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    Hi everyone,

    We adopted our little ginger boy Gon from a shelter when he was 2 months old (3 and a half now). Since day one he has stomach issues, which comes and goes with more or less intensity. He acts normal and plays a looooot.

    Before starting the full story, I need to say that english is not my main language (sorry for that) and I live in New Caledonia (small french island) and and therefore the coices of dry kibble and wet food are very very very very limited. I’ve visited several animal shops and pretty much all you can find here are the royal canin style of brands.

    Currently we feed him Royal Canin Weaning and slowly transitioning to Black Hawk Grain Free, an australian brand that looks way better than anything else we can find over here.

    To start, since 2 month old Gon has mainly soft stools, that can vary a lot depending on the day (harder or softer). Sometimes he even scratches his ass on the ground leaving a very nice poop mark all over 😆 😥

    He has been dewormed twice by request of our vet, whom he sees very often … unfortunately. Gon also pursued a treatment of Felidiatrix and some cat probiotics to no success. Ive tried the chicken rice combo but he doesnt like it.

    I really dont know what to do anymore. I honestly cant afford going to the vet once a week and i really need help. What do you guys think about the Black Hawk kibble? Should i keep transitioning it?

    Thank you very much for the help



    As you know diarrhea can be deadly for kittens due to dehydration. If you must, make sure you give him water, pedialyte or pedialyte plus Goats milk through a syringe to keep him hydrated.

    Given wee Gon’s age, I think the new food may be too rich and a change at this point may make it worst. I recommend keeping him on Royal Canin kitten food. Another additive to his diet that is well tolerated is unsweetened/no spices pumpkin or sweet potato.

    Long lasting diarrhea is not a good thing and must be treated. Keep in touch with your regular vet to get/control this problem.

    Good luck and keep in touch




    Thank you for the reply!

    Regarding dehydration its not an issue, he drinks a lot of water, and when i say a lot i mean it, i even found strange seeing a cat drink that much of water that I mentioned it to his current vet (not a worry he said)
    As for the food i decided to change because the RC didnt show results since the beginning. The new one has sweet potato on its composition, so it should be a plus right? Anyway i guess that we gonna do another trip to the vet tomorrow to have a check on this little guy again.

    What bothers me is that i tried three diff vets and they all didnt seem very concerned (found nothing abnormal) and said its common with kittens … go figure. Im just afraid it could turn into something chronical.

    thx again



    If you are talking about soft stools, that’s pretty common with them eating wet food. But diarrhea is a different thing altogether–runny or gassy and very smelly. When you take him back to the vet, suggest they take a fecal sample and test it for coccidia. It is a one celled parasite that is unaffected by the drugs for regular worms. It causes the symptoms that I mentioned for diarrhea and if left untreated, can cause damage to the intestinal tract.



    His poop has always been soft but not to the point of being watery. I saw some charts on internet and it would be half way down the scale. I dont if its considered diarrhea or not, but since its not perfect i feel concerned.

    Anyway, I kept swapping food from 75/25 to 60/30 + probiotics + chicken and rice canned food twice a day and i can see improvement, even if not that much. He stopped farting all around and the poop is maybe too soft still but it definitely has shape. Its not that hard to scoop and color is fine…

    Im feeling hopeful.



    That is an improvement. Unless something happens then keep up what your doing for wee Gon. However, I do agree with KZ on having him tested for coccidia.

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