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    so i got a 4 month old kitten on Saturday and she crys whenever i leave the room or is left alone…i just feel bad since i have to work from 7:30-4:00pm everyday but i give her lots of attention when i get home but im worried she is going to upset the people upstairs when meowing…i always leave her with food water and lots of toys…anyone tell me if this is normal or anything i can do to help her not be so upset? i guess i should add she was with mom and litter mate before i got her so maybe she is just not use to being alone? any advice would be appreciated



    ive also been giving her treats that she really likes when i come home so she has something to look forward too…is this a good idea or bad?



    Hi Colton,

    Welcome to TDKland. We’re the furriest forum around.

    Yours is a common issue and can be resolves easily.

    Your girl is lonely. In the past, she’s had companionship and wants some comfort.

    If you haven’t already, make a nest for her. You can put a soft blankie and something that smells like you (T-shirt) in it. Then get a soft, stuffed toy and put that with her. Again, make sure it has your smell.
    Do not use a crate rather make her nest in your bedroom. When your home make sure she feels safe in her nest by playing with her while she’s in her nest.

    Yes I understand that we give treats to lessen our guilt but it can become a bad habit and she’ll be fat or obese. That condition creates more health issues. If you want to give her a treat, get her some Goats’ milk. Put a little in a bowl for her. Goats’ milk is gentle on tummies and has probiotics. BYT, kittens/cats can’t digest cow’s milk.

    Let us know how you both are doing and Good luck. Purrhaps, we’ll see your girl as our Daily Kitten. Check out the “Add your kitten” link.



    Karen R

    I currently have the same issue. But I’m perhaps worrying a bit too soon as I have only had my kitten with me for a couple of days. He’s currently 12 weeks old.

    Because he’s new to the home, and to me, he’s taking his time to settle in which is expected. He is now affectionate with me, and will come up to me and sleep alongside me, which is great.

    He’s an inside cat (we live in an apartment), so I have provided him with food/water, and lots of toys. What’s currently happening though is when he wakes up after a little nap (by himself) he cries and cries for a period of time. I’m concerned that his crying will continue every day when I am at work and other building dwellers may get annoyed.

    So thank you Pussigato, I will follow your suggestion of a nest and see how we go. He will settle in, and I just don’t want him distressed.

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