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    I just noticed that my Livia has a runny eye. She had a bit of “stuff” in one corner of the eye early this morning, but that often happens (either or both eyes) and I wiped it out.

    But this afternoon her eye is runny and she doesn’t open it all the way. I don’t see any swelling and the other eye is fine. I cleaned it (externally) ith a damp, clean cloth. Should I do anything else or just let it be for the moment? She isn’t crying and doesn’t seem to be in pain.



    You could try a damp used plain green tea bag that has cooled to wipe her eye, just keep an eye (no pun intended)on Livia for now and see if her eye improves.
    Gentle scritches for Livia.



    That’s a great idea, seeing that I was cleaning out my kitchen cupbord shelves, and indeed I drink more mild (green or white) tea as it gets chillier up here as I drink it for warmth rather than the jolt of espresso or builder’s tea!

    Livia is much better; her eye is still runny, but it is open and she is frisking about normally. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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