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    Peeps with big boats name them, and we think nothing of it. So, why not name your car or truck? Selecting a name should be made with care and consideration. Cars have feelings, too.



    My first car was called Myrtle because she hurtled along. She was a racing red Mini 850cc with double gold stripes down her side and her previous owner called her Myrtle. Of course she went faster because she was red.
    We have had numerous car over the years, Tina the Ford Cortina, and Rocko the Honda,Biff the Mazda,and currently Essie the Honda and Mr MS’s work vehicle Zola the Nissan ute. We’re just odd that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ



    Hi efurryone,

    I’m home with my babies. The meds are making me a space cadet. Doing my stretches and short walks are slowly getting knee feeling a bit better.

    We have more wonderful rain! OK, it took me 30 mins. to type this paragraph so I’m going while I’m still behind.

    Night and have a happy~



    So wonderful to have you back in the Cafe PG.

    PG, be gentle with yourself while you are doing your stretches and short walks especially while you are space cadeting.
    Sweet dreams.




    PG, for sure take care of how you get around. From past experience – make sure that you are not wearing socks or any footwear that can cause you to slip; re-arrange any potential obstacles and be on guard for any of the gang who might leap at you seeming out of nowhere; move any small/skid rugs out of the way.

    I don’t want to sound overly cautious, but after car accident/knee surgery an occupational therapist came to check out my place and in effect did a reno, ie things moved around, area rugs stored away during my recovery. Things that I would not have thought of.

    I also suggest keeping your cell close by.



    Prob good that I don’t have a car as it would prob inherit the curse that indicates that my laptop is in it’s death throes. ๐Ÿ™

    This am printer died; now my back-up drive is not recognized. With help from support guy I pin-pointed the new one that should work for me and found a compatible printer and a new back-up drive is not expensive. It’s just a lot to deal with at once and with more hols upcoming this week and next, I’m short on time. I’ll get support for installation, but still.

    Plus my stress is exacerbated as I might have been misinformed by Tenant’s Advocacy guy or by landlord as to what docs I can access. Will call our Rental Board tomorrow. First time that my rent increase discussions have been somewhat acrimonious. It will have to get sorted out, I’m just not sure that things will go in my favour.

    None of these are life-changing issues, but stress is stress and I for sure don’t need any more of it.

    High time that I was in bed, tomorrow is early enough to deal. Sleep well kits!



    I’ve never owned or driven a car, but my current bicycle, a trusty old black Raleigh Sprite mixte, is Miep.

    Since it was in Amsterdam, lots of bicycles in Miep’s story: The Frank girls, her fiancรฉ, then husband, and many others. Miep and Margot rode their bicycles to the secret annex, as if they were two young ladies cycling to work. And of course Miep’s bicycle was needed for errands.

    Lots of people name their bicycles, cars, and other vehicles … and some their computers.



    Good Morning! PG, while I was MIA it sounds like you had your surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Sad to wake up and see news of a mass shooting overnight…prayers for those victims and their families.
    I have unexpected down time this morning. Older son had a short orthodontist appt scheduled for them to just peek in and confirm his braces are ready to come off. Then we thought we’d be scheduling the removal (a longer appt) for an upcoming date. But they had a longer appt cancel this morning and they’re ready to come off…so they’re coming off now. Nice surprise…I’m sure son is thrilled even though he’ll be pressed to get his school done with the longer appt.
    Pics are super cute today…but cats loose in the car…don’t try that at home…lol.



    Good morning – Invisible Race Car made me laugh! Felt good, as the morning news is so sad.

    I’ve never named a car. My friend’s dad had a ’29 Ford named Clara. Ed and Clara put a lot of miles around this great country, going to shows and swap meets. Wife Eleanor stayed home.

    Hiya, Space Cadet! Hope you get to feeling better every day, and I echo the take it easy sentiment.

    Good to see you, ECB! I wore braces for four years. Though modern braces aren’t the ones that earn one the “metal mouth” or “tinsel teeth” moniker, I can still imagine son’s happiness at having them off. Yay!



    I wore braces too, and it seems kids today wear them for less time than I did, or maybe it just seemed like forever to me!

    I woke up to a text this morning that dau was sick in the night and wasn’t going to work. Well, I had to feed the cats anyway so I could go back to bed. Then awoke to drastic news on the tv. Heartbreaking and horrible. Dau is better already, probably a bout with too much rich food and gall bladder, ugh.

    Well, I’m doing things today that take time on the computer that I can’t do with Avery. Setting up an online and mobile banking account with a bank shouldn’t be this hard. I have other banking accounts that I have set up, but this one is a b(*ch! Finally, got the password to work, but I told the customer service guy: seriously? This is MY money. You’d think that I was trying to get TO it. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    I’ll tell you what KJ, you come and organize my closets and drawers–and I will figure out your electronics! ๐Ÿ˜† I love the thought of getting new computers, laptops, etc. and will gladly spend your money for you..hahahahaaa!!



    Hi again – at the moment I’m seeing you all “full size” for the first time in ages! Carved out a nook in my house to set up my new monitor (the monitor on my laptop doesn’t always want to work). I also bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s tough when you’re used to the convenience of the “go-anywhere” laptop. Still some more setup to be done, but it’s a start!



    Oh no, RIP Tom Petty.



    Well now they’re saying he’s on life support.



    I heard that on my Sirius radio JJ, that they found him after his concert. Noooooo!



    Latest news says he’s not dead, but srs condition for sure. Free Fallin’ – one of my faves. ๐Ÿ™

    KZ, I would take you up on your offer, but your place is more than a short bus trip away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It was a day that is only now beginning to abate stress-wise. I will attempt brevity as I have not had noms as yet and this is so not optimal.

    So I spoke with Tenant’s Advocates and Rental Board and seemed that I had a good case for Rental Board judge. Also confirmed that school taxes and city taxes were quite low.

    I did find out on the QT that major bldg repairs last yr were in area of $89,000 which could impact rent increase.

    In pm landlord (de facto) called me and we had a long discussion. I did see his points. The thing is he got approval from landlord to agree to lower amount. I asked for $10 inc, he wanted $20, I said $15 would be fine, but will discuss it one last time with someone tomorrow and then probably agree as opposed to risking judge raising it even further and more stress. It’s 1.5%, now they used to publish going acceptable percentages, but sadly no more. I like to browse through a mag on rentals in Montreal and a place about my condo size, w/out d/w or w/d goes for over $1,000. My point was to in a sense “win.” That’s the way I work.

    To add to today’s fun, shortly new toys will be arriving chez KJ! As mentioned my printer, back-up HD died yest. My laptop is getting less functional by the day – the support guy that I got loads of info from was amazed that it’s been more or less OK for 11 yrs! So I will go to the fun store downtown sometime soon and get me a new one with many bells and whistles for about $1,899. Then need new mousie and back-up drive, relatively inexpensive. In the meantime ordered printer for $31 from Walmart which should arrive at post office a short walk away end of week. Yeah, the ink cartridges cost more, but whatever. I called my “guy” and for like $300-$400 he can migrate all my stuff to new laptop, set up printer and connect ISP. All this before the snow falls.

    So I feel whacked out but relieved. And the final part of my paying project is not coming for at least 2 weeks, so I should be good, in any case this ‘puter still works for work. A bit weird not being able to print. My workaround is taking pics of brief notes w/cell, my writing is way tiny, I don’t hold a pen properly and my hands cramp.

    Oh and also did second try on “assault bike” after my DIY spin workout – it’s name suits it! And went for hair trim. IMHO a good cut is one that grows in nicely, so that one wants the srs trim but doesn’t “need” it

    Brevity – fail!

    Hope that all had a less “exciting” day!



    Evening all …. busy day in the cafe, catching up now … welcome back, PG, glad you’re on the upswing! I guess most of you know Son lives in Vegas, actually just a few blocks down from the Mandalay Bay …. thankfully he was still on a flight en route from Egypt when the shootings happened. 2 of his friends were at the concert, but blessifully they werent injured …… scary world these days …… TDK is safe haven!

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