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    This holiday is dedicated to workers of any ilk. This of course excludes “Hazel” but definitely includes all the Staff and Agency kitties.



    Labour Day – LOL How appropriate with this great news from Kensington Palace.
    A little Prince or Princess.

    Crossover pic –



    I’m working, of course. The weather isn’t particularly nice, so I don’t mind. It will still be drizzly, but not rain as heavy as yesterday, which was the tail end of Harvey (those hurricane systems are HUGE). I cycled to the Jean-Talon Market (on a designated cycle lane) when the rain let up a bit yesterday afternoon, because I was ALMOST OUT OF CAT FOOD.



    YAY for no labor on Labor Day!!! Lagatta you made me laugh with your ‘almost out of catfood’ statement. How awful if poor Livia knew she was down to the crumbs.

    Oldest daughter texted me this morning and asked if I was wanting to have a cookout today…..ummmmm NO. 😆 Just staying in my PJ’s and puttering around the house doing whatever I want will be fine, thanks.

    It’s chilly here this morning and quite foggy. But supposedly a sunny day is in store and in the 80’s. But the week ahead the temps aren’t supposed to get out of the 60’s!



    LOL! it’s a sticky wicket when one is ‘ALMOST OUT OF CAT FOOD’ …. and somehow ‘they’ sense it!!

    Son made it back home safely …. his girls were fine, but V’s allergies have acted up, so he’ll need to take her in for a shot tmrw …

    Hopefully today, Scottie and JUI will be finishing up the drywall/sanding in my foyer, and I can finally get things somewhat back to normal. They will attack the 3rd floor in the coming months, but I can separate that off, so it won’t bother me so much …..

    No labor here today (yay!) just some minor paperwork and email catch up …. Have a great day everyone!!



    Hi Efurryone,

    How else would kits celebrate Labor Day? The almost out of food has occurred a couple of times. The out of food has occurred a time or two as well. 😮 It’s a good thing I have tuna on hand to cover my error. That’s cool the Royal Couple is having another baby.

    I discovered what my labor is today-my front left tire is flat so I get to put the spare on and take it to the shop. 👿 👿

    Here’s a purrfect story to make you smile!

    Tiny Kitten Rejected by Her Own Mom Finds Love in This Guy…

    Cya and do have a happy~



    Good morning – Happy Labor Day! Agency kits love their work so much it’s not work for them. They really are superkitties.

    Another royal offspring, congrats to Kate and Will! Apparently she is having terrible morning sickness again, that sucks monkey toes. So glad KK’s babies are doing well. Looking forward to stories and updates as they grow!

    Lagatta, I noticed how big Harvey was too. It’s size eclipsed that of New Jersey. Oh no, almost out of cat food! I have an emergency stash I rotate every few months so if things get dire, there’s backup.

    A foggy day is purrfect for staying in pj’s and puttering around the house, enjoy, KZ!

    Glad son is safely home, AV. Nice that you can have some work done on the house that you can close off from while it’s going on! A formerly snotty Comet hopes V feels better soon.

    Sorry about the flat tire, PG. such a sweet story of the wee calico and the nice man.

    The sun has come out here in Jersey and feels wonderful! Though it’s a bit chilly in the shade and in the house, I refuse to blow dry my hair or put on socks on this unofficial last day of summer!



    That sucks about the flat tire PG!

    But the story of Miss Sansa has restored my faith in humankind – just a bit. What an adorable wee kit, esp in comparison to her purrdad’s hairy legs! 😉

    Well I did a lot of labour today. In fact just sitting down now. This am on impulse decided to redecorate for Fall – even though it is Summer-like steamy today – A/C back on. Involves washing/hanging curtains/area rugs in both rooms, replacing all cushions/covers; re-storing stuff in those vacuum-seal bags; re-doing locker room (AKA my 3rd walk-in closet LOL); re-hanging pics using trusty level (Dorry like playing with the wires on back of frames, purrhaps I should try him on a guitar.)

    And of course my xtra-hard DIY spin class to the best of Steely Dan, I was singing along and no one seemed to mind, now have gr8 earworms!

    Wiped – beyond wiped. And feeling not 100% Not sure whether it’s the crud or purrhaps ragweed as ’tis that season. 🙁

    MS, hope that you’re feeling better.

    Anyway 6 mos. appt. w/dermatologist Wed, she is an MD so I can ask her re crud. Wonderful doc – she’s just about the only purrson who sees me with absolutely no make-up, it srsly annoys her when peeps come for skin check with make-up layered on – how do they expect her to properly examine their skin? And when peeps maintain that a suntan is “healthy” – 100% not – she told me no amt of sun is safe, ergo my extremely pale skin ‘year-round. And when peeps ask about Botox and the like. She says that she’s an MD, not a plastic surgeon and just won’t do it. So 3 for 3 agree and we get along purrfectly.

    So should I knit up some baby gear for the Royal Couple? Hmmm … purrhaps not. Think that they’ll get plenty of gifts, from friends, family and average peeps. Of course, none will be a “KJ original.” 😉



    Paws up ! Happy Labor Day to all my American friends.
    Almost running out of cat food is as bad as actually running out of cat food as far as the cat is concerned. I have often run out of Shadz raw food but am lucky to have frozen rabbit and canned food to fall back on. It’s the kibble running out that causes panic.
    KZ, you have a lovely lazy day and enjoy it. I guess you are beginning to get chillier weather as you head into Fall just as we are now 5 days into Spring. Not that Spring weather is much better than Winter for the first couple of months. Our day began all sunshine and blue sky but now it has clouded over and is much cooler. At least the breeze will dry the washing.
    AV, I bet you heaved a gentle ladylike sigh of relief now that son is back on home soil. Awww poor V, maybe she was pining for her ‘daddy’ and that brought on her allergies. Hope her treatment works quickly. Yay for you house being back to normal as it can be for a while.
    PG, oh no, a flat tyre is such a nuisance.
    ThuuuuuuuuPloof ! ! on the tiny calico kitten Miss Sansa story. I love the way the pics are taken, hands and feet with a tiny kitty. What a gorgeous wee kitty too. She will give them many years of loving for their efforts.
    JJ, i agree with you and Lagatta that the most recent hurricanes seem to be so much bigger than usual. Scary stuff. Saw Irma is now a Cat 4.
    KJ, wow you surely accomplished a lot yesterday. Sounds like a Fall cleaning as opposed to Spring cleaning. Chuckling at Dorry playing guitar. Sorry that you’re feeling so low, hope the crud doesn’t get worse. I am feeling much better today thanks KJ. Being a redhead and living in the ozone hole area I totally agree about no amount of sun is safe, although for our bodies to make vit D we do need some sunshine. We just have to be sensible about it.
    You are so right about any knitting the Royal couple will get not being a KJ original. Maybe you could do something.



    MS, I’m thinking that if I sent the couple a baby item any chance of them actually even seeing it is nil. At most I’d get a form letter from an assistant way down on the list. I do like browsing through I’Net sites on royalty, from all countries, looking at the events they attend and the fashion/jewels/shoes is fun.

    However I do plan to knit a cushion for someone who’s in process of awesomely re-doing her office. She loves cables and while I won’t do sweaters for anyone other than myself, I did knit her a cable design essential oil bag. Oil is immersed on sponge in plastic container in bag so it won’t leak. The cushion will feature lots o’ cables! 🙂

    Yes, each season I do a total re-deco! Sometimes mid-season too! Makes my place look totally new and keeps me busy. 🙂

    If I ran out of cat food it would be very bad! Very bad! At times I am down to 1 can and have to make an emerg run. I get it at my vet’s and if I buy a case I get discount. As case of cans is quite heavy, the kibble not so much (he gets both.) But last time I was smart enough to take my wheely cart. The litter is another story. Supply shop is very close, but even with srs cart getting 35 lb bag into it’s storage spot is difficult. Last trip I wheeled home 2 bags and Nadine got them in for me. Does Dorry realize how much I do for him? I think he just expects it! 😉



    So far Livia just eats dry food; she actually doesn’t like wet so much, probably because I usually serve it to her when I have meds to hide.

    I tan a bit just walking around; I rarely burn. Certainly have never sunbathed. At least I probably don’t have to worry about Livia getting skin cancer; white and other pale cats can get it on their ears.

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