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    Not the radical group from the 60s, known as the Weathermen or Weather Underground LOL. This day supposedly honours the famous “they” who guarantee extreme cold or heat or whatever.





    The Weatherpurrson said Denver is getting snow starting tomorrow afternoon, then 60f/15c on Thursday and snow on Friday. Gotta love it!

    Have a happy~

    Drømmer om sjov og spil (Dreaming of fun and games)



    Good morning – congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on their Super Bowl win. It was a really good game. Some good commercials too.

    It’s cold and very windy here in Jersey. John’s Weather Stone is swinging!



    Brrr! Freezing cold here too! Can so relate to Canadian kitteh!

    PG, not intending to “steal your thunder” hehehe – but going to see if I can post your pawsome gif. Love them gifs!

    (Courtesy of our PG)

    Managed to attach pompom to new hat with snap. So plan to wear it today along with srs winter coat with hood. And warm boots.

    Considering making another hat in a finer gauge as I have so much leftover yarn. It was onerous project but result makes it worth it and 2nd attempt might be the charm.

    DIY spin class today then plan to go to library to pick up reserved book. If I don’t move I lose this opp. L8R.



    Paw up waves on sunny but very cold day! It was -0 this AM but has crept up to +11 now – woo hoo!
    Seems like a similar forecast for this week around here!
    weather forecast

    weatherman forecast lol
    Usually seems more like this!

    Anyways…still counting down to Spring with 42 days to go in Northern Hemisphere!
    Yup, still is Monday…need a warmer on mug of fave brew again by now!
    coffee time
    Cheers…for 1/2 way thru work day…



    Well, it’s sunny here, but very cold and we had freezing rain, then snow with high winds. Then again tonight, more snow too! I don’t mind the cold as much as I do the snow, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be taking my opinion to account…!! 😆

    I need to go write some checks and do some banking. Ugh. But someone has to do it, and that’s me! I had to come up here and fiddle around on the computer though. I think I’ll make meatloaf tonight, it smell wonderful and warm up the kitchen using the oven too. Cats are spread around downstairs around the woodburner. Seems like we have burned a LOT of wood this winter! Luckily, Mr. KZ has a lot cut so that we can.



    KZ, Mother Nature doesn’t give a d**n about my views either. *Sigh* Bitterly cold out, but this will not deter me. Plus 2x nearly got run down by those compact salt trucks, you’d think that they could wait a moment for pedestrians to get by!

    On the good side my new knit hat is way warm! And although it was somewhat challenging I plan to make some more. Good way to use up extra yarn from other projects (always a plan to buy more than one needs) and a nice in-between project when knitting the usual sweaters.

    Bought me 2 grey and 1 white faux bunny pompoms at $$$Store for these projects. Dorry seemed to think that they were either his new BFFs or prey. I hid them. I know, I’m a mean Meowmy!

    Did a really tough DIY spin wkt. Glute aches some but will speak with physio l8r as per usual and continue with the arnica/ice/pain killer thing also as per usual.

    Now need a coffee and then head on over to library to get a book on reserve for moi.



    I’ll check out the pompoms. Livia has decided that my bicycle lights that are on a sort of elastic plastic attachment (going around the handlebars and the rack at the back) are wonderful toys. Even though those cost only a dollar, I don’t want to be without lights when the weather turns cyclable.

    I do have higher-power bicycle lights of course, but also have the little ones as a back-up.

    Here, an elderly man who happened to be the father of a locally well-known musician who organises choral concerts was mowed down by a large snow-clearance vehicle and died of his injuries the next day. The fellows who drive the little ones that clean sidewalks are cowboys, and a few years ago, it was found that at least a few were drunk on the job.



    KJ, you made me laugh about Mother Nature not caring about our opinions, what’s up with that hag anyway?! *sigh*
    Well, my meatloaf was yummy, had some crusty bread and a salad too.

    Came upstairs to put on my jammies–I swear I could crawl in bed right now. KJ, your hats sound really cute, and yes, it’s a good idea to put the pom poms away because I bought dau an overnight bag once that had them on it and her cat tore them off and called them his own. They are the perfect size for their mouths I think, to carry them around like prey!

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