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    Hi i just got a new kitten and i already have two 2yr old cats i did a small introduction when the kitten first got home my male cat seemed super scared and kept running away my female hissed right at it. So i put the kitten in my bed room. I read that i should keep them seperated for a few weeks im nervous about introducing them in the next few weeks any advice?


    I experienced this myself. My experience was introducing the new kitten to an older cat. This is what my family and I did. We separated both cats by closing and locking the Dining Room door and we put up a screen door on the other opening that had no door. We left it up for a while. However after the cats were introduced we agreed we left the door up to long. In other words, we waited to long to introduce them. Our older cat hissed a little but Daisy Mae the kitten din’t hiss at all. Cats surprise you. When you say a few weeks, what do you consider a few weeks. How old is the other cat your introducing the kitten to? Good Luck.



    Jackson Galaxy’s 6 Steps to Properly Introduce Cats

    I would separate them first off. Then scent swap, which means take a blanket of something of the new kitten and put it in the space of the other cats. Then take something of theirs and put it in the kittens living area. Continue to do this so they are used to each others’ smell. Animals are very scent oriented, unlike most humans, and can recognize but get used to different scents after being used to them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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