March 9, 2017 – Happy Birfday Dorry!!!

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    OK, so I’m a day late. I hope that the boy will forgive me – eventually! LOL

    Anyway 7 years ago Dorry came into this world. Some 2 months later he came into my life – and greatly enhanced it!



    Happy Birfday Dorry! Leela and Comet and maybe Mac are coming through the wormhole with treats and games to celebrate with you! Dewey was going to come, but he had a stash of snowballs with him. When he heard that might not be a good idea, he let Huey have them and is back to snoozing inside.
    We are glad for your existence, Dorian Grey, Esq., for you brought your mama to us!



    Happy Purrday Dorry! Miss Moppet is coming through the wormhole bringing you a salmon cake…and Mwah!

    LilBit and Miss Gaea say have a happy~



    Awww tks grrls! Joan you’re making me weepy – in a good way. And PG, salmon cake and a pretty ladykit bringing it – the boy will be spoiled (as if he isn’t already.) Just told Dorry that a par-tay is in the works and he sends headbonks and purrs.



    Happy Purrday!



    Oh Dorry, I hope you have a wonderful purrday!! My girls are all in a tither as I didn’t get the word to them that it was your special day. They will be coming, and Willow too, but he doesn’t have to gussy himself up much, and they wanted to paint their claws and put on their birfday finery….so KJ, you watch for my kits and send them home before they get into mischief!!



    So sorry I missed your birthday, Dorry! Hope it was your happiest yet.



    Happy belated Birfday Dorry.
    You share your special day with my sister Kapitikats.
    I see Meowmy has a partay in the works. 😀 😀



    Dorry thanks everyone for making his birfday xtra special.

    It was some par-tay. Surprisingly, it being -30 degrees outdoors efurrykit chose to stay indoors. Dorry maintained (out loud of course) that none of his guests are as touch as Canadian kitties. Until I reminded him that he has never experienced cold weather firstpaw as he has never spent any time outdoors, being an indoor kit and all. This chastened him for a sec. All had a gr8 time with promises to exchange purr pal letters and return visits. 🙂



    Oops…I’m late – my duo forgot to inform me of Dorry’s Purrday party last week…was wondering where they were on Thursday 😉
    2 cats forgot card
    Hope it was pawsome celebration – wishes for a purrfect year ahead too!
    belated birthday
    Jkt with Luck & Scoot



    Tks JK!!!

    Dorry likes it when the celebrations go on and on! 😉

    Wow – that blingee pic! 🙂



    Happy Purrday Dorry ! …… Miss Caddy turns 7 this year too, according to her VET records, she was born 8/22/2010 ….. hope he has a good day!

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