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    Hey all. I have a 4 month old kit that we rescued from a storm drain at 8 weeks. She has feline herpes and is taking l lysine and drinking some goats milk as a treat with her big sisters.
    The lysine that we have is the powder form that the vet said to mix in with her wet food. Well she’s now starting to not eat the wet food and just eating dry. I try to not give her dry until she eats the wet but now she lets her sisters eat her food so she can get the dry. (I swear she is just like a toddler)
    I just bought some new flavors of wet food (all grain free) to see if she’s just tired of the flavor. But I was wondering if I could mix her dose in some fish oil or a gruel with goats milk and give it to her via a syringe (needless of course) would that be ok? We tried just letting her not get the meds bc the vet said she didn’t have to be on it forever just for flare ups but when we took her off she started to get glassy eyes and I was cleaning a little gunk out of her eyes daily so I started her back on.
    I’m just looking for the best way to keep her healthy
    (Sorry it’s so long)



    Hi Melissa,
    I have found that when I back off the lysine, the cats start sneezing and get runny eyes too, so it’s best to just keep them on it as a preventative. But whatever you want to put the lysine in, it would be fine as long as she is getting it. I wonder if she just isn’t crazy about wet food, as I have had many cats that like dry only. All of my 4 inside cats love wet food, in fact they will eat anything I put in front of them, but I have had cats that sniff it and walk away no matter what kind I give them. Just try to make sure it is low in grain, or totally grain free.



    Hi Melissa, I have an almost 15 year old cat with Feline Herpes and for years we dealt with runny eyes and nose and sneezes until we came across Lysine here on TDK. Shadz now gets 1000mg daily in her kitten milk. I would suggest you try putting in your kittens(does she have a name?)goat milk. It won’t dissolve but you can sort of stir in into the milk with your finger a little bit. My cat seems to realise now that the gritty stuff in her milk is good for her and she will lick the plate clean. If I back off she will start sneezing or getting a runny eye so it’s a daily routine for life and a better quality of life for kitty. Lysine has really made Shadz life so much better. You could possibly even try Lysine in some tasty offcuts of your own meat, like beef or chicken.



    First thank you both and her name is stormy. She was rescued from a storm drain in August.
    I tried mixing it with the goats milk as well as the fish oil. She doesn’t like the fish oil and she has to be in the mood for the goats milk. But I bought some other brands of grain free wet foods and she’s finally eating it without took muck coaxing. I guess she’s just like us she wants variety in her life.
    Also if it wasn’t for this medicine I wouldn’t be forcing the wet food on her. My older 2 cats don’t really like wet food. They only get wet food once or twice a month and that’s just now. Before stormy they got it once every couple months. They like the grain free gravy kind but they don’t like the actual bits of food just the gravy. Goofy cats lol.
    Thanks to both of you.

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