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    Warning: this is long af, so if you wanna see the kitty, skip to the bottom!

    So while my long-distance second partner was here over the Holiday; myself, bestie, and bf decided to hit the Humane Society to take a look at the puppies. {No one was going to go home with a dog, after all!}

    Well, when we arrive, what do we see after checking out the first two kennel buildings, but a GIANT STACK of cat carriers being wheeled towards the Cat House. My heart sort of dropped into my shoes, and without one word, the three of us set off for the Cat House!

    Turns out, someone had just been ordered by the courts here to surrender over 30 cats and kittens from a horrible hoarding situation. Over half of them were kittens under two months old; mostly seal points and black solids; with about six to eight adults. We watch the volunteers taking kitten after kitten out of these carriers, sending more volunteers back to intake for still MORE… and my heart is just BREAKING.

    Well, we turn to leave; because my best friend can’t have a cat in a house with a toddler; and my boyfriend is about to take a six hour flight to get back to his state- So what am I to do? We hold open the door for the next load of carriers, and what do I see but the most GORGEOUS set of bronze eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.

    The staff member sees my look, and STOPS IN THE DOORWAY to hand me his intake papers- “Paxton” A year and a half, stable condition, a stray- A stray… almost two years old, in a cat house full of KITTENS… and to make matters worse, he’s ALSO a solid black cat. Black cats don’t do well in Texas, my city is full of suspicious Catholics and superstitious old world beliefs. {Not that a blame them in a city like this, with its particular history-}

    Well, I steel myself, and I look at his price tag. 30$. Most cats here, they go for 50$+ Kittens are over 60$, and even seniors rarely get the 30$ price tag. So I’m looking at my boyfriend, and he’s got that look like he KNOWS exactly what I’m thinking, and my bestie is just STARING ME DOWN, like “You could barely beg your hubby to get you to take in Lilith what the HELL are you THINKING RIGHT NOW?” And I break down. “When you get him settled, can I please meet this cat?”

    Now I know my odds. Duke is not the most patient of men when it comes to the cuddly and the furry. He’s a man devoted to fish, and reptiles. He loves silent snakes, skittery lizards, and gorgeous betta fish in a tank, who require nothing but food, filtration, and clean water. He’s had a hard time accepting Lilith; who is, admittedly, QUITE a handful. I have trouble with her, and many’s the night I’ve wondered if she wouldn’t be better off somewhere with people who have more patience than I do. {There’s a reason beyond both of us being gay af that we’re not having children!}

    Well. We get settled into the glass box, bestie steals a chair, boyfriend grabs the floor, and I am PACING. There are currently five solid black adults in the Cat House, which is working in my favor. My Hubby is a Goth at heart, so no light colored animals will be considered. We watch still more carriers brought in, a never-ending avalanche. They’re tagging kitties left and right, placing them into boxes, applying flea treatments, measuring out food- and I’m just waiting for them to bring this cat in.

    Well they get us settled, and the bring in Pax… and he is PURRING. Giant bronze eyes, ears all twitchy and tail in its happy place- and he falls over right into my lap. I’m lost and I KNOW it. My boyfriend is passing me my phone and telling me “Call Duke. You’re not going to be happy unless you at least try. So try!”

    I text Him instead. He’s at work, and I’m not stupid.

    “His name is “paxton.”

    I sent the text and go verify his information with the volunteers. If I’m gonna do this, it needs to be handled carefully!

    “….Please tell me we’re not getting another cat.”
    “Want very much. Because he’s a cuddly little fuck… but. The employees said he’d have to be put on hold for vaccines, a neuter, and vetting. But I think his fee is 30?”

    I waited almost ten minutes for his response.
    “I don’t think Lilith would like him.”
    “He’s super chill tbh.” Oh god.. please say yes???
    “His stray search is up in three days. He’s only 30$ and his vet care and neuter is covered. We’d only be on the line for flea treatment next month.”
    “Ok. That’s not bad. I’ll consider it.”

    He called me a little while later. Told me that so long as everything was covered and his base fee really WAS only 30$, to put in an application. If you don’t think I didn’t RUN to the volunteers!

    I put in the application for this gem of a boy, and we took him home three days later! He’s seen the VCA vet, is now negative for parasites; he had a VERY brief wormy butt; and is a fat and happy boy!

    We’ve been slowly introducing them through the bedroom door; Lili’s old cat room has been my recovery space as I go through cancer screenings…another long story; and they’re doing pretty well so far. I had Paxton; now named Mephistopheles; out in the living room with Lilith in my arms, and no one hissed or snarled. Just a few twitchy ears and tails.

    I think we’ll be very happy together!

    Next stage is exchanging bedding that has each other’s scent on it, and some catnip to rub them both down with when they meet face to face in the same room. Probably some wet food. Most likely wet food. 😀



    I love his new name and he is a handsome Noir guy. I love how Lilith plays under the door and Mephistopheles plays back; almost like patty cakes. She’s like “who, what, and why?” You didn’t even ask me first! 😮

    Good Luck – I hope your tests bring good news.



    Great videos and what a beauty Mephistopheles is. You were in the right place at the right time to save this beautiful boy. LOL at Lilith playing like that under the door. I hope they will be the best of buddies soon.



    Mephistopheles is one awesomely stunning noir kit!

    I hope that all goes well with his vet checks and that Duke (and Miss Lilith are OK) with his joining your household.

    And a prayer that all goes well with your own health situation.



    Awww Kincaid, what a wonderfully written and entertaining story of this next phase of your life! Seriously, I hope you have considered becoming a writer! 😀 You are doing everything just the way you should, introducing slowly, but then you are a stickler for details anyway. So happy for you and your hubby, and for the wonderful friends you have in your life. Maybe this new kitty is just what Miss Lilith needs to drain her energy and orneriness! Know that I am sending prayers and white light to you for your health…healing can happen long distance too, you know.



    Hiya friends!

    PG yeah, we had that thought lol. Sir even commented about it at one point, how they were just open-paw slapping at each other. They still are, now that the back room has been opened.

    MS we love our little guy <3

    KJ So far so good! Going to have to take him to OUR vet, since the VCA gave him a “topical dewormer” which… hasn’t worked well. Still, neither kitty has fleas, and he’s a very healthy boy otherwise, so I’ll be trying to set up a vet appt for him around the first of the year for boosters and deworming, and any further treatments he needs.

    KZ yeaaaahhhh stickler for details and overly focused on minutiae to hear my boyfriend talk lol! We’re doing what we can to facilitate, and then step back and let them be kitties. So far, so good! Mephi really is the MOST CHILL cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He should be the perfect addition to our house…

    The only concern I’ve got is he suddenly seems to be terrified of the living room fan… No clue what sparked it, but he won’t leave “his” side of the house. :/



    LOL, Kincaid, my last two kits (Willow and Peso) were mesmerized and I think, a little frightened of the ceiling fans. When I turned one on, they would shrink down into the floor like they could disappear, but don’t seem concerned now. They just have to get used to them and to the movement.



    I can understand their fear. I mean, suddenly, this object on the ceiling starts moving and air blows on them. Whoa! WTF?



    KZ He’s definitely still skittish every time he looks upwards, but he’s doing SO much better!

    PG Yeah, good point. Plus, he was a stray kitty for awhile, which probably means giant moving thing = bird of prey. Particularly in my neck of the woods. :/

    In better news, he’s actually able to play in the living room now!



    Adorable videos!

    Interesting in the “Bringing Home” video – the first thing Meph goes for is the food. Actually not all that surprising! 😉 🙂

    There seems to be a “thing” about black kits most everywhere – I don’t get it and never will.



    😆 LOVED the videos Kincaid….so funny Lilith batting furiously at Mephi’s paws…are there any sweeter and cuter feet in the world? No. Cat feet are the best. We got a new storm door with the window all the way down, and now the inside cats can see the outside cats… 😳 which they always could before through the windows in the rest of the house, but Willow has taken to slamming his full weight (which is formidable, considering he weighs 17 lbs.) against the door to scare the cats on the porch. They don’t seem concerned, but Meowmy isn’t impressed either and I have to eventually shut the door….



    Oh, he’s beautiful! And so confident, too – I hope Lilith is accepting him because he certainly knows he’s found a good home with good people. I’ve also had a cat who was terrified of ceiling fans; she eventually got accustomed to them to some extent but she was always a bit uneasy about them.



    KJ we picked him up just before feeding time, so he’s a hungry boy!!

    KZ Kitty feets are the best feets! Aww… yes, our local strays use our back yard to congregate as well- Hopefully Mephis won’t be TOO put off by them.

    PM He’s lovely! And Lilith is being quite accommodating, all things considered. There’s been a few little spats, over window seats and the top of the cat tree… but no blood and no biting so far. Just some open-pawed smacks.

    So long as they’re not truly fighting, I’m content with their behavior.

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