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    So I got two female kittens (littermates) in September and they are now a little over 4 months old and one (or both of them) keeps peeing on my things. The first incident was on my bed where the covers were pulled back (a huge puddle). The next was actually on top of me when I was reading in bed (the only witnessed incident). Since then they have peed on my brand new couch twice, in their play tower once, and even in their own kitten bed twice (which I find extremely strange). I talked to my vet and she told me that it is very unusual for a kitten of this age to have a UTI and that it seems behavioral due to a new environment. Well it has now been 3 months and there is an incident about once a week. I have 2 litter boxes which I clean every day, one is covered, one uncovered. I have tried the feliway spray on my couch. I clean everything with the nature’s miracle enzyme cleaner. I even try putting food in the places where they have peed to deter them from doing it again. So I finally decided to get heavy duty plastic to cover my bed and the couch. About an hour after putting it on my bed and allowing the kittens in my room, there was a puddle on the plastic, and to make matters worse their claws had ripped a hole in the plastic and it seeped through to my feather duvet below and it seemed that they had walked through it and shook their paws because they were both covered in pee and there were droplets of urine all over the walls and my bedside table. Please, if you have any advice at all it would be much appreciated. I have tried different litters, and the spray bottle but they often do this during the night when I’m asleep. I am going to spay them soon, I have an appointment coming up and I am just wondering if this will help?



    Do they use their litterboxes for peeing at all? If you can tell me that, I have a good idea of what your solution might be.

    1) Use the boxes for peeing: If they then still decide to pee on your stuff, its because they are feeling insecure and stressed. If this is the case, there isn’t much you can do, except to give them lots of reassurence that you love them, and that they are safe in their environment. This is not going to get them to stop peeing all over your stuff, so i would suggest you limit them to one room in your house where they can stay untill they have calmed down, and then you can gradually start re-introducing them to each of the other rooms in your house, one at a time.

    2)If they dont pee in their boxes: they probably dont know that that is the appropriate place to pee. You can do this in the case of no 1 as well, but all you have to do then is to dry up some pee from the freshest place they peed with some paper towels, and then leave the paper towel in the litterbox, and then take your kitty, in a very calm and kind manner, and show her that her scent is now in the box;and that’s where you want her to pee. You could even give her a treat then to reinforce the message. Keep on drying their pee with the towels and leaving it in the boxes, they’ll get the picture very soon.

    Urine is a way for cats to mark the areas where they feel safe, so your bed and you, and your clothes, signify things to them where they feel safe. They will keep on going to the places (to pee) where they’ve peed already, because their scent is there, and that means to them thats its a safe place to be. So if you keep on ‘transferring’ their scent back to the litterboxes with the papertowels, it should signify to them that this is where mommy wants you to do your business. Leave the towels there so that their scent stays there. You must also make sure that the boxes are in quiet places where they wont be disturbed. You might even consider leaving a box next to your bed and couch, it would make the transition easier for the cats because its already a ‘safe’ area for them. Also, please continue with the feliway, it should help them stay calm. Good luck and let us know how it goes!



    Yes, they do use the boxes for peeing! When they pee elsewhere it seems very intentional (as it is never on the floor or anywhere else). It is very nerve wracking! Thank you very much for the input…this is something I haven’t heard of or tried yet but i most definitely will.



    While it’s unlikely to be a urinary tract infection, please have them both tested. And I also recommend the use of a litter additive called “Cat Attract,” which can help kitties know exactly where they need to pee.

    They probably need to be confined to one room until they’re using the litterbox very consistently, for both peeing and pooping. That’s not much fun, but you’ll need some time to make absolutely certain you’ve used plenty of Nature’s Miracle in all of the places they’ve peed. (You may need to use a black light to detect.)

    Good luck!


    Adding to the above good advice, you can try scruffing to show your displeasure when they pee, and hiss like a momma cat at the same time.



    It is easier, in my experience, to stop females from this behavior than it is to stop males from spraying. Definitely confine them to a small area where they have no choice but to use the litterbox because your bed is not available. Keep them there until they associate the litterbox as *the* place to pee. I have found that aluminum foil deters cats from walking on/peeing on things, though it looks funny. I have pinned aluminum foil to a spot that was being sprayed on the couch and it was avoided after that. I also put it on the counter to deter jumping up there. The only time a female cat peed in my bed, she had a urinary tract infection, so get them tested. You can buy litter that changes color if there is an infection present. Good luck! My cat Scarletta once peed in my (now ex) husband’s shoe because he was yelling at me, so make sure there is no yelling going on to upset them too.



    My only problem with confining them to a small area is that in my apartment the kitchen and living room are connected with no door separating them. And the only other room (besides my bedroom and my roommate’s bedroom) is the bathroom which is really teeny. They get through every barrier I rig up to keep them in the kitchen, and I’m afraid to leave them alone with the couch at night. :-/



    Did you take them to the vet for a urinary check? Both Deuter and Teaser have had infections and when they have an issue they will both go outside the box. Perhaps you have a illness you don’t know about yet. Prayers are with you.



    Are they males or females? If they are both males, its likely territorial spraying. Getting them neutered should help and at 4 months, they should be neutered soon anyway.

    As others have said they could feel insecure or lonely and are peeing because of this. Make sure you (and your roommate) play with them often and make sure when you leave that they know you are coming back. Avoid yelling, large parties and long absences if possible.

    Also make sure the litter boxes are in a quiet, secluded place, that’s away from their food (the human bathroom is a good place). And make sure you use baking soda or another cleaner to get rid of the smell.



    As Catwoman stated, there is kitty litter that changes color if an infection is present in the urine. I looked it up and found that the litter “Health Meter” is sold in Petsmart. I was wondering if anyone has ever used this, and if you think it does work well or not. I have a feeling my kitty is acting out due to behavioral issues…so to save about a $200 vet visit for a urine culture I was thinking of trying the Health Meter litter first. Any thoughts??

    P.S. Since I first posted 2 days ago there have been 2 more incidents. Today I caught Hedwig after she had finished peeing on the plastic covering the futon…so I soaked up the pee and put it in the litter box, and then placed Hedwig in the litter box. I then banished her to the bathroom for about an hour. This is getting out of hand! :-/



    do you have enough litter boxes ? the rule is one box per kitty plus one plus an extra one for every floor.



    also, cat pee can be seen under a black light. theres a product called urine gone, get it at walmart or kmart, comes with a black light. i would suggest that you use the black light everywhere and use an enzyme cleaner so pee spots are all cleaned. kitties will pee over and over again in the same spot if there is a smell of pee to them…



    2 female cats…2 litter boxes…cleaned at the VERY least every other day.

    Any thoughts on Health Meter cat litter that changes color if there is a UTI?



    We had a cat that the vet said was pre-diabetic. He gave us something like Health Meter but it was designed just to turn colour when from sugar in her urine. It did work – when she was passing sugar the granules turned pink so we knew to give her her meds.



    So, did they stop peeing on your furniture? If so, please let me know what you did that worked. I recently got two kittens from a rescue shelter – a boy and a girl from the same litter and they’re about 4 months old now. Recently, the female began peeing on my futon. She’ll pee in the litterbox as well, but seems to prefer my couch. I have two litterboxes and clean them daily but she still pees on my couch 3-4 times a week. Help!! It’s so frustrating.



    Second “Cat Attract” litter.



    There are many possibilities to cause cat peeing everywhere.


    thanks . that is very helpful

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