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    good evening! First I apologize for my general lack of knowledge of anything kitten related. This is my first kitten and he is a rescue, my kids and I found him hidden in a box at a local park and brought him home and my kids insisted we keep him. Anyway he has ringworm, I’ve had him quarantined in a little hallway that we are able to block off, and I have washed all his bedding, blankets, towels, and also the kids pillow bed and couch that he took a liking to. I never washed any of his stuff with ours anyway and I always used bleach. We don’t have any carpet and I have cleaned the floors since them (not with bleach just a regular cleaning) so far neither the kids or I show signs of ringworm, and I am hoping that doesn’t change, so my first question is should I do something more? bleach my floors? I do have one carpeted room that the kitten went into once or twice what can I do there? I was reading old topics and I purchased a shampoo to use and will start with apple cider vinegar treatments tomorrow as I feel like the stuff I am currently using just isn’t enough and at $60 a bottle I am hoping that more natural remedies will help. My second question is how often should I wash his bedding? every other day? daily? he has a very new (I bought it that morning and that afternoon I noticed the ringworm) carpet-y toy for him. Should I throw that out? Can I spray Lysol on it? I read that people have been spraying an anti fungal spray but what kind should I use? Is there something I could spray on it so I don’t have to throw his toy out? it’s pretty much his only source of entertainment other than a few stuffed animals he enjoys. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Hi Desiree,

    In advance I’ll apologize for not being able to provide any real help. But more experienced TDKers will read your post and hopefully have some advice for you.

    No need whatsoever to apologize for any lack of knowledge. We were all first time kitty parents at one point.

    However I would suggest taking your kitty to the vet for an initial check-up. This would be a plan as kit will need initial shots and this would give you an opportunity to ask all/any questions and establish a relationship with a vet who will take care of your kitty over time.

    Hope this helps a bit. And thanks to you and your kids for giving kitty the opportunity to live the good life! Please keep us updated.



    Like KJ said above, the best thing you can do is visit your vet for a thorough checkup for your kitten. There is also an over the counter medication called Lotrimin (there are probably others, but I can’t remember the names of them) you can purchase–they are for humans with ringworm, but can be used safely on cats. It’s a topical treatment that works. Of course, you already know about cleaning the bedding, etc, that the kitten may have contaminated. Confining him to a certain area until you have his condition cleared up is necessary to keep him from spreading it you and your kids. I have a link that you might find helpful also about ringworm.



    I should have mentioned that I did go to the vet the moment I realized what I was looking at, but I am looking to try to help him heal. they provided me an oral medication and a liquid crème that they said to only apply once a day but it doesn’t seem to really be making it appear any better, so I was looking for something I could do in addition.

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