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    Naughty or nice – or just being kits? Santa Claus has two lists. The short list contains the names of the (very few – ahem!) who have been naughty. A much longer list is filled with the names of those who have been nice. Which list is your kit(s) on?




    Airy’s tree was put up recently and the house cats were immediately into it. By morning it was on a lean. Mr B who is recovering from a dislocated hip surgery seems to enjoy scaling the heights of the tree, all four feet of it.
    Today was much like yesterday, a visit to the dentist so he can check my socket and it’s a bit inflamed and I can attest to that. Owie, numbing injections and socket cleaned and packed and my and my numb face and nose head out into the 24C+ temps. It’s almost 7pm and it is still 24C. Phew hot, doors and windows open and fans spinning.



    I adore the wee kit wanting to be a reindeer!

    It’s Monday, Woohoo…not. It’s finally going to get cold and I can’t wait.

    Cya and have a happy~




    Why I don’t put a tree.

    I hope Mr. B is getting better. And you with your dental problem-I shudder. And have their given you antibiotics yet? Feel better soon.



    Hi PG, my tooth is packed with antibiotic gel. Fingers crossed it does the trick. I definitely don’t feel 100% at the moment.



    Oh good grief MS, mouth pain and a sore tooth socket sounds awful! If you start feeling sick to your stomach and body aches, make them give you antibiotics of the take by mouth kind or a shot which works faster. Ugh!

    I’m surprised that Peso hasn’t thought it fun to scale the tree…now that I’ve said that, I hope he doesn’t decide to do it. When you look at my tree it looks like it’s decorated with dozens of cat toys! 😆 Avery is also determined to cluster decorations on one branch. You don’t realize how OCD you are, until you have a toddler thinking they know how to decorate a Christmas tree! LOL!

    The cat pics that are sad faced, get me every time!! PG, I swear it was Friday just a few minutes ago…..



    Paw up PM Waves…yup, it’s still Monday 😉
    Monday cat
    Aw MS – hope you are feeling better…dental challenges are NO Fun!

    It’s still relatively mild +40s for December around here…but, it’s too get windy colder by day’s end!

    Put up Office retro bottle brush Xmas Tree this AM…we are slowly getting ready to start the Holiday Season!

    My 2.5 cents share from Mutts today:
    Mutts Reminder
    with best one as last ~ visit your local shelter to #Adopt #Rescue Newbie #FurryPurry to add to your Happy Home 🙂

    Ok, back to part 2 day 1’s fun…back on flip!
    coffee clock
    Oops…need another cuppa brew first 😉



    Happy Monday afternoon all! …. our tree went up over the weekend, fortunately, Abby will be the only one with access to it ….. she’s good, doesn’t try to climb it, but some time sneaks over and plays with the tinsel, but a stern stink eye from me sends her running ….

    Hope the tooth gets better, mouth pain is the worse! …. great pics you guys!



    Good afternoon – thanks for the reminder, it’s time to start thinking about Santa and his lists! Received 2 cards in today’s mail.

    Oooh, MS, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Hope you can stay cool too. *aims fans south*

    I have to buy a pair of little pink socks! Especially since I’m in the foot care business now.

    I didn’t get to updating the TDK mailing list this year. 🙁 I wanted to do a through cleanout too. Maybe I should do it during the year – purrhaps around June? 🙂

    If anyone wants last years list, feel free to email me.



    JK, I would like to taste test all those hourly coffees! 🙂

    MS, this sucks about your tooth grief. I hope that along with antibiotics you’ve also bee supplied with some pain killers. Now I’m for sure not a pill pushing sort but at times they’re a good plan.

    JJ – pink socks for sure! IMHO these would work:

    A whole site dedicated to socks – many of them furry purrfect! 😉
    Now I don’t do socks, but site is way kewel! Tons of themed socks one just hs to search for “cat socks.”

    PG, I did get reply from dept store re their huge boxes for shipping teensy things. They thanked me and said they’d take it up with management. Purrhaps they’ll change policy – or not. In the meantime missed mailman yet again, so for 3rd time I’ll be stopping by post office tomorrow. 3 items yet to arrive, one tomorrow, but I plan to be in for the pm so should be here when it arrives. Another item is a pce of jewellery which should easily fit into mailbox. And the last item – a faux leather skirt that I felt inspired to order last nite has not shipped as yet.

    I’m thankfully not counting pennies, but it is neat that this wk I’ll be doing editing job that will pay for most of “gifts to self.” 🙂

    Warmer in n’hood today, tomorrow supposed to be way warmer still, with srs rain.

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