



    Paw up waves…Happy Monday!
    Great post on forgiveness/Peace PG – thanks
    New Selfie – took over the weekend!
    sunflower selfie
    Yup, my shadow and Sunflowers at local Co-Op Outpost ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Adding my 2.5cents on today’s theme:
    forgiveness like coffee

    sound of forgiveness sshhh
    Sshhh, be still…forgive but don’t forget!



    You’re welcome KZ!

    MS, glad that Miss Dara is impurroving and hope that she continues along this path.

    PG, has your trio forgiven you for abandoning them for the day? Can they sense that you were on the road with Bob? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I so get the “your own family” thing.

    Love “… understanding the other person is a complete idiot.”

    I do not have a forgiving nature. I just don’t get how forgiving can benefit me, unless the other party genuinely apologizes. I am trying to curb my sense of vengeance as most often it is not pawsible or plausible.

    If anyone wants to come to Canada it’s easy! All you need do is walk across the border! Not sure whether kits would be welcome, but purrhaps. Yes, I’m being cynical as peeps (some with no valid reason) are welcomed and get every benefit, while I see more and more homeless citizens. And I’d best not get started on Canada’s record in WWII where people were turned away and sent to certain death in Europe. But hey, Justin is on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Guess it was a slow day in Parliament. *Daintily stomps off soapbox*



    Ta – Da…and now here’s PM Justin Trudeau ๐Ÿ˜€
    PM Trudeau on cover of Rolling Stone mag 717
    Waited on 2 women visiting from CN in shoe store Sat.
    Had an interesting conversation with them!
    Keeping it fluffy the 3 of us agreed that Mr. Trudeau is by far
    the people’s choice over #Drumpf!
    They invited me to visit and enjoy a temporary political change (Eye-candy included) ๐Ÿ˜‰ for the better until US can say “Ta-Ta to #45!
    forgiveness lions
    Easier said than done…#Forgiveness: Reminder…FYBetterHealth!



    JK, also keeping it fluffy, being in a diff country our voting options were diff. Purrsonally I’m hoping that when our next election rolls around peeps will realize that Justin has done nothing that he promised. I’m not the only one who thinks that his Dad would not have been impressed.

    And as mentioned you and all TDKers can move to Canada – it’s so easy! I speak from second-hand purrsonal experience. My friend has spent thousands of $$$ on legal fees and gone through onerous bureaucracy as she attempts to get her CAD citizenship – the legal way. She is a single Mom and for sure does not have $$$ to spare. Our policies sadden me. Now it’s time for me to get offsite as looking at Justin’s pic makes me angry. Knitting soothes me so that’s where I’m headed. Let’s just let it go.



    Just sharing li’l bit of Caterday’s Political poo/fun…ta ta ’til Tues! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Not related to theme – but I think that TDKers will find this a-mew-sing!

    OK, so I finished “Flamingo” or blush pink cable sweater and it will have it’s debut on Thurs. I’m almost finished a bright navy cotton sweater and that will be it for the Summer’17 collection! As I ordered much more xtra yarn than req’d to correct my mistake (and costs more than I paid to do return) I told someone who’s doing srs office re-deco and loves cables that I just might make them a cable cushion (I don’t knit clothing ‘cept for moi).

    Check out this chair that she got!

    The leopard one natch! It’s soooo comfy. I told her that if she gets bored with it I’d kindly take it off her hands. Obviously it will not be coming to my place anytime soon.

    Now they do have it in CAD, but at $185 price is as steep as the heel LOL. Might be able to send it to my US address from Walmart US. Don’t quite know where I’d even put it, but it’s so me!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Last nite watched doc on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and bkgd as alien abduction theories.

    Still somewhat in “space” I’m watching “A Brief History of Time” about Stephen Hawking. Fascinating – very. Now could someone kindly explain quantum mechanics to me? The short explanation LOL.

    Well at least all this mystifying science distracts me some from what is a stressful time/day and I hope tomorrow will be better. That’s when window repair guy is coming!



    Keep getting better Miss Dara.

    You may miss the trees but, ECB, now you have a blank slate to do what you want the area.

    You would find a place for that chair, KJ.

    I love the sunflowers JK. We usually have sunflowers blooming by now, but they seem to be taking their time. ๐Ÿ˜•

    If I’m not suppose to forget, how am I expected to forgive?



    I think Trudeau is a bit of a lightweight, but at least he isn’t quite as ecocidal as Harper. I didn’t vote for either of them.



    Your last question PG, I’m still trying to figure it out. Just discussed the topic with someone and we agreed that there are some things that cannot be forgiven. I’m thinking that the idea is not to stay constantly immersed in a bad time. But while I’ve somewhat slightly come to terms with certain things I’m far from “getting it”.

    I’d best be close to getting me some noms – yes, Dorry has been fed – before I start waxing philosophical! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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