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    Raspberries … one of Summer’s gems. Time to make and enjoy some favourite dessert treats. Kitties are picking berries in the TDK garden. And Chef Kitty is busy baking up every possible pie. Savour a slice …. mmmm!



    Crossover pic –
    This was a tough one.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    <span style=”font-family: ‘Comic Sans MS’;”> </span> Morning, believe my favorite of all is the gif with the tuxie and the strawberry 🙂

    It has been a crummy couple of weeks, close friend and co-worker passed away while suffering from multiple cancers. I have spent a few hours with both his wife and son telling them some of the things I knew about him. They didn’t know how much pain he was in because he hid it from them, he didn’t want them to stress out. The son didn’t know how proud his Dad was of him and that he loved him a lot, he never said it so the son didn’t know. I hope and think that it made them feel a little better that they didn’t just miss things and didn’t see signs of how ill he actually was. Hard on the soul though and makes one think a lot of what is important in this life.

    So basically, hug your loved ones, tell them that you care even when you want to shake them, the next day is not guaranteed.



    MS, crossover pic is terrif! Would I use a Stradivarius as a cake tray? Hmmm …
    But fave has to be 3rd pic down as creepy blackberry pie. Would be purrfect at an H.P. Lovecraft festival. My kinda thing. Here’s my current screen saver so’s you get where I’m headed:
    I’d (gently) lift the creature off and save the eyes for last as tartlets. 😀



    Good morning! Hi, Deb. So sorry about your coworker. But what a wonderful thing you were able to do for his family.

    I’ve never had raspberry cream pie, but I am eating mixed berries which include raspberries right now. I eat a bowl of berries with a dollop of plain yogurt and a sprinkling of cinnamon with my coffee and eggs….that’s my weekday brekkie. I buy the berries frozen from Costco….just pop them in the micro til barely warm and they are so sweet and juicy that way.

    The crossover pic isn’t showing up for me….looks like funny things going on with other photos too…

    Eta…now they are showing up….awesome!



    KJ if you Lovecraftian (is that a word?) type books I have to recommend an author/friend – check out RS Belcher’s Golgotha series – starts with The Six Gun Tarot. Weird West, Steampunk with Lovecraft style horror mixed in.



    Morning all! Yes, it’s Monday here again. Time just keeps rollin’ on…..
    MS, how DO you DO that? Great crossover pic! I love the octopus on the raspberry pie, kind of reminds me of a pie crust screw-up….then just take the dough and get creative!
    Deb, hate to hear the news about your co worker. Family can be so trying at times, but the people you love the most can hurt you the most. I’m sure they will find comfort in your words about him.



    TM, indeed Lovecraftian is a word as in defines that “special” genre. Have made note of recommended author/books to rsch at n’hood library.
    KZ, are you sure that pie features an octopus? I counted way more than 8 tentacles beckoning to me. 😮 😉 I still would like the berry-filled eyes, purrfect single-serve dessert noms!



    Paw up waving – Happy First Monday in August to all!
    Keep Calm August
    Mmm… thanks for yummy theme/fun pics!
    raspberry dream pie
    Adding my 2.5 cents as recipe 🙂

    OK, need another cuppa java & back to day one of new month/fun!
    Mwah, thanks Tux…later…



    Good morning – I like the cat pie chart, and cool crossover pic, MS!
    Deb, that was really nice of you to spend time with your co-worker’s family. When my neighbor’s family had a service for her, her family and friends enjoyed hearing about her day to day life (her family didn’t visit much). On the flip, I enjoyed hearing about my neighbor and her antics when she was younger. A healing time for all.
    Haven’t had raspberries lately, so I’m watching the wormhole for my piece of pie – fresh-from-the-oven-warm, with ice cream.
    Hi TM, nice to see you! *waving*
    Another dreary day here in Jersey, but not as much rain is expected. There was a lot of flash flooding down the valley, but with a drought watch in effect, the water receded quickly.
    The whole JJ crew showed up this morning! Inside, Leela horked up a hairball, but she feels much better now. She and Comet and Mac all need a good brushing.



    JJ, a creamy angora kit has just been sent thru the wormhole with your pie and ice cream. You can keep the potholders as souvenirs! But not the kit (not that you’d ever even consider it!) 😉



    Good Morning and HAPPY August. How can it be August already???? Oh, I LOVE red raspberries SO much!! Love that yogurt and eat it quite often for my break at work. I buy the berries and put them in my French Vanilla Yogurt for a snack at home too…..
    Oh, Deb…. SO sorry about your friend/co worker. 🙁 That was SO special how your shared with his wife and son how he really felt about them, and how bad his pain was. Awww…. bless his heart.
    Have some little errands to do today. I’m tired…. must be all the rainy weather.. *Yawn… I got plenty of sleep too. Cats are curled up asleep right now. Awww….
    Hope you all have a lovely day!!!



    Happy Mid Monday all! whew! been a busy morning, just now getting the puter fired up …. I spit my coffee laughing at the crossover pic of the ‘octopus pie’ …..
    IT POURED rain here yesterday evening, so of course, today is a steam pit ….. oh well, I need to stay inside and input anyway ….. Hope ya’ll are having a good Monday!



    Raspberries and blueberries… perhaps a bit of rum or brandy. If I can find some lactose-free ice cream I can eat, I’d like that. No desire to eat pie in this heat.



    Hi JJ – and everyone else!(waving). lagatta – check out the cream pie recipe JK posted – the pie is served chilled. All I am usually reading the cafe everyday, just don’t chime in all that often. Love checking out the pics every morning as a guaranteed pick-me up.



    TM, if you stop by, big tks! Just sourced out 2 R.S. Belcher bks at local libraries. Descriptions look very my type of bk. How is your spinning going with new spin shoes. The gp classes that I go to are to say the least “interesting.” We had/have ongoing issue with srsly costly bikes making most annoying squeaking noise, nails on a blackboard would be pleasant by comparison. Finally seem to have narrowed it down to 1 person’s shoes (hard to believe but true.) Annoyingly not much we can do as she is not willing to wear/buy different shoes. Only 2 of my 6 classes, but still. Now if it were my class I’d ask/tell her to sit in the back. Instructor did come up with feasible Plan B. She turned the music up so loud it’s glass-shattering, like at a club, so that squeaking is very much lessened, ergo my stress. Loud music is my friend! Sadly the state-of-the-art strobe lighting cannot be used as there’s always someone whom it “bothers.” I do get that peeps have eye probs/migraines but just not liking something is not a valid reason IMO. I do have one instructor famous for her toughness (I love her classes!,) no complaints allowed unless it’s a health issue. Peeps have to get that these spin classes are not designed for seniors, there are other classes specifically for this age gp. Anyway she forestalls this c**p by not asking if anyone doesn’t like anything and that solves that.
    lagatta, wouldn’t our big city have lactose-free ice-cream or rather dessert at health-food grocery? They seem to have gluten-free and lactose-free everything. Don’t know what it would taste like though.



    Hi TDKers! Not much happening here.

    I don’t much like cream pie but rapsberry and cream…yum!

    I like the mmm-cat pie and the crossover pic.

    It’s good that you shared your memories with co-workers’ family.

    The Senior citizen spinners getting on your last nerve, KJ?



    Good afternoon all. We have a beautiful sunny ! ! We also have to make the most of it as we have a week of rain ahead of us too. 🙁 I can’t remember such a wet Winter.
    Deb, so sorry about your friend and work colleague passing away. Condolences to his family and other work colleagues. Deb that is wonderful that you spent time with his family telling them the things you knew about him, especially how proud he was of his son.
    KJ isn’t that blackberry pie awesome and eye catching and there is no way I would or even could use a musical instrument for anything other than what it was made for. I even cringe when I see an instrument being trashed on TV/movies. 🙁 Cute screen saver. I just noticed that the tailpiece on the violin has a heart cutout, I’ve never seen a tailpiece that wasn’t solid wood, which makes me wonder if the violin is decorative rather than genuine.
    ECB, I don’t think I have ever had raspberry cream pie either.
    KZ, sometimes it is very difficult to even imagine a crossover pic to look for and other times the right one just falls in my lap. Lateral thinking helps and a weird sense of humour.
    JK, now that raspberry cream pie looks so delicious.
    JJ, saw reports of the flash flooding in MD, how terrible is was and lives lost too. Very sad. Good to hear the whole crew were front and centre for breakfast and that Leela feels better after getting rid of that furball. Happy brushing.
    BB, yoghurt and fresh raspberries is so delicious on a hot day.
    Lagatta, I had blueberries with my morning porridge. Yeah they were frozen from Autumn when daughter and I had so much fun picking them.
    TW, waving. Hi there, good to see you pop in.
    Waving to PG.
    AV ack! steam pit. Keep cool.



    Yes, it does, and sometimes it is on sale at PA Nature or Rachelle-Béry. Some of it is quite ghastly, other kinds very good. Near me what seems to be a very good kind is sold, and they have a chai tea flavour that seems intriguing but probably not with raspberries.

    Usually I wouldn’t feel like pie at all in the summertime, but some guests from Barcelona brought a blueberry pie from a very good nearby pâtisserie that was basically blueberries, a bit of sweetener, and a tiny bit of thickener for it to gel (not those horrible supermarket pies laced with cornstarch). I’m not a dessert person but really enjoyed it. It was just a slight glorification of that excellent seasonal gift.



    MS, when I think of instruments being trashed I recall Pete Townshend of “The Who” – legendary for smashing guitars, wonder how many he went through ❓ And what you might refer to a weird sense of humour is IMHO great sense of humour.
    PG, last nerve, if/only. Most annoyingly that “B” with the squeaky shoes is not a senior, could be wrong but I sense she’s rather snooty which also gets on my nerves. I also get sense that she can easily afford a 5874P750437

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