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    Hi! I’ve come here for advice on my two little babies. We’ve had our first kitten, Pidge, for about a month and a half before getting our second kitten, Oliver. Though we initially thought she was much younger, Pidge is about 7.5 months old. She’s a tiny little thing, only about 4.5 lbs – hence why we thought she was much younger than she turned out to be. We got Oliver about two weeks ago, most of which he was quarantined for because he unfortunately picked up a kitten cold the day we got him. 🙁 He’s a Maine Coon and is almost 4 months old, though he’s already much bigger than her at about 6.5 lbs with a much stockier build and big, clumsy paws.

    We introduced them both slowly (I think), initially letting them see each other through the door and then bringing Oliver out in his cat carrier to let her smell him. She was pretty wary of him and still is, though less so now. I’ve been letting them out and interact with each other. Pidge will occasionally hiss at him, but her ears never go back. She seems wary of him from her movements. He’s sweet and oblivious and just wants to be her friend. They play together, with Pidge occasionally hissing at him. But their play has only been getting rougher and Pidge has started to make more upset noises at him while they’re playing (or fighting?) – though again, I’ve never seen either of their ears go back. I’m worried that he might hurt her because he’s so big and clumsy – and I’m worried they’re only getting rougher. They just won’t leave each other alone when I let them both out together! Oliver really wants to play with Pidge and when he does leave her alone, she won’t leave him alone! We have a good sized house with different litter boxes and feeding stations and plenty of places to get away from each other and hide, except they persistently won’t leave each other alone!
    I can’t tell if this is all part of them establishing their picking order or if I should be doing something different. I tend to separate them again when I think Pidge is getting too stressed out – Oliver doesn’t have a care in the world.



    In my experience, female cats fuss, hiss and worry and males are more playful and ornery. If you haven’t gotten your kittens neutered/spayed yet, you may want to fairly quickly. A female can come into heat as early as 4 months, but they can be neutered when they weigh 2 pounds.

    They may never lay down together in a pile and sleep, but as long as they get along and don’t hurt each other, then I would think it’s a success.

    How to Introduce a Second Cat



    Hi Niki,

    I’m dropping in to see how your babies are getting along?

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