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    Elizabeth Garcia

    I recently found a kitten in my backyard I don’t know how old the kitten is but he was in bad shape he’s getting better but as we were trying to litter train him we noticed he was trying to eat the litter and I looked online and quickly began to panic because the litter we had was clumping litter from a one of our old cat and I’m freaking out cause i don’t have any money to go to a vet right now . I don’t think he ingested that much but I’m still freaking out crying .. this kitten is going through a lot and I will feel guilty if something bad happens to him because of the litter



    Kittens will taste everything…including litter. Clumping litter can be dangerous because it can cause an intestinal blockage. That is life threatening so please call a vet. Here are some links to find low cost/free vet. care.

    Good Luck



    Plain, non clumping, unscented litter is really CHEAP–so grab a small bag and start using it. If he is still pooping, peeing, and eating–then he probably doesn’t have a blockage. If he quits pooping, and eating and drinking then a trip to the vet is a MUST because it could save his life.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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