Kitten diarrhea

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    I adopted two kitten litter mates a few months ago. They are now 7 months old. One of them has had diarrhea since I adopted him. The foster said she fed them all sorts of food. I fed them Purina Pro Plan kitten wet and dry (chicken, salmon, and tuna flavors). I added pumpkin and bene-bac probiotics to try to help with the diarrhea, which didn’t work. They have been dewormed and tested twice for parasites, which came back negative both times. The vet put them on antibiotics for 10 days which made the stool solid only for the time he was on the antibiotic and shortly after. In the last month I switched their food to Instinct (grain free) kitten wet and dry (chicken). I slowly introduced it with their purina over a week or so. Now both cats have diarrhea and they stopped eating the instinct.

    I know every cat is different, but for those who have been through this, what food ultimately worked for your kitten? Any other tips?

    I should add that despite having diarrhea for months, his energy levels are normal, he remains playful, and is gaining weight normally. Everything seems fine other than the loose stools in the litter box.

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    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve never had this issue so I’ll bump it up for someone to get back to you.



    I have not had this issue either, but tend to think it may be diet related. Some cats are very sensitive to food ingredients. You said they had been dewormed and checked for parasites and I would guess that means they checked them for coccidia, which would cause diarrhea. I does take a fecal sample to detect and a different type of medication (if tested positive) to kill these one celled parasites.

    Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition

    I have listed a couple of sites that have a LOT of information. Hopefully, you can read up on these and figure out what is best for your cats.

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