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    Dear Community,

    For several years I´ve been involved with the issue of missing cats and know the feeling of when your beloved cat doesn’t return home.
    A few years ago, I therefore decided to offer the MiauFinder tracking. Thanks to the MiauFinder, I am always able to help a cat from an emergency situation. I do not know how many cats were rescued by the MiauFinder, but there were a lot. The principle is simple. The MiauFinder transmitter attaches to any cat collar. There are now cat collars made of paper, which almost prevent injuries. If the cat does not return home, the receiver can be turned on and the search can begin. A quick glance at the display and you’re set to go. Simply follow the display to track your beloved cat. The MiauFinder can locate your cat in homes, basements or even in forests. There are plenty of other great features that make the MiauFinder so special.

    You can find more information at miaufinder.com. I am also happy to answer your questions in the forum.

    Your MiauFinder team – Cat localization made easy.

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