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    I’m trying to figure out the best way to train my 13-week-old kitten not to go to certain places (i.e. behind the TV, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. I put aluminium foil on the floor and it worked for awhile – until she learned to jump over it. Now (according to my sister) she’s even becoming more okay with stepping on aluminium foil. I’ve also tried using citrus and vinegar, but she doesn’t seem to care about the smell. I’ve tried shaking pennies in a can, but that doesn’t even startle her. I’d rather not resort to spraying her with water, but if that’s the only option, I probably will.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for the help!



    Double sided tape usually makes them stay away. You just have to replace it periodically to keep it sticky. There’s also a thing that has a sensor and sprays compressed air, called ssssscat or something like that, if you were willing to invest a little money.



    Trying to keep a kitten out of a room that doesn’t have a door is a tough one. (I’m guessing you could just close the door to your bathroom….but probably not the kitchen.) Ssscat was the first thing that came to my mind. Two of my cats try to eat double sided tape, but you could try it. I wouldn’t use water squirting for several reasons….the most important being that she won’t get the message unless you are right there to give it. Ssscat delivers the message whether you are home or not. It kept my cats out of the christmas tree this year. Here’s a link….

    Just noticed when I linked this that it is discontinued. Maybe there is still a way to get it. I hope so or we might not have a Christmas tree!

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