Kitten in heat, flirting with my boyfriend!

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    Oh help haha.
    So my just over 6 month old kitten Bella is in heat. It’s not as bad as I thought, mainly lots of chirping and butt raising. The most concerning and kind of funny, is her behavior with my boyfriend. With me at home alone she either sleeps curled up next to me or plays. As soon as my bf comes home she’s instantly flirting with him, chirping, lifting her tail with her front lowered, rolling around, making love to the floor. Every time he says her name she responds with a chirp and “presents” herself. Do female cats in heat usually react like that around all males or is miss Bella just being well… Creepy? We are getting her fixed in a few weeks but still curious about this odd behavior. Any insight would be appreciated ????



    He has the testosterone which means he has the goods she wants now.

    I would plan on having her spayed sooner if possible. Once kits go in heat they stay in that condition, more or less, until she mates or is spayed.



    Yes, I have seen cats act that way around human males. Like PG said, she will persist in this behavior until she is bred, or spayed. Sometimes, they even act like they are in pain, which makes me wonder if they are crampy or something like that. I would certainly see if you can get her fixed ASAP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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