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    Karen walker

    My kitten is 8 weeks old. Two days ago she peed in a cardboard box that had packing papers in it. I thought, ok, no big deal. It kinda feels like a litter box. Now yesterday I Leave for 15 mins and she pees on the couch while wrapped in her blanket. Maybe it’s because I moved the litter box. Redecorating. As a little girly she used to sleep in the extra bedroom before I could let her be so adventurous, last night I put her back in there because 1 cleaning products. 2 trust isn’t there at this moment. She cried all night and scratched the door. I was sleeping so not sure exactly how long. But when I went in the room to examine for a pee problem. There was pee on the mat in front of the litter box. Is this a pee problem? Is she being spiteful for when I leave? Should I not put her in the room and risk her peeing all over my couch? Has she been peeing on things all this time and I haven’t noticed?



    OK, first, she isn’t spite peeing. Kittens pee for all sorts of reasons, usually because they need to and don’t rationalize why. She may not like the litterbox, the litter (strong scent or strange texture) or may not like the litterbox placement. Cats HATE redecorating too btw, sorry, they just don’t like change. 😉 Also, she could have a urinary tract infection and it hurts to pee. If it hurts, then she associates the litterbox with the pain and will pee outside the box.

    I’ll post some links for you about cats and peeing outside the litterbox and you will have to find out what it is that has her so upset.

    Litterbox Secrets


    Karen walker

    Hi. Thanks for the feed back. She does poop in the boxes. So I don’t think it’s texture. And she doesn’t seem to have a hard time peeing or any uti symptoms. But I have a vet appt for her soon so I’ll make sure they check.

    She was doing so great. I just hope I didn’t do anything to give her a bad habit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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