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    Hi there!
    Last night my poor kitty got diarrhea and had a few bouts of it until this morning when she pooped out a small bunch of my hair (she is persistent in eating any of my hair she finds and even tries to nibble it off my head, obviously I don’t allow this but she still manages to find stray hairs here and there). She also had a little blood in the stool and so we took her to the vet to have her checked out. The vet seemed to think she had a bug and prescribed 10 days of metronidazole. We came home and gave her the first dose, but are now looking up the drug info online and finding a lot of scary info. It seems unnecessary to expose her to this med when we were fairly certain the disturbance was caused from my hair? She hasn’t had any diarrhea in over 6 hours… We only gave her the pill an hour ago.. Should I just keep giving the pills anyways? I’m scared to expose her to this for no reason. Has anyone had any experience with this drug?



    Metronidazole is a prescription antibiotic used in dogs and cats to treat various conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, nonspecific diarrhea disorders, infections caused by Giardia, and periodontal disease.

    The description above is an explanation as to why your vet prescribed this drug. I think the best thing to do would be to call the vet and tell him/her what you explained about the hair. If the vet thinks she had a ‘bug’, then I’m sure that’s why it was prescribed. If the vet knew about the hair and still prescribed it, then he might be trying to help with inflammation. Calling your vet is the best bet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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