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    The kits have decided that they’re “done” with captions. Just because. Not that this will stop us LOL.



    Crossover pic – Don’t understand it but it had all that was required for a crossover.



    Wow, pictures with no captions? Hmmm…
    Went to hubby’s mom’s yesterday for her b-day. She wanted pizza and I made a carrot cake for dessert.
    It is still cold but expected to warm up a bit today. Hopefully the So. Hem. will cool a bit as the seasons change for all of us.



    Morning all!
    MS, I saw from yesterday that Airy is moving into a new place? Hope things go well on that front, I can’t count how many times we moved both Son and Dau! …… *sighs* …. I think it’s harder on us than them! LOL …. oh, and nice of KK to help, especially turning 50 (LOL – my lil’sis did so just a few months ago)

    oh JJ, a carrot cake sounds wonderful, I think that’s one of Mr. AV’s all time favs … nice of you to make it for her b’day!

    KJ, stay warm, weather doesn’t look kind in your neck o the woods today 😉

    Busy Monday for me, must get to it! L8R all!!! have a great day



    Good morning all, it’s a dull overcast cooler day here and we have some heavy rain and winds heading for us for the next few days or more. I have hurriedly planted out some of my Autumn plantings for Winter veges so they can benefit from the rain and as hurriedly harvested grapes, peppers, tomatoes and a row of superb beets some of which are almost a foot long. I will be busy making beet & orange relish and preserving pickled beets over the next few days.
    JJ, this is the beginning of our cooler weather arriving I believe. You enjoy your warming weather for me. Would there by any chance be some left over(as if) carrot cake that can be popped through the wormhole JJ?
    AV, yes even though Airy lives so far away we aren’t spared the angst of moving. She and I spent many hours searching for furniture online and making sure room measurements and furniture measurements are correct. It as so good of KK to go and help her with the move. She got to meet the new cats in Airy’s life, I believe they are black and white kits and one is a 4 month old boy while the other is a slightly older girl. I have been promised pics soon. Airy caught the boy kitty peeing in the shower the other day! Better than on the carpet, apparently his older sister must have shown him that activity. The shower door will remain closed from now on.
    Not sure if you saw my reply yesterday about the dormouse on the couch KJ.
    Time I headed outside and cleared away fallen leaves that may hamper the free run-off of the forecast heavy rains that will arrive later this evening. I gave the birds an extra banana and more seed so they can fill up before the weather hampers their foraging. I’ll have to go and ensure that Mum’s place is all weather ready outside too after such a long dry spell.



    Hi MS – yep, there’s some leftover carrot cake. Though I gave much of it to MIL, there’s enough for everyone in TDK land to enjoy!



    MS, indeed I saw your reply! So now I have officially seen a Dormouse, just like the one in “Alice In Wonderland – Mad Tea Party!” Tks!
    New kits and new digs! Go Airy!

    JJ, homemade carrot cake sounds like a plan!

    We’re promised freezing rain tomorrow which scares the c**p out of me. So today I finally picked up my spanking new laptop recharger. Ideal to have tech expert/reseller w/in feasible walking distance! ‘Puter is 11 yrs old, guy impressed that it still works. When I decide to upgrade I think that it will be worth it to have him do the migrating of my old software. At store I don’t think that I will get the time/explanation that I need. Guy was also impressed with the neato electric tape job that I rigged up to hole former recharger wire together.

    Feel a bit off-line as headache/nausea since yest. Could be change in weather, dryness, eyes (seeing opthamologist for reg check-up Wed,) purrhaps didn’t imbibe enough caffeine for past few days, rational part of me (the part that I pay little heed to) says prob lack of noms, ie low blood sugar, which is reg mode or purrhaps catching up with me more. And srs stress (in a sense ongoing) is not a gr8 help. I must prevail.

    So glad that I sorted out my gym locker situation in advance, as now twice the number of peeps are in one room. ‘Cept I’m way in the back and private w/kewel peeps nearby. And huge locker to stash my spin shoes, accessories, product, and 2 hair appliances. Was so much fun organizing space, but that’s me. I do encounter the odd person with ‘tude, ie today someone who was a bit curt/snooty when I politely asked her to move a bag (that wasn’t even hers!) so that I could plug in my appliances. I gave her KJ look, bag got moved (by person who owned it!,) end of story.

    Some peeps do wonder how it is that I got to choose my locker location and get in like 1 month early. I have given over that it’s called “being proactive.” I ask and at times I get exactly what I want. We all have our ways of dealing.

    Think that I’ll eat earlier and hope this helps. And get to bed earlier too. Headache has made knitting a not fun prospect. 🙁



    The making room for caption and the kapsun started to form is funny, thanks.

    OH yea-I got a bite of your carrot cake, Yummm.

    I hope you get the promised rain, MS.

    You have a lot going on KJ. You know the ones who ask about your new locker are jealous that you’re pro-active. HaHa

    My kits are being very good purrimedics. I’ve been sleeping in the recliner and they alternate sitting on me and keeping me warm/company.

    Here’s 2.5 cents worth, a little late –

    I wonder who decided cats think like LOL? How would that thought enter someone’s mind? Of course, this is coming from someone who wondered if penguins have knees. 😆

    Have a happy~



    Thanks JJ, your cake was superb. Just the pick me up I needed.
    KJ, you’re sitting pretty now with your locker position. 😀
    PG, the rain is very close now, will probably arrive within the next couple of hours. I have all I need to do outside done. HRH Shadz should be making her way inside soon. Her cat sense is normally very spot on.
    Speaking of senses, yesterday was a terrible day as far as pain for me, I assumed it was the result of a gym class I attended and was wondering if I would keep going if I was going to feel this bad after. Early evening I had to get Mr MS to plant out my seedlings a I just couldn’t do it. I had put dinner on to cook gently while we were outside and when I went inside to check on how the potatoes were going I found a pot of simmering water with no potatoes in it. 😯 I had forgotten to put them in the pot!. I remedy that and head back outside to harvest my beets and then back to check the potatoes and I had only put half of them in the pot and the rest were on the bench. 😮 At this stage Mr MS suggested my pain level must be higher that 8/10 that I had mentioned. We did finally get dinner and had a darned good laugh about my brain being hijacked by pain. Oncoming rain really affects my knee pain levels.
    Airy has txtd to say it is a very cold 11C and wet in her city, we’re sitting at 22C here. Must be the warm tropical air in front of the bad weather.



    MS, I hope that your pain subsides and/or that you have something to relieve it. One is supposed to feel like one has worked out, but when it results in pain, rethinking that class and/or speaking with instructor as to what might be better suited for you could be a plan.

    PG, never too late for fun pics! Esp when it’s still MOANday in my n’hood – for like 10 more mins.

    Good that you feel well enough to come to the Café and that your kits are helping you as best as they can. For his part, just about efurry night when I settle into bed Dorry gives me a pawsome “trigger point style” 4-paw back massage.

    Well it’s pouring out – in purrfect world will not get cold enough to freeze over. I keep checking and cars seem to be doing fine, no pedestrians out at this hour. I have cleated boots ready and willing and there is opp to walk on grass as snow has melted. Plan B would have me doing another DIY spin class l8r in day, but I like 9 am instructor. Oh, that htis would be my biggest issue in life. *Sigh*

    BTW, gr8 new TV series “Chicago Justice” for anyone who enjoyed all the L&O (Dick Wolf) shows. Just watched 1st 2 eps. neat throwbacks as main char “Peter Stone” is son of “Ben Stone” from way early L&O series. And “Paul Robinette” also from way back was in ep.



    KJ, I will take it easier at the net class and do less repetitions.
    That’s the trouble with arthritis, you need to keep moving but it is easy to overdo it. I am hoping the aqua jogging class will be kinder because of the support the water gives your limbs.
    PG, I love the ginger cat on the fence top laughing heartily.

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